How to sleep with osteochondrosis of the lumbar?

Each person spends in a horizontal position at least five or six hours a day, and “happy” – even more time. The dominant part of the bed is associated with rest and relaxation, in this case, the reasons why the most part after rising from bed in the morning felt a headache and the same feeling in the back to numb the cervical part of the spine, these people feel very tired despite the sleep.

The reason is the selection of the wrong position for relaxing and bedding. Whole named list prevents relaxation of the muscular system of the spine and can be a causal condition for the formation and progression of osteochondrosis of spine – cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral.

The correct position of the spine during sleep ensures the usefulness of the latter. In the period of the horizontal position, i.e., when a person lies, the level of load on the spine is smallest.

But it’s worth the climb, it increases sharply, about two and a half times. In the night when the person is resting in the correct position, the intervertebral discs are forced to crack down, which leads to an increase in the intervertebral cavity, in this moment, sleep may grow two to three centimeters.

A set of basic rules
  • The basis of the place where a person spends a night sleep should be as aligned and rigid enough. Therefore, the beds cannot be considered a hammock or cot, they are not suitable for an extended stay, not to mention night sleep.
  • The mattress should be flat, semi-rigid and always flexible. only that will create the conditions to give the vertebral column during the night of natural physiological curves, and is a necessary condition for a real vacation. Soft mattress, which is easily able to bend, does not create support for the most severe of the torso – pelvic region. All of the above can lead to incorrect positions of the spine during sleep. However, on “bare boards” should not be expected to use as the spine in this position is also subject to deformation.

Modern industry can offer a special orthopedic mattress that ensure the creation of conditions for minor traction, i.e. the traction effect. The latter allows the muscular system to relax and reduce irritation of neural structures. To the best options of mattresses are latex.

The use of orthopedic mattress causes the relaxation of muscle groups of the back, reducing the painful feelings in her, protection from the development of pressure ulcers, promote blood circulation in the tissues of the spinal region at any level.

The so-called hydrometry absolutely not suitable for sleeping in osteochondrosis, as too flexible, the vibrations and shakings with minimal motor act can lead to damage of the intervertebral disc.

  • The pillow should be small in size, is low, preferably square or rectangular in shape. Must also fill the distance between the first plane and the head (the shoulders should not lie on the surface of the pillow). The right pillow can support the head part, so that she didn’t “failed,” and not pushed on the bed surface. The described cushion will create conditions for full relaxation of the muscle fibers during the night.

In the absence of a pillow need size quite doubled the existing large, only that it won’t be too high.

With high pillow is the bending of the head in an unnatural position. Sleep on it is a terrible torment to the spinal column, because of the displacement of the vertebrae of the cervical, violation of krovoobraschenie cerebral tissue.

We should not also sleep on a small pillow or no pillow, as his head throws back sharply, which leads to muscle tension.

Now on sale there are many special orthopedic pillows. Pillow is designed to prevent many pathologies of the vertebral column.

It has shape, ensuring a durable and simultaneously soft support along the entire neck.

  • When osteochondroses defeat the lumbar is recommended to lie on your back, it is desirable under the knee joint articulation to put special rollers.
  • The fetal position is probably the best position for an extended period of rest and sleeping. To achieve this position, lie down on your side, bend your legs and nemnogoih to pull up to the thoracic region. Under the knee lying on top of foot you need to put something, for example a small pillow. Mandatory requirement: no part of the body must not exert pressure on another in order to avoid violations of microcirculatory blood.
  • It is forbidden to sleep on the ventral surface (during deep sleep, relaxes the musculature of the cervical region, the head turns to the side and throws that provided by the compression of the arterial vessels that supply blood to the brain stem, which in turn provokes cerebral stroke).

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