Protrusion of the intervertebral discs

Protrusion of the intervertebral discs – a much more common problem than people think. In fact, it represents the first stage of formation of herniated discs when the annulus is still not broken, but it appeared some kind of “ledge”, which after a while can turn into a full hernia.

At the same time, it is at this stage the easiest way to stop the progression of this disease, so in this article we will discuss what a disc protrusion, symptoms and treatment of this disease.

Formed as a protrusion?

Usually this problem is a consequence of the development of osteoarthritis in which affected, primarily the intervertebral discs. Due to the ongoing degenerative processes begin to change properties of the intervertebral disc, which leads to the formation of protrusions, and later hernias.

Let’s look at the problem in more detail. The point is that intervertebral discs do not have their own blood vessels, therefore they have to be powered not directly from the blood, and a rather difficult way – through diffusion from the surrounding tissues. This process is fairly simple and reliable, but it depends from several factors. First and foremost, in the surrounding tissues must be available required drive components, and at present the wrong diet they don’t always have in the body

. In addition, in order to normally happen diffusion, should be some movement, in other words, the desired load on the disc and its surrounding tissues (muscles and ligaments). When this excessive load is as bad as the complete lack of stress. In General, a sedentary lifestyle is a direct path to the degenerative disc disease and the formation of the protrusion.

Bulging of the intervertebral disc (protrusion)

We have already decided so, what are the causes of the protrusion, but what happens next? And then the disc begins to lose its shock absorbing properties. More precisely, a slightly different composition of the nucleus pulposus, which was a major shock. It ceases to fulfill its basic function, but the pressure on him remains the same. At the same time, the fibrous ring that holds the nucleus in its natural range, is also losing ground, there begin to appear cracks.

Works on the principle of “jackhammer”. Every movement causes the kernel to put pressure on the weakened ring and sooner or later it is a weak spot. This can be a small part of the ring, and maybe the ring (in this case, formed of a circular protrusion of the intervertebral discs).

More common dorsal (posterior) protrusion of the intervertebral disc. This is the most common type of this disease, it can affect different nerve endings and cause pain.

How to diagnose and treat this problem?

The main difficulty is that this stage of education very often occurs without any noticeable symptoms. If we consider the most common cases, and it is a disc protrusion of the lumbar or cervical spine, you will notice that in the lumbar protrusion almost never shows. Similarly, by the way, is the situation with the thoracic spine.

Somewhat different is the case with whiplash. In this case, the specificity of the Department is such that even a relatively small protrusion may manifest itself next to neurological symptoms. While pain may not be, but can change the sensitivity of the hands, for example, or start malfunctions of some internal organs. For example, protrusion of the cervical sometimes lead to high blood pressure. Given the absence of pain syndromes, this problem often leads to the formulation of incorrect diagnoses.

More often, protrusion of intervertebral disc l4 l5 (lower back). It is not always manifests itself with pain, but at least the affected region of the spine may feel discomfort and stiffness. Usually these symptoms no one pays attention, but in the end they result in a full disc herniation, to ignore which is already one.

If this problem have been able to diagnose, the main task of the doctor is to stop the progression of the disease, as to draw the disease “reversed” (as they say – “right” disc) is almost impossible.

It is not that the problem disappeared, it is necessary that the body has adapted to the changed situation, it is necessary to do everything to the disk status is normal. That is why the basic methods of treatment of diseases such as protrusion of the intervertebral disc – exercises exercise therapy and massage along with proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

In this case there is the chance to normalize the condition of the fibrous ring, the muscles and ligaments of the back, then they themselves are “right” protrusion, removing the likelihood of disc herniation.

In General, this disease is in itself not too seriously, if the time to take his medication.

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