The symptoms and treatment of kyphosis of the lumbar spine

Kyphosis of the lumbar spine is one of the most common diseases that affects both children and adults. And the reasons can be very different.

So, for example, childhood is often rickets or some kind of infection and hereditary diseases, among which myodystrophy. In older people, kyphosis is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the complete abrasion of the cartilage between the vertebrae.

This should include a herniated disc, back injuries and even a sedentary lifestyle.

Among other common causes include:

  1. The effects of surgical intervention, for example, removing the disc herniation.
  2. Incorrect posture when working at the computer.
  3. Tuberculosis of the spine.
  4. Spinal tumors, both malignant and benign.
  5. Low back pain.

The doctors advised to pay injury with even the minimum. Falling from his own height, the bumps and bruises of the back, lifting weights – all can be considered risk factors.


The symptoms of kyphosis lumbar very soon, but first, nobody pays attention. The first thing that should alert – stiffness, tingling and feeling of pins and needles. Then gradually begin to develop other symptoms and then the disease would be difficult not to notice.

First and foremost, begins the formation of the hump and the curvature of the back. The back can be bent at different angles, and the hump is of different sizes.

The second important symptom is pain that occurs constantly. They appear not only in the waist, but in the chest, and may be given in the internal organs.

In the center of the curvature of the back can occur quite painful spasms. Is numbness and weakness in the hands and feet. This is because begins a pinched nerves that conduct impulses to those parts of the body from the brain. In the future, if untreated, may even occur a complete paralysis of the foot with disruption of the pelvic organs.

In patients with lumbar kyphosis marked pressure surges, and after a while starts leaking urine and feces.

Had highly significant change of posture. Back to lower back becomes rounded. Gait changes – legs, the patient tries to put clumsily and walking relies on the external part of the foot. Without immediate treatment the symptoms will worsen, and the patient begins to suffer greatly


Often the correct diagnosis is exposed is still under examination. To understand how badly damaged vertebrae, should carry out x-rays. In order to find out how the disease affected internal organs, you need to conduct MRI study.

Remember that kyphosis rarely occurs by itself. It is often accompanied by other pathologies of the spine, in particular, degenerative disc disease or herniated disc that require surgery.

As early as possible should be diagnosed kyphosis of the lumbar spine in children. This will help to correct curvature even at a young age and to prevent the development of serious complications, which can become a serious obstacle to normal life.


Often curvature of the spine in the early stages is conservative, and only in the most severe cases the proposed operation.

Physiotherapy is the mainstay of treatment of this pathology. But all exercises are chosen strictly individually and is performed only under the supervision of a physician. Is provided if needed medical therapy with analgesic or anti-inflammatory drugs. Obligatorily a full course of physiotherapy.

If you need to see a chiropractor, be sure to wear a special corset made to order, and to comply with all the recommendations and prescription.

Correction of lumbar kyphosis depends on the stage of development of the pathological process. Many patients at an early stage, in addition to massage, it is recommended to go swimming and do exercises that would help restore a muscular corset.

At the second degree should go to the osteopath and to begin to develop the back on special simulators. If such treatment is no noticeable results or the disease begins to progress, you should think about the surgery. There are many methods for correction of kyphosis lumbar and everything is solved as strictly individual and depends on many factors.

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