What could a sore back in kidney area and lower back

They begin to guess the type of the disease, while the time given for quick relief from illness, falls away.

What provokes pain in the lower back and kidneys and how to identify them?

Very often when the back hurts in the kidney area, patients can’t understand what is causing the discomfort.


There are a number of reasons due to which problems arise in the area of the kidneys. According to medical practice, more than 90% of cases, discomfort in this region due to the spine and only a small percentage goes to kidney problems or diseases of another type.

So, the main reasons for pain in the kidney area are:

  1. Low back pain.
  2. Aneurysm of the aorta.
  3. Ulcers of the duodenum or stomach.
  4. Inflammation occurring in the pelvic cavity.
  5. Stones in the urinary channels.
  6. Sciatica.
  7. Renal illness.

The list of ailments is really large that makes it difficult to understand why back pain in kidney area, but there is a way to understand, based on symptoms of discomfort and its type.

The types of pain in the back

As the main problems associated with the spine or kidneys, it is necessary to determine how different pain radiculitis or osteochondrosis of ailments pair on.

Features of pain in diseases of the spine

If the patient suffers from problems with the vertebrae, discomfort manifests itself as follows:

  • there is a sharp or nagging pain that interferes straighten your back;
  • the pain experienced in the center of the waist, or can be given in feet;
  • motion intensify discomfort that is caused by muscle spasm in the kidneys;
  • the pain can be reduced, rubbing a warming or anti-inflammatory agents in the affected area.

Thus, the heat helps to loosen the grip of sciatica and low back pain and allows you to understand that this is a disease of the back, as the warming agent is influenced in a positive way only different areas of the muscle.

Symptoms of kidney ailments

Often kidneys start to hurt due to pyelonephritis or glomerulonephritis. In addition. A common cause of discomfort can be a stone in the urinary channels of the body, which manifests itself in the form of painful cramps in the kidneys.

In addition, faster to determine the cause of the disease will help the analysis of the previous activities. For example, if you happened to get wet clothes or shoes, it is quite possible hypothermia, which had a negative impact on the kidneys.

In addition, recent flu, colds or strep throat can also lead to glomerulonephritis. If conditions have changed where people usually rest, or there has been a big strain on the back, it is almost certain the body was injured spine or adjacent muscles

In addition, if you have any of the following symptoms, you should assume a kidney disease:

  • a General deterioration in health, which manifests itself in lethargy, fatigue and weakness;
  • high blood pressure that causes headaches;
  • swelling on legs and face, appearing in the morning and in the evening razglazhivaetsya;
  • chills, sweating, fever;
  • lack of appetite, frequent nausea, culminating in vomiting;
  • frequent urination and pain when urinating;
  • the pain does not subside in any position of the body.

In addition, the use of kidney disease quality of urine signals. If she became overly saturated or contrast, is colorless, it is possible to determine health problems.

In addition, to understand what happens to the body, will help the contents in the urine are foreign substances, such as blood or mucus.

Also on the causes of the disease indicates the location of the source of pain. For example, if you really have to be problems with the kidneys, the discomfort will manifest on the one hand, not two at once.

Moreover, localization occurs slightly below the last pair of ribs and can go:

  • in external genitals;
  • the ureter and its channels;
  • laterally from the abdomen and groin;
  • on thighs from the inside.

Pain in kidney disease itself is a separate symptom, helps us understand what happens to the body. So, the uncomfortable sensations are generally sharp, but short character.

This is due to the fact that kidney disease often form deposits that block the urinary channels. These obstacles begin to move under the pressure of the fluid flow, damaging the edges of their nearby nerves, causing pain.

However, if there is to be no kidney stones, and inflammation of of pairs on, it swells and increases. As the renal capsule contains large number of nerve processes, the stretching leads to irritation and as a consequence – to the pain.

Usually it has a whining type and is localized to the left or right from the waist. In addition, this discomfort poorly expressed, allowing it to be distinguished from similar osteochondrosis or at stones in the urinary system.

The accumulation of vital organs in the area near the lumbar area gives serious cause for concern and it is completely justified. In most cases, the discomfort caused by issues with the spine, because we should remember about heavy loads in the last days.

If they were not, it should seriously worry about the state of the kidneys or urinary system, as treatment of these bodies is impossible at home without any negative consequences for the organism, and therefore should immediately contact the experts.

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