A set of exercises for the neck Shichanina

The main reason for this process is a constant tension of the neck muscles that age, and for other reasons, may lose their elasticity. This leads to the fact that the process of blood supply difficult, muscle can compress and pinch the nerve endings which provoke the appearance of various types of pain.

Exercises for the neck Dr. Shichanina became very popular in 2008 when he released the self-titled CD. Shikonin was the first who proposed a universal set of simple and very effective exercises for the cervical vertebrae.

Academician Shikonin says that most people complain of feeling unwell and pain due to the fact that the blood circulation is functioning at an insufficient level.

Why the need for gymnastics?

Shikonin and exercises for the neck made a splash in the field of medicine. It is prescribed as a preventive exercise, as well as for the treatment of problems such as:

  • cervical osteochondrosis;
  • headaches, fainting, migraines;
  • problems with vascular dystonia;
  • increase in blood pressure level;
  • violations of the processes of memory and attention span;
  • problems insomnia and weakness during the day.

Gymnastics Shichanina for cervical advised to perform regularly for those people whose work requires spending a lot of time in a seated position, people, who are often subjected to stress and psychological tension. Save exercises for the neck will be people whose diet is poorly balanced, because improper diet is the Foundation of the salt deposits in the joints.

The main set of exercises Shichanina

The main part of gymnastics for the neck includes a number of exercises that don’t take much time to execute and you can perform all, without exception, for example during a lunch break or even working at the computer.

It should be noted that each type of exercise Shikonin recommends at least five times in different directions.

So, to the main complex gymnastics Shichanina include the following.


The job is that from a sitting position to smoothly and slowly tilt your head and stretch to the right shoulder. When the muscles appear painful sensations of tension, it is necessary to freeze in this position for 30 seconds. Now back to the original position and do the same process for the left side.


It is that you need to put your head down and stay in this position for a minute. Then you need to pull the head up and forward again to stay in this position for a minute. To watch it is right in front of him, but the eyes and close.

Look to the sky

In order to perform this exercise for neck Shichanina, you must deploy the head to the left until, until the painful feelings. Stay in this position for half a minute, and then run the job for the other side.


Similar to the previous task with the difference that here the work included the shoulder Department. You need to put on my left shoulder, right hand at the same time to ensure that the elbow was strictly parallel to the floor. The left hand should be left on the knee in a relaxed state. The position of the lock for a minute, and then proceed in the opposite direction.


This exercise Shikonin recommends in combination with the previous one, they can alternate or swap. Is it the same as the fourth, only here it is necessary to bend the elbows and join the palms above the head.


Should put his hands on his knees. Next, slowly pull the chin upward, and his hands pull behind your back. Lock yourself in this position for 30 seconds. Then do the same for the other side. Then tilt your head to your left shoulder and make a smooth pressing motion on the neck. Do the same for the opposite side.


This is the final task. It is performed standing up. Become straight, pull the neck forward, remember that the chin should be parallel to the toes of the feet. Then the head should turn to the left and pulled to the shoulder. When you receive a painful sensation, stay in this position for a minute and repeat the same process for the other side.

It is important to ensure that during the exercise Shichanina, neck and back were flat, otherwise the desired effect this charge will bring.

Why do self-massage of the neck?

Self massage of the neck adapter and is a relaxing complex for all plots and cervical vertebrae. Once You’ve done the whole complex of gymnastics Shichanina, secure the results of simple and light massage. This massage you can do yourself, and the effect it will bring is very great.

A few simple tips will help You with this:

  • sit up straight, relax, hands and fingers begin to slowly stroke the head in the occipital region, gradually descending to the cervical spine, gradually increase the strength of massage movements and speed;
  • next, start to stretch your vertebrae with your fingertips, do it in circular movements on a small scale;
  • put your arms around his neck so that the thumb was on one side of the neck, and the other four on the other, should now be able to massage the surface of the neck with light pinching movements from the bottom up;
  • the last task is kneading the front of the neck, for this you need to gently massage the area from the chin to the collarbone, and then make a light massage, as the back of the head.

Gymnastics Shichanina is based on the fact that the simple and easy exercises can perform each person, by giving it a little time. Remember that time You doing exercises, the pain should not occur. So be careful and don’t overdo it.

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