Signs and treatment krugovorote back

Krugovorota back is a posture, which is characterized by an increase of all the curves of the spine, including the thoracic, sacral, lumbar and cervical. While there is a significant displacement of center of gravity, which greatly affects the human gait. The peculiarity of this disease is that the patient with this diagnosis in a standing position begins to bend the leg.

When you increase lordosis and kyphosis, what happens when krugovorote the back, the center of gravity is displaced, resulting in increasing pressure on the pelvic area and leg joints. So over time this condition leads to osteoarthritis, the displacement of internal organs, for changes of gait.

The severity of symptoms will depend on what kind of spine hurt the most.

So, for example, with increased thoracic kyphosis, the patient may experience symptoms such as:

  1. Shortness of breath.
  2. Deformity of the chest.
  3. The disruption of the heart.
  4. The pain in his hands.

At the same time, signs krugovorote the back end when a person takes a horizontal position. This is because the muscular system is able to support the spine in the right physiological position.

How to fix pathology

The most important thing in the treatment krugovorote back to fix all the existing pathological curvature of the spine. For these purposes today are increasingly used corsets and physiotherapy. Moreover, exercises should be chosen very carefully, because their main goal is to eliminate the existing spasm of skeletal muscles.

The first thing you should start is several times a day to stand near the wall and rests on her shoulders, back, and buttocks. It is desirable as much as possible to involve the stomach. This exercise helps to form a correct posture, so it should be done regularly. The duration may be from minutes to three. After that must walk around the room, trying not to bend your back and keep it in the same position as that of near the wall.

The second exercise in krugovorote back as follows. In horizontal position it is necessary to inhale and to hold my stomach in, exhale, sit on your heels. Then kneel and breathe again. The number of repetitions can be from 8 to 10.

The third exercise is performed in standing position. To do this, the fingers must be crossed behind and every 10 seconds to change their position. This exercise helps to get rid of the side of scoliosis, if present. Each time you must perform 4 to 6 repetitions.

When the diagnosis krugovorota back is very important to train not only the thoracic, lumbar and other parts of the spine, but the abdominal muscles. To do this the easiest way with the help of such exercises: first make a shallow breath and hold my stomach, and then exhale to straighten the chest. The amount of exercise should not exceed 4 – 6 for one approach.

Basic rules

In the treatment krugovorote back with exercise you must follow some important rules. To increase strength and range of motion should gradually from lesson to lesson. If you are performing a movement in the spine the painful sensation, you must discontinue lessons, to consult with a specialist and choose a different, more gentle complex.

Many of the exercises in this pathology posture train not only your back muscles, but many other muscles that are in close proximity. However, to achieve this you must exercise regularly and correctly.

If there are severely protruding stomach, you need to choose those exercises that would only work on the abdominal muscles and does not strain on the muscles of the lower back.


Prevention of this pathology as krugovorota back, based on the exclusion of precipitating factors. It can be General health of the organism, individual or social preventive actions.

General health includes measures to reduce the load on the spine and correction of movements, as well as the elimination of certain consequences of the disease of the spine, which can lead to deterioration of General condition.

Individual prevention includes measures that will help the person to reduce the provoking impact of those factors that affect the bending posture. It can be as regular exercises and healthy habits, and proper nutrition by eating lots of vegetables and fruits.

Social prevention is aimed at improving working conditions, and when krugovorote the back is very important to create the optimum mode of work and rest, which would have helped to prevent the further development of the pathology and became the factor that would help to protect us from all sorts of complications.

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