A set of exercises to strengthen the back muscles and spine at home

Strengthening of the back muscles plays an important role in any age. The reason is simple: removing the load from the spine and moving it to a muscular corset, you can achieve significant improvements health. It is also a good prevention of many serious diseases.

However, before proceeding directly to training, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. A training program should be tailored to the condition of the body and its individual needs.

General principles of training

A typical set of exercises to strengthen the back muscles and spine must be based on the following guidelines:

  • Before you start training, you must thoroughly warm up your back muscles through simple movements to prepare them for the load (e.g., a few seconds to hang on the wall bars or horizontal bar; pull back behind his back hands, etc.). Failure to do so can result in a risk of injury;
  • As the back muscles will get used to the load you need to move on to more complex exercises;
  • Increasing the load on the back should be gradual, uniform, metered and safe for the spine.
Simple exercises to strengthen back muscles

Exercises to strengthen back muscles, as well as for prevention of diseases of the spine is fairly simple. To perform they can people at any level of fitness. And no need to use special equipment allows us to perform them even at home.

  1. 1Side plank.

Starting position – lying on his right side, stretching the body strictly in line. The elbow must be under the shoulder and rest against the floor. Creating tension in the muscles of the abdomen need to take your hips off the floor, simultaneously stretching the spine. In this position, you need to stay from 20 to 40 seconds. If the exercise causes considerable difficulties, is to start with a small period of time, gradually “increasing” the duration, uniformly increasing it. The side bar needs to be consistently run on one side of the body, then the other.

Regularly doing this exercise to stabilize the lower vertebrae, increase strength of muscles, and to protect the back from daily stress, which will inevitably fall on it every day. With time, you can be somewhat more difficult exercise, doing it, slowly lifting-lowering the leg. And not relying on the elbow and on palm. Exercise provides a firming effect in almost all groups of muscles.

  1. 2Attacks.

Starting position – standing, hands on waist. Providing a bit of tension in the muscles of the abdomen should make a wide step forward. The knee should be bent at a right angle, and the thigh should be parallel to the floor. After a lunge with one foot you need to return to the starting position and do the same action with the other leg. During attacks you can do both forward and diagonal – loading in this case will increase significantly.

Lunges are the exercise, honing coordination, relieves the spine during walking. It also gives you the opportunity to strengthen the gluteal muscles.

  1. 3the Bridge of thighs.

Starting position – lying on back, legs bent at the knees. Arms stretched along the body, feet firmly lie on the floor; the distance between them is approximately equal to the width of the hips. For this exercise you need to stretch the gluteal muscles and raise your hips while lifting your pelvis off the surface. To check for proper exercise, paying attention to body line, it must be stretched in a perfectly straight line. Zafiksirovany in this position for a few seconds, you should return to the starting position. The exercise is repeated up to 12 times for one approach. As muscles become stronger, you can somewhat complicate the task, while lifting pulling foot towards the ceiling.

Exercise allows you to stretch the muscles of the hip, stabilizing and strengthening the spine, which is especially important for those who are accustomed to a sedentary, sedentary lifestyle. Strengthening the abdomen and the press.

Classes with supplies

More complex strength exercises to strengthen the back are performed using special equipment (dumbbells, barbells). Creating an additional load, they contribute to the development of strength and muscle growth.

  1. 1deadlift.

This exercise allows to provide a complex load almost all the muscles groups of the body. starting position – standing, feet shoulder width apart, feet turning slightly toed out. It is very important to achieve the most comfortable and stable body posture. The Griffon is taken straight grip; hands should be at shoulder width; the body is bent slightly forward, but the back remains straight. The weight is taken by working the muscles of the legs; during operation, the housing is straightened, and the fretboard moves along the shins in a vertical plane. the knees should straighten up in the least. it is important to ensure that the arms were straightened, and the back does not bend at the waist.

  1. 2Pull rod in the slope.

Using this exercise can provide a load to the broadest muscles of the back and biceps and rear deltas. Starting position – standing, feet are comfortable for running width, knees slightly bent. The Griffon is taken when the slope of the straight grip, hands must be completely straight. Then, you should stand up straight, simultaneously lifting your rod. The case needs to go forward about 30 degrees; the back is a little bend in the lower back; the bar itself should be located approximately at knee level. The rod is pulled to the lower abdomen; the elbows should go back and climb through the work of the back muscles. After that, the rod is slowly returned to its original position. During exercise it is important to ensure that the head and feet remained strictly stationary; the blade was reduced for inclusion in the work the trapezius and rhomboid muscles.

  1. 3of Srage standing.

The starting position is the upper point, adopted in the deadlift. Rod rises as high up as possible due to the work of the shoulders; the hands should remain straight and not bend. For convenience, the exercise is best done with a curved fingerboard, as this will reduce the pressure on the feet and groin area. Or to use a normal dumbbell. It is also possible to keep the neck ratnakaram (in this case, one hand holds the neck straight grip, the other reverse). To prevent injury, experts also recommend to use during exercise power rack, and avoid rotational movements. Not only will this allow the muscles to strengthen, but also protect them from injury.

The value of the training

Regular exercises for the muscles of the back will allow you to:

  • To strengthen and establish the work of metabolic and energy processes of the body;
  • To reduce the risk of developing degenerative disc disease and degenerative changes of the intervertebral discs;
  • To lower the load on the spine, associated with prolonged stay in an upright position;
  • To minimize the risk of injury and deformities of the spine and ensure its health;
  • To prevent the development of acquired pathologies of the spine and to improve the condition of the body in the presence of congenital or developed in early childhood diseases.

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