Complex of simple exercises for the cervical spine

Many patients complain specialist for neck pain, can prevent the occurrence of various diseases. The best way of prevention is gymnastics.

It can help to cure the problem appeared with whiplash in the form of a hernia, osteochondrosis, etc., which in the sedentary lifestyle occurs quickly, as the long neck remains stationary.

Exercises of the cervical spine can vary dramatically depending on the type of disease. Self-medication is not suitable – a set of exercises can be prescribed only by a doctor after a full examination and confirm the diagnosis.

Exercise in chronic diseases

Presents exercises aimed at restoring the muscles of the cervical spine, giving better mobility to the vertebrae of the neck.

  1. Sitting, even the neck and back with her hands. Turn your head to the side 90 degrees.
  2. In a sitting or standing position, neck is straight, drop your hands down, start to tilt your head, chin touching his chest.
  3. Sitting or standing, neck and back straight, pull your chin, tilting your head back.
Common complex chronic disease with bouts of pain

In the case of a chronic disease of the cervical spine, accompanied by pain, fit the following exercises:

  1. In a sitting position, smooth neck and back, put a hand to his forehead, after tilt your head forward, pressing his hand, as if resisting the slopes.
  2. Repeat the first exercise, only now the palm touch his temple. Push hands, creating a resistance to bending.
  3. Neck, back straight, stand still, raise your shoulders as high as possible. Repeat at least 10 times.
  4. At rest – sitting or lying – massage a few minutes between the nape and the occipital bone at the neck.
Gymnastics in the presence of a hernia of the cervical spine

Herniation of the cervical spine is a frequent phenomenon. Treat the disease medical gymnastics and massage. If a person is predisposed to the occurrence of hernia, it is necessary to regularly at home do the following exercises:

  1. Sit on a chair with her hands. Slowly rotate head to focus in different directions.
  2. In the standing position, lower the head down, gaining maximum focus.
  3. Put your head back. Try maximum to drag the chin. All exercises done for 10 times.
Gymnastics for the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis

As osteochondrosis of the cervical spine today suffers every second person of this complex should be performed for prevention of the disease. Suitable exercises:

  1. Lie on the floor. The main condition is the maximum straightening of the back. His left hand lay on his chest, right on his stomach. Slowly inhale, holding the breath and exhale. Breath hold for 10 seconds, then exhale relax.
  2. After the first exercise perevorachivatel on the stomach. Lying get the direct horizontal position of the neck and back. Tear off the floor, lifting his chest up. Softservices and descend.
  3. Lie on your back, bending them at the knees. Turn your body without moving the feet in different directions. Stay in position for 20 seconds.
Gymnastics at the protrusion, as a method of treatment

If a person was diagnosed with the diagnosis of protrusion, he feels a pulling aching pain, which causes discomfort. The disease is easy to cure, the main time to see a doctor.

Protrusion treated by physical therapy by stretching the back muscles, and massage. Even if you are not experiencing pain in the neck, but keep your posture correctly, you need to make a complex for prevention.

  1. Take an ordinary wooden stool. Lie down on it belly – this will allow maximum stretch of the back muscles, the neck. Do a few forward bends.
  2. Lie on the floor side, which do not feel pain. If the pain is on both sides, do the exercise alternately on each side. In the initial position, tilt the body forward, feet back.
  3. Position on all fours, while a straight position of the back, go around the room several times in a circle.
  4. In the prone position, to pull on my socks while lowering the chin toward the chest cavity.
Chinese gymnastics as a method of treatment of diseases

In various diseases of the cervical spine, severe pain in the neck some resort to alternative medicine. This can be attributed to Chinese medicine.

Healing here are a few: it provides patients with therapeutic exercises for the neck. But there are a few ways of self-massage. Even people who are not prone to problems with whiplash, you know a few techniques of self-massage is necessary because run them just for prevention.

Methods of self-massage of the cervical spine
  1. Four fingers massage the muscles of the neck that cause pain. For those who have no problems, hold it with both hands with the palms massage the muscles pushing.
  2. Put in all the muscles of the neck with four fingers. If there was pain, linger here longer.
  3. Zasypnica neck muscles the crossed fingers, putting the palm on two sides, then release. Repeat this procedure for a minute.
  4. When the pain in the neck you need to massage the hand from the hands to the shoulder on the affected side. After massaging fully in hand, go to the healthy hand.
Chinese gymnastics includes several easy jobs
  1. In standing, with smooth straight position of the neck and back, slightly spread your legs. Slowly tilt your head, taking the chin to the chest. Softservices for a few seconds, then return to the standing position.
  2. The same standing position. Turn your head in different directions at a time, without stopping.
  3. At the same position, tilt your head in different directions. First, select the slopes in a painful direction, then move on to the healthy.
  4. Standing position with straight back and neck, tilt the head down diagonally.
  5. Repeat the previous task, only this time tilt your head back. All exercises are done slowly and within a couple of minutes.

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