Why is it hard for you to enjoy intimacy

Not every woman enjoys sex. Very often, girls can not completely relax and surrender to the process due to sharp or aching pain during intercourse.

As soon as you encounter a similar problem, you should immediately consult a specialist, since pain during sex can be a symptom of a serious ailment.

We tried to figure out what causes painful sex exist.

Lack of lubricant

In most cases, vaginal dryness is due to psychological factors, but it can also occur with prolonged use of drugs, for example, sedatives and antidepressants. Consult with your doctor about the situation, most likely, he will change the group of drugs or even offer a cancellation.

Mechanical damage

Pain during sex is possible due to the early onset of sexual contact after a major operation or childbirth, when the body has not fully recovered and is not ready for such stress. As a rule, the surgeon performing the operation gives a certain period when you can return to the usual rhythm of life, strictly follow all the recommendations so as not to get additional complications.


A fairly common feature. Vaginismus is almost always associated with psychological problems, when the muscles of the vagina involuntarily contract, preventing sexual intercourse. The main reasons for this body reaction to close contact are experienced violence, stiffness, a sense of shame, and too conservative upbringing.

Women are often ashamed to admit this problem even to their doctor, and very in vain. Modern medicine allows you to retrain the muscles, but one gynecologist is powerless here – it will require the joint work of several specialists – a gynecologist and a psychologist.

Body features

A rare case, but quite real. Some girls are already born with an underdeveloped vagina or incomplete reproductive organs. As you know, sex in this state turns into torture. But, fortunately, this unusual problem can be solved, as a rule, the manipulations will be surgical, however, each case must be considered separately.


Symptoms of endometriosis are sharp pains deep inside during intercourse. This disease occurs due to the proliferation of the endometrium, which can also cover organs other than the genitals. It is impossible to completely cure it, but the doctor, after a thorough examination, can offer you supportive therapy, especially if you are still planning a replenishment of the family.

Any pain that prevents you from leading a full life – both ordinary and sexual – requires specialist advice. Self-medication in this case can be simply life-threatening.

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