Football. The rules of the game of football

Football is the most popular team game in the world. Millions of people around the world love this sport game, ready to follow the competitions and endlessly discuss football tournaments. The popularity of football is achieved at the expense of entertainment and the relative simplicity of the rules.

Of course, the football rules contain a lot of nuances, but in General understandable as the true fans of the game, and those who are watching the matches from case to case.

Sports games, like football, are mentioned in historical documents of many Nations, however, the founder of the modern football is England. It was there in the nineteenth century this team sport has gained unprecedented popularity, and then for tournaments – and a hand-written set of rules. The latest edition of football rules is quite impressive, since it describes any possible situation during the game.

General rules of football

This team sport involves the competition on the field, two groups of 11 players including the goalkeeper. Before each team stands in the goal to score as many goals in the opponent’s legs or other body parts except hands and protect your own goal from the head of the enemy. Every goal brings the team one point. The winner is the team who scored during the match the most points. If both teams score same number of goals or score any goals, the match is considered played in a draw. The game is played with a ball, the circumference of which is 68-70 cm, and weight not more than 450 grams.

A football match consists of two halves of 45 minutes each. Between periods, players may be provided with a break not exceeding 15 minutes. After each period, the judge may order additional time that was spent during the game to replace players, the bow shock, transportation of injured athletes on the field, etc. Typically, this added time is from one to three minutes.

Soccer field and its markings

The game is played on a football field bounded by the side lines and goal lines, which are included in the play area. At major international competitions length of the field is 105 meters and a width of 68 meters. Thus, the recommended size of a soccer field is 7140 square meters. However, these dimensions can vary quite significantly. It is important that the lateral line was longer than the goal line.

The field is divided in half, the average solid line connecting the median points of the side lines. This means for each of the teams in their half of the field. In the middle of the middle line marks the center of the field, and around it is a circle with a radius of 9.15 meters. At the center of the field made its first strike at the beginning of each half and after each goal scored. At this time, all players must be on their half of the field, and the team that does not kick, also outside the Central circle.

According to football rules, the playing field also includes the goal area, penalty area and the angular sectors.

Gates and square gate

The gate is centered on each goal line. Typically, the distance between the arms is 7.32 meters (8 yards), the height of the gate is 2.44 meters (8 feet). The goal area is defined by a rectangle one side of which lies on the goal line and includes a line bounded by the goalposts and is separated from them by 5.5 metres in each direction. Two short sides of the rectangular goal area also accounted for 5.5 metres.

Penalty area

The goal area on each side of the field fully included in the penalty area. She outlines from the points located on the goal line at a distance of 16.5 metres from each rod at right angles. The length of the perpendicular lines is 16.5 metres. Thus, the penalty area is 665 square meters. It is the area in which the goalkeeper can play with his hands.

In the center of the goal line at a distance of 11 metres it is indicated that in case of violation of the rules is on target punched a penalty. This same point is the center of an imaginary circle with a radius of 9.15 meters. Part of the circle is applied as the arc outside the penalty area. There are players at the break through a penalty kick.

The angular sectors

In the corners of the football field located points from which to conduct the arc with a radius of 1 meter. The resulting area used for execution of corner kicks in football.

The beginning of the football game

Before starting the match and before the extra time of the match is the draw, during which the captain one of the teams chooses the side of the field where you will start to play command and the second command gets the right initial impact.

The initial kick is taken at the start of any primary or secondary half time and after goals against any team. In the second case, the right to play the ball receives the command, propustila goal. The ball is played from midfield, second team when it is on its own side of the court outside the Central circle. The player taking the initial kick may not touch the ball before it touches any other player.

Throughout the match the ball is in play unless it crosses a goal line or side line. Also the ball is out of play whenever the referee’s whistle stops play.

The goal

A goal of the opposing team called a goal. The ball is considered pocketed when it completely crossed the goal line and into the net. The ball should be in the game, and scored his team during the goal was not seen in violation of the rules of the game of football. The most common violation in this situation, as a rule, is offside.

