A pinched sciatic nerve during pregnancy

The sciatic nerves are the largest nerves in the human body. They represent the two branches emerging from the pelvis and down the back of the thigh.

The inflammation of this nerve in pregnancy – is a common problem.

The restructuring of the female body in this period leads to increased load on the pelvis and spine, with the result that there is pain in the back.

Symptoms of the disease

The main function of the sciatic nerve sensitivity, hence the symptoms of sciatica is based on this factor:

  • pain aching character in the lumbar region, sometimes the “giver” in the thigh;
  • disturbed motor activity due to the emergence of numbness or “pins and needles” in one or both legs;
  • in some cases, a symptom may be a fever;
  • in rare cases, loss of control over the functioning of the bowel and bladder.

Sciatica in pregnancy is characterized by one feature – the pain always occur on only one side.

Causes of sciatica

Pregnancy – a special time when a woman’s body undergoes a lot not only external but also internal changes.

The main causes of entrapment in this case directly associated with the reorganization of the functions of the female body:

  • the uterus increases in size and presses on the internal organs;
  • increases the load on the spine and bones of the hip joint.

These are the most common causes of the disease.

And secrete a number of other factors that could cause pinching of the sciatic nerve during pregnancy:

  • osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine;
  • excessive muscle tension in the lumbar spine;
  • infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • mechanical spinal injury due to a blow or fall;
  • abscesses and blood clots;
  • diabetes.

When jamming occurs, the inflammatory process affects not only the nerve fibers but also blood vessels, so it is important sciatica as soon as possible to go to the doctor.


The main difficulty in the treatment of sciatica during pregnancy is made the limited or complete exclusion of the possibility to take drugs. For this reason, the standard scheme of the therapy will not work.

However, compliance with medical recommendations will help to relieve the symptoms that accompany the disease during pregnancy:

  1. Compliance with bed rest. The main rule – the bed should be rigid enough.
  2. Massage course with the pinching of the sciatic nerve. One of the most effective ways of dealing with cramping during pregnancy. However, medical consultation is required to determine the type of massage for sciatica – classic or manual.
  3. Baths with therapeutic effect. For such procedures use sea salt. But baths have temporary restrictions and are shown only in the first trimester of pregnancy, because at a later time can trigger premature labor.
  4. Physiotherapy. Perform therapeutic exercises you can at home. Especially for pregnant women identified a number of exercises can ease the symptoms of a pinched sciatic nerve. With their help, strengthen back muscles:
    • standing on all fours, SAG your back and lower your head; then straighten your back and lift your head;
    • stand near the wall, clinging to her waist; then relax and then pressed against the wall.

    Exercises should be performed several times, after consulting with a physician!

  5. The use of rastertime. Use alcohol tinctures.
  6. The compresses. Increases blood flow and relieves the pain.
  7. Wearing comfortable shoes. Pregnant women should choose flats or with a heel up to 3 inches.
  8. Maintaining proper posture reduces muscle tension.
  9. in some cases, in the treatment of sciatica is prescribed applicator Kuznetsova.

In severe pain for treatment can be assigned to injection drugs, but in most cases to relieve the symptoms of sciatica help nontraditional therapies.


Nutrition for pregnant women is a special item. Excess weight provokes not only external changes, but may lead to pinching of the sciatic nerve.

Women suffering from sciatica during pregnancy, should be included in the diet:

  • spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers;
  • poultry and rabbit;
  • fish;
  • dairy products;
  • mushrooms;
  • seeds;
  • berries;
  • citrus.

The use of these products must be rational, so as not to cause allergic reactions.

It is necessary to completely exclude or to limit the reception:

  • coffee;
  • tea;
  • sweet;
  • flour;
  • fat.

In addition, you must monitor the water balance and to use clean water in the required quantities.


Many of the mechanisms arranged by nature so that man is unable to exert any influence. So, during pregnancy, the growing uterus is squeezing the internal organs and loading the spine and entire skeletal system of the body. But pregnant woman can be armed with the necessary knowledge for the relief of pain in sciatica.

Noted that to reduce the frequency of pain attacks when the jamming is possible with the help of regular exercise.
Each trimester has its own characteristics. Sciatica most often in the third trimester, when the uterus reaches the maximum large size and stress on a woman’s body becomes significant. In this period it is necessary to listen to the recommendations of the doctor, watching the pregnancy.

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