Complexes of physical exercises for children and adults

In most cases, the presence of various pathologies physical therapy for children may be the most effective method of treatment.

This method of treatment significantly improves the General condition of the child in diseases such as rickets, malnutrition and other.

Physiotherapy is used in medical practice as an effective method of treatment of various diseases. Exercises for kids to prevent various pathologies, and to eliminate existing ones.

Physiotherapy, her effektivnosti

I must say that different physical exercises that must be done regularly and under the supervision of physicians, can lead to normal metabolic processes in the body, allow proper development of the musculoskeletal system.

In addition, physical therapy prevents the progression of various diseases that can occur in children during their rapid growth. Very effective exercises in the pool.

Therapeutic exercise kids can be assigned not only a pediatric surgeon.

Such exercises can prescribe a neurologist, orthopedist or just any doctor, who noted the following deficiencies in the child’s body:

  • weak muscle tone;
  • the development of pathologies of internal organs;
  • congenital or acquired heart disease;
  • abnormal blood pressure;
  • pathology of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems;
  • the presence of intestinal disease-digestive tract.

Physical therapy for children activates the correct functioning of the whole organism regardless of what kind of sector focused treatment. Therapeutic exercises enables you to relieve inflammation, accelerates the healing process, improve immune and protective forces of an organism.

The complex of physical exercises for different ages

Exercise for kids is divided into several periods depending on the age of the child.

Exercises for babies from 1.5 to 3 months

It is important to know that at this age the children have elevated levels of muscle tone, pronounced innate reflexes.

That is why the experts appointed in this period the development of the reflex exercises.

The main ones include:

  1. Extension of the spine. To correctly perform the task required the child to put on the side. In this case, reflex sensation will cause the touch of your fingers on the sides of the spine. Therapeutic efficacy will be achieved if you run your fingers from buttocks to shoulder area.
  2. The rise of the head. The essence of the exercise is that you need one hand to lift baby, who is lying on his tummy, and the second to hold his foot.
  3. Toes. The job is that the reflex should appear when the feet hold with one hand while the other presses on the foot, initially on the sole, and then on the outside.
  4. Patentovedenie. The essence of the problem is to take the child under his arm, put on the legs. In this case, the reflex is revealed when the baby is like dancing on the legs.
Jobs for kids from 3 to 4 months

This period of development in children characterized by the fact that equilibrium between the flexor and extensor muscles in the hand. At this time, the tasks focused on the passivity:

  1. This task Bubnovsky is that the baby laid on his back and on his chest he crossed handles.
  2. Again put the baby on her back, then gradually and alternately turn on tummy left and right. Therapeutic efficacy of the task is that is required during execution to hold the child with one hand by the legs, and the other for the handle, which is bent at the elbow.
  3. Straightening the spine and legs. The essence of exercise lies in the fact that the adult holds the child with one hand under the belly and legs. Next, you need to lift the baby. Such exercises effectively carry out and in the pool.
  4. Abduction and bringing the feet. The baby should be put on the back. You should then slide his fingers along the edge of the foot and a slight pressure on the contours of the leg.
Tasks for children from 6 to 9 months

In this period of development the child has observed the progression of voluntary movement of the musculoskeletal apparatus.

Physiotherapy in this case is aimed at active jobs that provoke a child to crawl, sitting or standing:

  1. Put baby on your back and raise the handle direct up and do circular exercises in the shoulder region.
  2. The following exercise is that it is necessary to raise straight legs. It is important to lock the knees and feet to raise to the vertical position.
  3. Put the baby on his back and doing the circular motion in the joints of the pelvis and hip.
  4. The child is placed on the back, and then gently roll him on his tummy to the right and to the left.
  5. Crawling. Large therapeutic efficacy will be achieved, if the kid will put a colourful toy. The legs are put in a position of bent knees, feet are fixed. The child must try to crawl to the toy.
Exercises from 9 to 12 months

This age of children is characterized by the fact that they try to start walking, there is the development of coordination and movements associated with it.

Therapeutic exercises on Bubnovskiy in this case consists in the following tasks:

  1. The first exercise is the flexion and extension of the lower extremities. Execute the job from any location, as long as the movement was smooth.
  2. Lifting on the legs. The essence of the problem is that you need to put the baby on the legs, thus it should support and guide for moving forward.
  3. The slope and straightening. Such a task can only be performed in a standing position. The child has to touch the back of the adult. At the same time near the feet of the baby put the toy and ask that he raised.
  4. This task is similar to previous, but now the toy is placed not at the feet, at the shoulder level of the child, for example, on a small table.
  5. Flexion and extension of the upper extremities. In this job you need to the baby and grabbed the ring. Then an adult needs to pull so that was flexion and extension of hands.

Therapeutic exercise can bring a good effect only in case of regular perform. Don’t forget that different sets of tasks you can perform in the pool where the child can get used to the water.

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