Complex exercises medical gymnastics in osteochondrosis

Patients with osteoarthritis often complain of decreased joint mobility, discomfort and pain, which arise as a result of damage to the intervertebral discs.

So the treatment is not only reception of pharmaceutical drugs, the doctor is required to appoint gymnastics. It should be noted that in osteochondrosis physical therapy is indispensable for treatment and prevention.

The benefits of exercise

Physiotherapy (physical therapy) is very important. If the disease is not yet developed, exercises can stop the process or significantly reduce the expression of its symptoms. Regular exercise reduce pressure on the discs in a couple of months.

Gymnastics center, recommended in osteochondrosis, designed for development of muscles and strengthening them. Due to this, the organs begin to work properly, on your back, reducing the load, and the patient feels relieved. Thus, further destruction of the intervertebral discs stops. Physical therapy for osteoarthritis normalizes the blood stream, so afflicted areas of the body will receive more nutrients, improve tone of all body systems.

Do correctly

That was a positive effect of exercise therapy in osteochondrosis you should do the right thing. After all, failure to comply with the recommendations of the doctor can only aggravate the patient’s condition, cause injury. So optimally, when complex therapy is selected by the attending physician.

Here are a few nuances that you should know, trying to cure osteochondrosis:

  • any set of exercises can be performed during remission in acute it will be. Before you start training it is necessary to consult with your doctor about the admissibility of loads;
  • osteochondrosis need to listen to their feelings, to perform movements that do not cause pain or discomfort. If the body reacts badly, it’s best to stop physical therapy, to postpone the training or change the complex;
  • do not rush, better methodically and slowly perform the exercise. It is optimal to acquire the video, which recorded exercises. Not difficult to find a lesson online, but video must be from a reliable source, credible;
  • you need to control your breathing, trying not to hold it and not become more frequent;
  • tell your doctor about your condition, about the changes both positive and negative;
  • training, healing low back pain should not last more than fifteen minutes;
  • classes should be carried out in a well ventilated room, and the temperature should be comfortable (18-20 degrees);
  • after physical therapy the patient needed rest and relaxation.
What is physiotherapy

Osteochondrosis is a complex disease, so fighting it will take a lot of time and sometimes a lifetime. But classes recorded on video, intended for home performance. In medical institutions to treat the disease with the help of special devices (so called mechanic), swimming and movement (kinesitherapy), occupational therapy. Effectively wins osteochondrosis of the health path – Hiking on carefully thought-out route.

All the complexes of physical therapy can be divided into two groups. The first consists of isometric exercises, that is, those which help the muscles to overcome the artificially created resistance. It strengthens the back, side, front and rear muscles. The second group involves the movement of a load on the spine, which also strengthen the ligaments and joints.

Varieties of medical gymnastics in osteochondrosis

Since the osteochondrosis can affect different parts of the spine, a set of exercises for each of them is different, has its own peculiarities.

For cervical

Training with the affected cervical spine should start with a light workout that warms up the muscles that need to relax. Video complex advises first to walk on the whole foot, then on toes, heels. In the body should be feeling the heat. After that you need to become smoothly, lowering his free hand along the body. Maximum shoulders, tighten your muscles for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat two or three times.

Osteochondrosis is if sitting to lean his hands on different parts of the head alternately, and the head has to resist the hands. In a sitting position is also recommended slowly lower chin to chest (ten repetitions), turn your head left and right as far as possible (for ten times in each direction). Complex cervical also includes slow head tilts back while simultaneously pulling the chin inward (ten repetitions).

The complex is osteochondrosis of the thoracic

As osteochondrosis of the cervical first do warm-up. The same motion, and then follow the basic exercises. They need a comfortable chair with a high back. The man sits on him and has his hands behind his head, slowly bend backward, pressing his spine to the back, and then leans forward. Repeat five times.

Effectively the following position: the patient lies on the back and in the area of the thoracic substitutes a dense cushion. Placing hands behind the head, it is necessary to bend and slowly lift the chest and head. It is performed five times.

Osteochondrosis of the thoracic does not like such exercises: the man stands straight, hands raised above his head. Right hand grasping the wrist of the left arm and lean to the right while pulling your left hand. Repeat five times on each side.

Osteochondrosis of the lumbar and gymnastics

You first need to warm up the muscles by walking at a moderate pace. Next, execute the basic exercises, each for ten times. Lying on the back, the patient strains the stomach, controlling the breath. Keep your hand on the muscles that should be solid. Then relaxing and repeating.

Lying on your back, you should stretch your arms along the body, lift the chest and head and hold the pose for approximately ten seconds. Slowly fall back and repeat. Osteochondrosis back effective such exercises: lying down, the patient keeps the legs bent at the knees, putting them on the floor. Then lower your knees to the right and upper body left. After returning to the starting position repeat with opposite side.

Low back pain and prevention with the help of physiotherapy

Low back pain, therapeutic exercise are inextricably linked. However, the set of exercises prescribed by your doctor, is able not only to facilitate the patient’s condition, but also to prevent the development of disease. If the person is prone to this disease, he should do exercises regularly. In this case, video lessons, exercises should be required reading patient.

Osteochondrosis is not a reason to abandon sports training, especially in the case where people previously were actively engaged in regular physical activity. Fit Hiking, swimming, Cycling. But weightlifting, wrestling, team games are undesirable. In addition to the special gymnastics is to monitor the posture, reduce the number of sitting at the computer, sleeping on an orthopedic mattress and pillow, do not carry heavy objects. The only way to control the insidious disease.

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