Is it possible to heat a hernia of the spine?

For the treatment of diseases of the spine, patients are trying to heat the hernia, without the permission of the attending physician. But if the disease is in acute form, the heat treatments can cause complications. So before you warm up the hernia, you should consult with your doctor.

When the heating is prohibited

Warming eliminates the pain, but not during acute illness. Heat speeds up metabolism and increases blood flow, thereby dramatically increases the load on the lumbar region. Therefore, when aggravation of a herniated disc heating is prohibited.

Also the warming is not assigned when:

  • sequestration hernia, in which the affected nucleus of the intervertebral disc enters the spinal cord canal,
  • large size education (more than 0.7 cm),
  • hyperthermia
  • the development of the tumor
  • deformation of the dural SAC.

If the patient is unaware of the presence of such complications and performs warming up, he should pay attention to the status change. If after warm up, the feeling dizzy, increased swelling, increased pain, the warming needs to stop.

When to use heat can

Increased blood flow via heat treatments causes intense supply of affected tissues with nutrients, which slows the progression of the disease. This effect does heat treatments useful for the body, if there is no pain and the inflammatory process.

The application of heat is possible at small sizes of a hernia without pinching of the nerve roots.

Heat treatments useful for patients who are in remission when the acute period has passed.

The increase in local blood flow and increased immunity can greatly increase the time of remission.

Local warming

Warming up with spinal hernia is the therapy of the lumbar spine. In pathology of the cervical application of heat is not indicated, as this increases the risk of hypertension. Helps treatment-warmed belt made of wool, hot-water bottles with hot water, warming ointment.

Belt made of wool

The use of belts made of wool material is the most harmless method of therapy. Belt warms the back retains natural body heat. Choose the product you need from natural wool (camel, sheep), it has an effective impact on the skin. The belt should be wide enough that covers your entire lower back. Wear this product must be constantly with small breaks.


Warming up with a herniated spine is an effective treatment, it quickly eliminates the symptoms of the disease.

When using the warmers should be followed: the temperature of the water which is poured in the bottle should be +42 to+45ºC. The use of more hot water or boiling water may increase the pain. During heating it is necessary to lie down or sit in a comfortable position and not move until the water has cooled. Although the pain is concentrated more in one place, should ensure a symmetrical warming of the entire lumbar region.

Warmers put on both sides of the spine. Before beginning the procedure it is necessary to wrap a heating pad with a towel. When the water begins to cool, the towel can be removed. This will provide continuous heating at a moderate temperature.

The procedure of heating by the heater is carried out every day for 3 hours.

Warming cream

To warm the back and lower back you can use homeopathic ointments of vegetable origin. It improves metabolic processes and regenerates cartilage tissue. Pain ointment effectively relieve pain syndrome herniated cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

Nonsteroidal ointments reduce the temperature, regulate metabolism and blood flow, eliminate swelling, prevent inflammation. Chondroprotectors (in the form of ointments) slow deformation of intervertebral discs, eliminate pain and restore the affected tissue. Combined ointments contribute to comprehensive pain management, regeneration, elimination of edema and inflammation.

Local funds vary according to the method of exposure. They are divided into cooling and warming. In the treatment of hernia used both types, but the drug must appoint a physician. Simultaneously with the physical therapy medication: anti-inflammatory, chondro, vitamins.

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Bath when herniated

Bath hernia of the spine is useful if to comply with precautions. The action of steam on the body has an individual character. If the human body normally reacted on a steam bath until the formation of a hernia, it is possible to continue this procedure during the illness. But it should be reduced the air temperature in the steam room.

You cannot overload the nervous system and blood vessels. In the bath you can’t lift heavy objects, handling a broom should pursue the other person, and the patient can relax and receive treatments. Only in this case, the bath will benefit.

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