Strengthening back muscles with physical exercise

To maintain the spine requires that the back muscles and abdomen strong and flexible. Pain, indicating the progression of a particular disease, arise in the background of the deterioration of the ligaments and joints.

Exercises to strengthen back muscles contribute to the relief of pain, increase the muscle’s ability to cope with stress and stress and facilitate the functioning of the joints and ligaments.

In most cases, against the background of problems with the spine, which often arise already in infancy, progresses not only posture, but also one or another serious disease.

When back pain

About the presence of pathology say such characteristic symptoms as headaches and pain in the limbs and back.

The surgeon’s scalpel – not a panacea. And to prevent the progression of the disease will help exercises for back muscles.

Relaxation exercises

Before the strengthening the back is important to learn how to perform relaxation exercises. They are simple, and train back in the gym and at home.

Relaxation exercises are as follows:

  1. Training the muscles of the back starts with taking proper posture with your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Slowly leaning forward, you should relax the upper limb and then the neck.
  3. Muscle relaxation does not involve a rapid extension. It is important to stay on half a minute in this position.
  4. The next stage of relaxation – return to original position. Next you should stretch your hands on your hips and legs bent at the knees, keeping your back straight.
  5. To lie down, bending them at the knees.
  6. Snuggle up to the floor, trying to touch the surface of the spine.
  7. Not looking up from the floor, straighten legs.
  8. Roll over onto your stomach and do push-UPS (incomplete).
  9. To stretch your hands to the floor, to his feet.

Exercises to relax the muscles should be performed regularly.

Strengthening exercises

For areas of the spine and back area meets the definition of group:

  • for the shoulder girdle and upper back are responsible of the trapezius muscle;
  • body body meet a wide muscle;
  • the answer straightening lower back muscles.

Selecting a program to strengthen the back muscles, it is important to ensure that each group was developed.

It is important to remember that exercises to strengthen back muscles suggest caution. If you experience pain syndrome or not so pleasant sensations, you should stop the exercises.

Strength exercises performed with extreme caution, because the risk of harm to the body is large enough.

A preliminary set of exercises

Exercises to strengthen back muscles are performed according to the following technology:

  1. The first thing you need to go. In this position, you must lift the leg on first and then the second height (15-20 cm).
  2. To keep the lower limb in this position it is necessary not less than thirty seconds.
  3. Simultaneously lift your legs bent at the knees and lock them in this position.
  4. Repeat the previous procedure several times.
  5. Bend at the knees the lower limb and make a few bends to the right and left sides (the head should turn in the opposite direction).
  6. While in the initial position, clasp your right hand the left knee and pull it to yourself.
  7. Repeat with the right knee.
The main set of exercises

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back are standing:

  1. Keeping your feet shoulder width slightly narrower shoulders, “arm” dumbbells.
  2. Keeping your back in straight position, turn the shoulders and lifting the chin up.
  3. Several times to raise the shoulders.
  4. Bend at the knees (width small), several times to lift the dumbbells.
The involvement of the dumbbells

Exercises with dumbbells are very useful for the back. They are used to strengthen the muscular frame and the formation of correct posture.


Exercise with dumbbells is contraindicated for:

  • hypertension;
  • persons suffering from heart disease;
  • ladies, experiencing “critical days”;
  • unwanted exercises with dumbbells for asthmatics;
  • not recommended exercises with dumbbells for ladies, the bearing of fruit;
  • persons suffering from thyroid disease;
  • undesirable actions with dumbbells for persons suffering from viral infections.
  • not recommended exercises with dumbbells in the case of poor physical condition;
  • individuals with the presence of chronic disease.

Exercises to strengthen back muscles with dumbbells should be performed regularly.

Actions are performed in this sequence:

  1. Putting the lower limb at shoulder width, “arm” dumbbells.
  2. Keeping your back straight, pull the arm with the dumbbell to your chest.
  3. To perform the exercise at least ten times.
  4. Change hands and perform ten more times.
  5. Expanding the upper limbs palms forward, raise them to your sides.
  6. Return to the starting position to perform at least ten times.
  7. Lie on your back (preferably in advance to prepare a fitball or two stool).
  8. Upper extremity, armed with dumbbells, straighten and hold in front of chest.
  9. Put the upper limb behind the head.
  10. Return to the starting position and repeat at least ten times.
  11. Bending your knees, lie on your back.
  12. One hand with a dumbbell to lower behind your head.
  13. Simultaneously, the second hand should be lowered to the thigh.
  14. To change direction, to perform at least ten times.
  15. To his feet, and, holding the lower limbs shoulder-width apart, bend forward, lowering arms with dumbbells.
  16. Repeat the procedure twenty times.

If the classes are regular, luxurious posture not long in coming.


Exercises to develop back muscles for children are as follows:

  1. Lying on your back, the child turns imaginary pedal (this exercise is very useful for children).
  2. One of the favorite children of action for strengthening the muscles is a procedure called “scissors” (Mahi straight legs in supine position).
  3. Not less important exercise for kids is a procedure involving pulling up to the body of feet, knees bent.
  4. Curled up in “the gingerbread man”, the child sways back and tries to return to its original position.

It’s important for kids not only to perform physical treatments, but also to play outdoor games. Games like “Airplane” and “the woodcutter” will not only entertain kids, but also contribute to correcting posture.


To avoid problems associated with posture, it is important to take timely appropriate action. Therapeutic exercise that involve the performance of appropriate procedures, is an excellent preventative measure.

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