Simple exercises for back with dumbbells

For fitness, most women neglect the sports equipment, especially dumbbells. They are of the opinion that free weights should be used in the case when the exercises designed for the muscles of the arms and shoulders.

But this is not so. If exercise is performed to strengthen the muscular frame back, add weights in the form of the shell, the effect is achieved much faster. And the result will be the correct posture and strong back muscles, you will be able to endure prolonged physical load on the spine.

However, you should be attentive to possible contraindications to exercise with dumbbells. As strange as it sounds, but there are certain limitations for women who do not perform exercises to strengthen the back.


This applies to hypertensive patients, asthmatics, pregnant. And women with certain diseases of the heart and back. It is not necessary to resort to exercises during the menstrual cycle and in poor health. Women suffering from chronic diseases, before you begin the exercise with dumbbells, you must consult a medical specialist.


In order not to harm your health, when performing exercises with free weights must follow these guidelines:

  • the first three lessons should not last more than 15 minutes;
  • the maximum time of training for women is 40 minutes;
  • exercises should be done regularly, at intervals of 1 – 2 days;
  • the combination of exercises with dumbbells, with the usual exercises;
  • to adhere to proper nutrition.

For greater convenience, you can consult a fitness trainer to create an individual program, tailored to the characteristics of the organism and the desired result. If you alternate sessions with dumbbells and gymnastic exercises, the muscles will have a healthy tone, and the body a beautiful appearance.

Performing exercises using dumbbells, the body loses a lot of calories. For recuperation and growth of muscle requires proper nutrition. Therefore, the diet of women who decided to strengthen the back muscles should consist of protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins.

How to choose the right dumbbells

In order to workout bring desire result and did not cause excessive burden to the body, when buying dumbbells you should make the right choice. Here are a few characteristics of the projectile which is guided during the purchase: the type and weight of dumbbells; easy to use; the material of manufacture.

All criteria listed must correspond to individual characteristics of women and the selected set of workouts. For example, the weight of dumbbells for beginners should not exceed one kilogram. Exercises are best performed with dumbbells in chromed steel. The optimal load quality tool will not bring harm to the body.


Exercises for back with dumbbells, it is best to start with a warm-up. It includes simple exercises to warm up the muscles. This will prepare the muscles to greater loads and avoid injury. In addition to training all groups of muscles to training, must be made and flexibility in the back, suitable bending, bending and stretching in different directions.

A set of exercises

There are many different exercises to strengthen back muscles. Below will be described one of the most effective and popular complexes. Using training routines may involve not only the back muscles but also muscles in other parts of the body.

These exercises do not require special skills or flexibility. They are suitable for any woman. Before you begin implementation, you need to remember about all the points listed above.

Exercises outlined below are the main complex of physical exercises to strengthen the back:

  1. To perform the first exercises need a gym Mat (it is possible to replace on normal). Lie down, lean back to the floor. Legs bent at the knees, feet resting on the floor. Both hands along with bring dumbbells at chest level, with arms absolutely straight. Perform six times for two approaches.
  2. The following action is performed on the sports Mat. Take your position, lying on his stomach with outstretched legs, Taking a dumbbell, lower and raise straight arms. You should perform two sets of six times.
  3. To meet the third lesson: stand with feet hip-width apart. Holding in one hand a dumbbell, and the second leaning on a chair, make a slight tilt forward. Then bend the arm with a dumbbell. Do eight times for the two approaches on each hand.
  4. The initial position remains the same as in the previous exercise. In both hands on a dumbbell. Bending a little leg, do a forward bend. Pulling the dumbbells up to mid-calf, starting position. Repeat fifteen times for three sets.
  5. The original situation remains the same. In each hand is on the dumbbell. Slightly bend your legs, the back should remain straight. Arms out to the side, taking a completely horizontal position. Return to the starting position. You should perform two sets of six times.

Each woman wants to look beautiful. But for this it need to keep himself in shape. Regular performance of a complex of exercises for back with dumbbells, it is not only the key to a beautiful figure and good posture and prevention of various diseases of the back.

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