Morning exercise “Cheerful morning” a set of exercises.

Can be called lucky those who are in the morning, gets easy and feels cheerful. Most people think the morning is not the most pleasant time of the day, because the eyes do not open and the body does not want to rise from the cozy bed.

And ahead of a busy day and need something to bring yourself back to normal. How to Wake up in the morning cheerful?

In order for the day to recharge your energy and be healthy, not necessarily in the morning to drink liters of coffee, enough to make morning exercises in bed.

With the morning exercises “Cheerful morning” improves blood flow to the brain, increases physical and mental performance, aktiviziruyutsya nervous system, working on the joints and spine, stagnated after a night’s sleep and energize for the whole day.

Morning exercise “Cheerful morning” – a set of exercises:

This set of exercises will suit even the most lazy – lying on the back, performed all the exercises.

Exercise 1

Lying in bed on your back (pillow removed), hands to lift up, and pulled while pulling the legs in opposite direction. Worked out back and spine.

Exercise 2

Turn head in one direction and then the other. Considering the muscles of the neck.

Exercise 3

Bend your knees and rotate them from side to side. The upper torso is straight. This exercise is working the lower back and relieves constipation.

Exercise 4

Raise up your hands, bend and straighten their elbows. Considering the shoulder and elbow joints.

Exercise 5

Raise your hand to compress and unclench the fingers. After that, RUB the palm of your hand. So aktiviziruyutsya nervous system.

Exercise 6

Lifting her legs and hands to do the vibrational motion. Eliminates venous congestion.

Exercise 7

Fingers massage your head in a circle from the bottom up. Bend the fingers into a fist and RUB the ears in a circular motion 10 times in each direction. Turning over on his side, massage the area between the shoulder blades. This exercise improves cerebral blood circulation and will give you energy for the whole day.

How to get out of bed?

The most important thing – not to do sharp movements. It is necessary to turn sideways and gently sit down on the bed, legs dangling. Definitely need to sit for a while, as when you change horizontal to vertical, automatically increases blood pressure that can cause dizziness and sometimes fainting. Take care of your health!

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