A player in an offside position

Offside only counts on the side of the pitch if a player is nearer the goal line than the ball and the penultimate opponent, not counting the goalkeeper. Such a player position is not a violation of the rules of the game of football, however, if the athlete participates in the attack, interfere with the defense or receives a different benefit, the game stops and the opposing team implements the right to perform a free kick from the place where it was recorded the offside.

Such rule does not apply to the situation after the ball is thrown in from the sideline, goal kick or corner kick.

Throw the ball

According to the rules of the soccer throw-in is assigned to the case, if the ball completely crosses the touch line of the field. In this place comes the throw, and it provides one of the athletes of the opposing team of the player who last touched the ball. In this case the thrower has the right to touch the ball after entering the game only after that, as the ball touches any other player. Goal scored during the throw-in shall not be counted.

Corner kick

If the ball crosses the goal line (but does not enter the goal) from the touch of the player in their own half, a corner kick is assigned. It is made from an angular sector on the side of the gate where the ball crossed the line. Corner kick performed by player offensive team, after his shot the ball is considered to be put into the game. Prior to that, the opponents have no right to get closer to the angular sector at a distance less than 9,15 meters. The player taking the corner has the right to touch the ball only after the ball touches another player.

Violations in football

According to football rules, there are violations that are punished depending on their severity. Such violations observed by the judge, he determines the punishment. This can be a free kick, free kick, penalty kick (penalty), individual warning (yellow card the player), delete (red card footballer).

The free kick

Among the violations committed by the players of each team, you can select a dangerous game, blocking the movement of the opponent, and any action that is directed to the goalkeeper released the ball from his hands. The violations committed by the goalkeeper, are allocated in a separate block.

These include touching the ball with his hands after the ball is released from the hand, but before he touched any of the players. It also involves the control of the ball with his hands more than 6 seconds. Such violations are punishable by a free kick, running the ball with players of the opposing team. The ball is installed in the place where the infringement occurred and the ball is scored directly after a free kick is not counted, regardless of whose gate it was Packed.

Warning (yellow card) in soccer

The punishment is a yellow card, or individual warning occurs if a player is guilty of unsporting behaviour, by word or action demonstrates a disagreement with the judge’s decision, systematically violates the rules of the game in football, intentionally delaying the restart of play or fails to comply with the prescribed distance when resuming game penalty, free or corner kicks or throw-in from the sideline.

A player (red card) in soccer

When a more serious violation of the rules and unsportsmanlike behavior, a player may be removed from the field. This is the case, if a player receives a second warning (yellow card) in one match, is guilty of a serious breach of the rules or behaves aggressively, uses abusive language and gestures, or if it deprives a rival an opportunity to score a goal by breaking the rules.

The appointment of a penalty kick

Violations for which the opposing team is awarded the right to exercise the free-kick should be regarded by the judge as careless, reckless or using excessive physical force action. This is usually a hit or attempt to hit the opponent’s leg, tripping or slide, jump or attack the opponent, kick or push the opposing player. The ball is installed in the place where the infringement occurred, a goal scored directly from a free kick in the opponent, is counted.

A penalty kick (a penalty kick)

The penalty kick is a penalty for the same violations that lead to a regular penalty kick, the only difference is that these violations are committed by a player in the penalty area of the opponent. In the implementation of the kick within the penalty area is only the player who hits the ball, and the goalkeeper of the opposing team, the other players are outside the penalty area behind the kicker. Set the ball on the penalty spot, the impact occurs at the referee’s whistle. The kicker has the right to touch the ball a second time only after the ball has touched someone from players.


Also spot kicks, the punches may be appointed to matches, where you will need to determine the winner. Usually a tournament of the highest class on the stage of the playoffs, when one team needs to retire from the competition. The penalties are assigned if the match and stoppage time ended in a draw. The team scoring the greater number of balls with the same number of strokes is declared the winner.

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