The complex of simple physical exercises on an exercise ball

The fitball is a great trainer that is easy to use, gives excellent results. They can be enjoyed by the whole family, starting with toddlers and ending with the elderly.

Fitable exercises strengthen, develop muscles, relieve pain, help get rid of excess weight.

Fitball – color large exercise ball that helps improve posture, shape, feel better. The shape of the ball allows you to perform movements of large amplitude.

All the muscles are constantly tense to keep balance.

Fitball is

The ball came to us from Switzerland and won the sympathy of many people. C exercises with fitball give a striking result. To do the exercise ball has become fashionable in all the fitness centers, to actively use in hospitals. Also it can be bought by anyone or you can start at home.

The benefits of fitball

Physical exercise is beneficial to everyone. It is also very useful for children. Exercises on the fitball for kids help to strengthen back muscles, improve digestion.

You can start practicing almost from birth (2 weeks) that will benefit the health of the baby, especially for those who have any problems.

Exercises on the fitball for children give positive results:

  • help relieve muscle hypertonicity;
  • to develop the vestibular system of the baby;
  • coordinate movement;
  • relieve colic, gas formation;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • the prevention of back pain;
  • the nervous system is normal;
  • muscular corset becomes stronger.

Exercises with fitball for kids gives them a lot of pleasant emotions. Promotes emotional and psychological development. Rocking on a fitball is an important component of training.

The weakened muscles of the belly greatly improve the breath. Exercises on the ball help strengthen and develop all muscle groups. Especially back. Make the spine flexible and strong.

In older children, this fitball, is the formation of important motor skills, the development of flexibility, endurance.

The rules of the classroom

To exercise benefit, pleasure, parents are not required to follow the recommendations of the expert:

  1. To start training as soon as the child has to be sleep and feeding. This is usually 2-3 weeks.
  2. Must heal umbilical wound.
  3. The baby was not fed. Or one hour after feeding. The child must be in a good mood.
  4. During exercises to gently hold behind your back, tummy, forearms, ankles Not in any way do not pull on the feet and hands. This can hurt the child.
  5. The first session should not be long. On the ball to lay a cloth.
  6. You can do the music. As well as under nursery rhymes, nursery rhymes, nursery rhymes.
Exercises on the fitball for children

To train on the ball is quite simple. Special training is required. Has no contraindications.

For kids (up to six months):

  1. Swinging on her tummy. Put baby on tummy and swing forward backward, left right, then in circles. Keep at it by the handles or the ass or the back.
  2. Swing on back. As well as the above described do, only hold in the belly. And see that head not forward. It helps relax the back muscles.
  3. Put on the tummy. With one hand, grab the legs, and the second you put it on the ass and pressing lightly, pruginin up and down.
  4. Put the baby on her back. Keep the hands on the breast and rotate it clockwise and counter.

Exercises for kids older than 6 months:

  1. Before fitball put a few favorite toys of the child. Put him on his tummy and swing the ball forward and back, holding by the legs. And the baby must reach out and take the handles of the toy.
  2. The child lies on his stomach on the fitball, hands rests on it, and the parent raises legs and rocking back and forth, it is necessary to keep balance.
  3. Child’s pose on the ball, hold it by the handles or the body, and the child is either jumping, or starting to walk. The exercise ball is fixed between the legs of the adult.
  4. The child lies on the back and hands him trying to help to sit down. Sits a few seconds and again go back. A good exercise for the press.
  5. The child hugs the fitball with your hands and lying on stomach. Holding his Shin. Rolled the ball to himself, legs bent. Myself – straighten legs.
  6. The ball is fixed and set before him a baby. The child rests in him and is and adult the hedging. It is advisable to do this exercise, when the child begins to stand upright.

The results of such workouts will be noticeable almost immediately. Strengthen and develop the muscles of the back.

The baby becomes active, strong, improves appetite, sleep. Turning exercise into a game, you can give to the child pleasure and joy.

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