What is PLANO-concave back?

PLANO-concave back refers to the curvature of the spine, which are characterized by a decrease of physiological kyphosis in the thoracic part and a slight relaxation of the lumbar lordosis.

Kyphosis is a convex vertebral column in the posterior direction, and lordosis is a concavity in the front. The presence of physiologically crafted curves create the conditions for normal compensation by the spine, cushioning the load acting on the human body during the Commission of motor acts (walking, jumping, lifting heavy objects).

Specified pathological condition with the spinal curvature is a danger that leads to compression in the thoracic narokoroko Department and insufficient functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

The conditions of formation of the disease

The basic cause of the pathology is not fully understood.

Allocate a lot of precipitating factors of the disease:

  • Prolonged stay in a sitting state when sharlena spine.

Long sitting with the wrong position of the back contributes to the formation of “addiction” the muscular system to the forced position. In this case the skeletal muscular system is generated asynchronously, i.e., on the one hand relaksiruet, and with another – is in hypertonus. In the event of a prolonged stay in this condition the formation of “clips” that is felt by the therapists during polerowania striated muscles.

  • Common flexor process of the body.

Regular, prolonged flexion of the human body may lead to reduced reserve capacity of the muscles, which by analogy with other bodies, with a stock limit contractility. In the case of rapid consumption flexor-extensor actions mokorset back ceases to work. In this case, it is difficult to rely on hold the spine in the required position.

When performing flexor motor acts occurs the voltage first of all muscle groups of the upper back area, which in turn flattens it.

The same transformation also marked by sharp changes of position of the body. Gymnasts frequently there is a “flat back” because of the frequent finding in vertical and horizontal positions. The muscular system characterized by some “memory”, which accumulates toxic substances in case of overvoltage. As a result, when walking, the patient does not notice how the spine on the background spazmirovannah muscle is forced to deviate from a vertical axis at an angle which is greater than physiological indicators.

  • Pathology of the spine.

Various pathological processes in the spine combined with abnormal muscle tone lead to deformirovaniya vertebrae. In the case of accession to this geodinamicheskogo lifestyle and disorders remonabent developing fixed the disorder of posture.

  • Long stay in one place.
  • Sharp and intense changes of position.
  • Pathological phenomena in the muscular device.

PLANO-concave back to its normal conditions takes place when a person comes into a horizontal position and back again to vertical. During a fixed postprocess deformation observed all the time.

Illness in school-age children evolves in the following causal factors:

  • The curved seat at the educational table.
  • Carrying heavy bags (portfolio).
  • Permanent and long-lasting pathological position of the back;
  • Insufficient development of the muscular system.
  • Frequent stressful conditions and muscle “clips”.

The above transformations enable the creation of a single pathological system from a number of factors, because the therapy PLANO-concave of the back in children of school and adolescence are different principles used for adult patients.

Therapeutic approach

With the purpose of treatment of diseases primarily shown orthotics (the use of orthopedic corsets). These devices reduce muscle tension and associate the muscular system on both sides of the body.

For the purpose of relaxation of mokoreta used two ways:

  • regulatory;
  • physical.

The physical method involves daily physiotherapy, which is prescribed by trauma.

Before performing exercises to ensure correction of the vertebral axis according to the method of the Niche must be relaksirutee, for what it is:

  • wear freely clothes;
  • to remove all jewellery and things made of metal;
  • to ensure the silence in the room, where classes are held;
  • take a comfortable position;
  • to optimize the respiratory acts;
  • Not to move for 10 minutes and think about something pleasant.

In practice, there are several other relaxation techniques that are used to relieve muscle spasticity before performing therapeutic gymnastics.

The medicinal method involves the use of tranquilizers, aimed at relaxation of mokoreta. Antidepressants contribute to arresting activation of the sympathetic NS. In the case of algicheskom syndrome expert prescribes muscle relaxants and analgesic drugs.

The pathological process in patients childhood and adolescence can be cured according to the method of the Field Bragg. Named healing methods has the maximum impact in the case of flexible vertebral column at the time of active growth of the vertebral segments.

Physical therapy on the Field Bragg, in the case of disorders of posture involves:

  • The elimination of straightened kyphosis. Requires daily exercises:
    1. Up against the wall of the vertebral plane. It is necessary to try to the shoulder, the head and the gluteal region was adjacent to the wall surface.
    2. To draw the abdominal region inside order to reduce the clearance between the vertical plane and lumbar region.
  • To strengthen the abdominal press lie down on the abdominal area and turn left and right. Repeat exercise 10 times.
  • To eliminate residual spazmirovannah muscular system need to sit on the floor and rests her upper limbs, which must be located behind. To raise the pelvis at the highest level. To fix the position for about two minutes and put it in its original position.
  • Sitting on the floor, grab your knees with your hands. Raise the head and touch the chin part. To try as much as possible to move the gluteal area up and a little back. The exercise conduces to training of the lumbar muscles. Repeat two to four times every day.

Therapeutic pathology course requires diligent, constant and accurate approach in the period of performance of gymnastic exercises. The exact implementation of the requirements over a period of 2-3 months the spinal axis with high probability returns to a physiologically normal state.

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