If I get a stiff neck than to smear

The most common disease that restricts mobility of the cervical and arising accidentally out of the blue, is a myositis. To provoke this disease can drafts, the sharp contrast of weather changes, hypothermia, prolonged muscle tension during work or sleep, stress.

Unbearable pain, swelling and inflammation of the muscles in the neck, fever the first symptoms that manifest abruptly and usually in the morning. At home say they “blew the neck.” Man becomes difficult and painful to turn the head, raise/lower arm to operate the machine to carry out other daily activities. When blows the neck, the pain is always severe and acute. The question immediately arises – how to be treated if I get a stiff neck, and than to smear?

Under intensive treatment of myositis, recovery occurs fairly quickly.

First steps

The manifestation of the first painful sensations in the neck, you should first consult a doctor for professional help and proper treatment. Otherwise, you may be distributing the pain on your temples, shoulders, lower back and may cause various complications – difficulty swallowing and breathing. The treatment usually lasts for 5-7 days and it is pretty rich and intense.

The doctor, after a diagnosis, prescribes a medication the following medicines to treat and improve the body’s resistance to disease:

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  • anti-inflammatory, warming creams and ointments;
  • multivitamins and immunomodulators;
  • painkillers, antiphlogistics tablets extended effects;
  • warms compresses, spectrastar for pain sore muscles;
  • antipyretic medications in the presence of elevated temperature.

Treatment of myositis involves bed rest the first 1-3 days, medication, rest and a complete lack of nervous tension. Neck muscles with proper and consistent treatment to restore their mobility within 4-10 days.

Ointment neck pain if lost

The most popular and common creams and ointments include the following medications:

  1. Finalgon. Has both irritant and local analgesic effect. Used for forming an intense blood flow at the site of application, to stimulate the receptors of the skin, subcutaneous tissues, mucous membranes.
  2. Menovazin – combination medication to reduce pain and itching, creating a feeling of coolness.
  3. Apizatron – improves metabolism, increases elasticity of muscles and connective tissue, reduces activity of muscles, has analgesic properties.
  4. Capsicum – ointment providing salts and irritant effect, causes a slight burning sensation and a feeling of warmth.
  5. Voltaren – helps to reduce the pain threshold, reduction of inflammatory processes in the hearth of the application.
  6. First days without – analgesic, anti-inflammatory ointment that reduces swelling, resolving hematoma.
  7. Nikofleks – a means of having local distracting, annoying and absorbing impact.

On the patient’s neck area ointment you need to apply a thin layer and massage gently every 3-4 hours. To enhance the warming effect, it is desirable to wrap neck warmer scarf. The amount of medication per procedure should be limited to 2-4 grams. After applying the gel, ointment on the skin, you should wash hands with soap and water to avoid getting the drug in the digestive tract or mucous membranes, followed by a little lie down. The duration of treatment ointments within one to two weeks.

Before applying any ointment, pills should consult a doctor and strictly follow his recommendations and prescriptions. Also be sure to carefully read the instructions for use of drugs and longer period is recommended not to leave the ointment on the skin.

Good warming up the compress action differs based on alcohol. In water, diluted alcohol in the ratio 1:1, the resulting solution moistened cloth and applied to the inflamed, sore spot on top of the superimposed film and wraps a scarf or shawl. Keep alcohol compress no more than two hours.

Physiotherapy in the treatment of myositis

At rapid restoration of nerve endings and bringing the operating condition of inflamed muscles in the neck a positive therapeutic effect massage, acupuncture, physical therapy activities, special medical gymnastics.

Massage improves blood flow to the affected area, reduces tension in the muscles. To do this, the dorsal and cervical muscles gently, without effort, massaged with ointment or essential oils (oil of cedar, rosemary, cinnamon, juniper).

Massage can be done alone and go on procedures to a specialist.

Physiotherapy also improves hemodynamics and reduces muscle spasms. The workout is simple and lies in the slopes and circular rotations of the head in different directions. During the day, exercises can be repeated more than 4 times.

Alternative treatments – folk medicine

Along with the medical treatment of myositis, shown to use and folk remedies.

Among the large variety of popular recipes, you can allocate the following most popular and positive impact on the disease:

  • ointment of powder of horsetail and fat. Mix visceral fat (4 pieces) and herb powder (1 part) until smooth and smear the problem areas 2-3 times per day. The resulting ointment was kept in a glass container in the refrigerator;
  • burning liniment. Red hot pepper (1 tablespoon), medical bile (250 ml), camphor alcohol (120 ml) are thoroughly mixed and infused for seven days. Ready composition is applied to a gauze pad moistened in any vegetable oil and is applied to the inflamed area on the neck. Then laid the paper to compress and wrapped the scarf;
  • wrap with the cabbage leaf. Cabbage leaf should be lubricated with soap, sprinkle baking soda and place it on the inflamed area of the cervical, neck wrap with plastic and a scarf. Keep the compress for not more than 3 hours;
  • hot compress with boiled potatoes. Potatoes, boiled in “uniform”, crushed to mushy state, put on gauze and applied to the sore outbreak;
  • warming the saline warmer. The pan poured salt and heated. Then she poured in the prepared flannel bag and held on his neck, warming sore muscles;
  • if the sick person is no fever, you can take a hot, relaxing bath;
  • if I get a stiff neck, healers are strongly recommended for the treatment to apply belogolovaya in places with increased pain.

The main and most important requirement in myositis is to continuously support the patient’s neck warm and dry.

Prevention of myositis

Everyone knows that to prevent disease is easier and safer than to treat it.

Therefore, you should adhere to preventive measures for repeated exacerbations and after the disease:

  • it is strictly forbidden to go out into the fresh air immediately after exercise, workouts, baths;
  • it is necessary to limit sharp movements in everyday life;
  • to avoid hypothermia Shay. Try to shelter her from the wind and drafts a scarf, a collar;
  • you want to perform a number of exercises to warm up your neck during extended operation;
  • to use a douche during remission;
  • choose a comfortable position for the head during sleep.

If to adhere to and implement the recommendations listed above, it is possible to forget for a long time about the myositis.

In the treatment of cervical myositis is nothing complicated. Successful therapy lies in the regularity of effort, patience, use of tools and in compliance with preventive measures.

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