What exercises for the back can help with hernias of the spine?

Folk remedy for pain in the back and waist quickly and effectively help to cope with the problem. With such disease faces almost every person. The pain occurs when you perform an ordinary every day events, if this is the impact on the spine, or the long sitting in an uncomfortable position.

The causes of disease

Causes unpleasant symptoms depend on the availability of back problems, damage, strains, herniated discs. The back pain, if it increased operating loads, have trauma, infectious disease. Diseases of the spine can occur as a result of hereditary predisposition. Pain often occur during pregnancy. While the load on the spine increases, there are pulling and discomfort in the back and waist.

The violation of the integrity of the spine accompanied by severe pain, lack of timely treatment has a detrimental effect on the entire body and reduces the quality of human life. When were the first symptoms, you should immediately seek the assistance of the expert to conduct a detailed examination and determine the correct diagnosis. Therapy is prescribed individually for each patient. For getting rid of the pain you can do without drugs, using treatment of folk remedies at home.

Pain with warm

When warming up the heating pad improves blood circulation in the lesion, relieves swelling, reduces the unpleasant sensation of pain in the lumbar region. Such relief is temporary. Dry heat is used for minor sprains of the muscles and pinched nerves. To cure serious diseases of the back, when a really sore lower back, this method will not work. He is not able to heal and restore proper functioning of the spine.


Warming the affected area facilitates General well-being, relieves pain. When applying dry heat to eliminate pain you should not overdo it. Strong heat can damage the top layers of the skin and may cause burns. Means for warming are:

  • warmer;
  • hot baths with addition of aromatic oils;
  • clay tortillas, warmed in the oven;
  • a bag of hot sand or salt;
  • mustard and pepper plasters.

To use heat when removing the pain syndrome must be approached with caution.

Treatment compresses and infusions

The cause of the disease back various. Symptoms symptoms differ in nature and intensity. To prevent adverse reactions, treatment of folk remedies are selected individually. The use of poultices and infusions helps relieve discomfort, improves General physical condition, reduce inflammatory processes in lesions of the back or lower back.

For the treatment of used folk remedies from back pain. There are many recipes with the use of medicinal plants.

To make a positive impact and get rid of the resulting pain and discomfort will help the integrated use of infusions and decoctions from medicinal herbs.

  1. 1On the affected area overlaps with grated radish or horseradish. To prevent burning, add in the mass of sour cream. The application of a thin layer, covered with a napkin and wrapped in a warm blanket.
  2. 2For warm compresses use an infusion of chamomile flowers, elderberry, leaves of Hypericum. Herbal therapy perfectly eliminates severe pain. Compress effectively to impose on the whole night.
  3. 3the Use of mustard powder mixed with warm water helps with acute pain and lumbago in the spine. The solution is applied in small amount on affected area, then it is insulated. Keep the compress is not recommended, to avoid burn injury to the lower back. If when applied there is a strong burning sensation, then you must remove the mixture and rinse well with warm water.
  4. 4When a sore lower back, there is a desire to get rid of the problem. Dried burdock leaves – an excellent folk remedy. To prepare a poultice they are used, processed in boiling water. Applied to the lower back and insulated.
  5. 5To cure apply grated horse chestnut. The mixture is prepared by adding camphor oil and melted fat in equal proportions. A compress is excellent for the treatment of the spine folk remedies. The salve smeared on a slice of rye bread and overlaid on affected area.
  6. 6for pain in the back treatment is applied a compress of garlic. Garlic infused with lemon juice. In a therapeutic mixture dipped a cloth made of natural fabric and treat the pain syndrome, applying a compress to the affected area. When the regular procedure will disappear discomfort and pain in the lower back, will come relief.
  7. 7it is Useful to therapeutic massage the patient area with the use of honey. Loins treated with intense rubbing of honey in skin jerky movements. This is a great tool for the treatment of lower back and blood circulation in the affected location.
  8. 8Effectively help rubbing. At home remedies for rubbing tinctures are alcohol-based, iodine solution, red pepper, Valerian. A well-established tincture on alcohol. The loin is pounded and gently warmed overnight.

Folk recipes help to ease the human condition when sore back and loin, but before using them you need to consult a doctor.

You cannot self-medicate, not to cause harm to the body. The earlier you begin therapy, the sooner you will appear positive results.

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