Tennis. The rules of the game of tennis

Tennis has been known for several centuries, this sports game is mentioned in Shakespeare’s play “Henry V”. A long time tennis was a pastime of kings and aristocrats, but at the beginning of the XX century the sport has gone viral.

The reason for the dramatically growing popularity of tennis was the first international tournament that later became known as the Davis Cup.

Tennis game consists in throwing a ball with rackets. The goal is to send the ball so that the opponent could not fight off. The rules of the game of tennis, the winner is the athlete who achieved this goal most number of times.

The game itself, which is also called a match consists of three or five sets specified in advance. To win we have to defeat the opponent team in two or three sets respectively. In turn, the set consists of no less than six games and in each game played at least four goals.

General rules of the game of tennis

Tennis game can be conducted between the two athletes and then we are talking about a single tournament, or between the two pairs of athletes (pairs event). Usually tournaments are divided into male and female, however, and mixed competition, when in the doubles tournament with each side represented by athletes of both sexes.

Official tennis tournaments are held under the scrutiny of at least one judge. As for the best review of the platform it sits on a hill, called by the umpire. Sometimes the chief judge assisted by linesmen that determine landed the ball within the Playground.

Sizes and types of coatings tennis courts

Tennis is on the sports field, which is called the court. Such fields for the game of tennis may have a completely different coating, their dimensions are clearly defined by the rules of the game of tennis. Since the formation of the rules for the most part occurred in medieval England, and measures of length to indicate the boundaries of the court are not metric. The size of a tennis court are defined in feet and inches.

The total length of the tennis courts is unchanged at 78 feet, which is equal to 23,78 meters. But the width of the field depends on whether single or doubles. In the first case it is 27 feet 8,23 meters or, in the second, 36 feet, or 10,97 meters.

The court is divided across into two equal parts by a net 3 ft (91.4 cm). The field itself is restricted to the perimeter lines that are not just limit the playing area, but also enter into it. In addition to these, parallel to the rear lines at each side of the court held the feed line remote from the grid on the 21 ft (6.4 m). Perpendicular to them is a Central line that begins and ends in the feed lines. The feed line does not reach the outer edges of the playing field, and relate only to the parallel outer edges of the lines forming the gaming corridor width for single or doubles matches are the same and is 4.5 feet (1.37 metres).

The actual size of a tennis court is larger than described by the rules of the site boundary. The size of the court actually grows to 6.4 metres from the back line and 3,66 meters on each side from the side lines. In this space, the tennis ball can be in the game. Such limits are considered maximum and installed on the international competitions. In the tournaments of lower class of area races can be less.

Possible coating tennis courts are very different from each other and require different styles of play. Classic is considered a grass surface, which is currently not widely spread because of its high cost. To the popular types of coatings include clay courts. There are also hard coatings, artificial grass and other species.

The rules and scoring in tennis

In the game of tennis athletes are on opposite sides of the grid. One of them introduces the ball into play, which should hit the player on the other side of the court. The ball is transported to the opposite side of the blows of rackets and need to get to the opposite side in the area of the court. The receiving player may hit the ball that has not touched the cover more than once, that is, to hit the ball with summer or after one touch.

First serve is always made to the right of the center line. After each earned points feed goes to the other side of the center line. The supply is carried out from the back of the line, the spade which is considered a violation. When serving, the ball is thrown to the diagonally opposite area of the court. If the ball hits the line square feed or into the net, the player is entitled to a second serve. In case of repetition of such an error point is awarded to the opponent.

When submitting’t score a point if the ball touched the net and fell on the enemy side. In other cases, the balls are counted. In the case the enemy has the right to hit the ball just after the rebound on his side.

The score in tennis is charged by the system, where the first point won is denoted by the numeral 15, the second 30, third 40 and fourth critical term “game”. Four points allow athletes to win the game, but only under the condition that the advantage over the enemy is at least two points. If each party receives three points, the score is “40:40” indicated by the word “exactly”. Then the game continues until the benefits of one of the rivals to two points.

The point is not counted if the ball touched the body or had been repelled until it crosses the grid lines. Also the point is not counted if the player touches the grid or stand the racket, a hand or any other part of the body.

The player, who won in six games with the advantage over the opponent that is at least two games wins a set. If the score of the set is equal to 6:5, then played another game. In this case, when the leading player victory (7:5) win in the set is for him, if you win a lagging player (6:6) is appointed the tie-break.

Tie-break in tennis

Tie-break – a relatively new concept in tennis, which was introduced in the official rules of the game of tennis in 1975 to determine the winner when the score is equal. Upon reaching the account 6:6 in all sets except the last feeding the player makes the serve, then the opponent takes twice. Next shift is in two submission. The first one who reaches 7 points with a margin of 2 points wins the tie-break.

Tennis is a very exciting and useful to keep the body in shape. Training and matches are forced to move a lot, providing the load on the heart, the support system with the muscles of the legs and hands. With regular exercises increases muscle mass, burn adipose tissue, increased endurance. You need to be extremely careful not to earn a sprain, dislocation of joints, bruises from falls or hitting a ball.

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