The complex of exercises for pinched sciatic nerve

Physical activity, awkward body position, hypothermia, or even pregnancy can cause the development of serious disease – pinched sciatic nerve (sciatica). Its development starts with discomfort when you try to tilt forward, and then develops into severe pain that restricts movement, interferes with normal walk or sit.

What happens when inflammation

The main symptom of sciatica is pain. Sometimes it is supplemented by the swelling and redness of the damaged place disease, burning sensation and tingling. In severe cases the person cannot remain standing: pain be unbearable.

Illness binds the entire leg: from the foot up to the buttocks. The patient’s General condition is only slightly improved in the supine position. Normal sleep is impossible, as the discomfort recedes for a moment.

Lack of early treatment only aggravates the situation. It is not necessary to hope that everything goes by itself: you need to contact the neurologist and go through all the necessary research. The specialist will advise an effective creams and gels, as well as administer other kinds of therapy: physiotherapy, massage, hydrotherapy or acupuncture. Another important condition for recovery is properly selected physical exercises. Implementation can begin as soon as acute pain in the leg is removed with the help of medicines, and the sharp “shooting” stop.

Exercises sciatica: the subtleties of correct execution

Physical therapy is recommended for all patients with a pinched sciatic nerve. The only exception is pregnant women who is better to give up physical activity or to coordinate them with your doctor. If acute pain caused by going from his place of one of the vertebrae, it is first necessary to go to a chiropractor and put him in his place.

The ability to perform particular exercises is determined by the stage of disease and degree of damage. If you are experiencing constant pain and “shooting”, start with easy and comfortable poses aimed at relaxation and stretching. This may be the asanas of yoga, for example, “child’s pose”: you need to take a sitting position on his knees and to bend forward. Forehead pressed to the floor, and hands placed at your sides.

When pain syndrome will be overcome, will be allowed more challenging exercises sciatica. For patients in stages of recovery are shown leisurely Jogging, swimming and walking. Very useful propriedade, rotation of the hips, the movement of the buttocks is the classic “Bicycle”. It is important to distribute the load evenly to both parts of the body.

If the pinched nerve is aggravated and associated diseases, for example, hernia, sciatica, low back pain, therapeutic exercises should be conducted under the supervision of a specialist. It may be necessary to develop an individual program.

Exercises from the prone position

To perform this exercise, lie on your back on a hard surface.

  1. Raise left leg straight up, then bend the knee and pull to chest. Take a deep breath and stay in this position for 5-10 seconds. Then do the same with the right leg and both feet together. During exercise follow back: try to stretch it and relax;
  2. Put your hands under your buttocks, lift your legs up and do them in the air “Bicycle”. This activity improves blood circulation, it is important to do it smoothly and without jerks;
  3. Arms out to side, lift legs up and bend at the knees. Pull them alternately to the right and left, without dropping lower than 45 degrees;
  4. Roll onto your side, bend your knees, then coagulate up, pulling them to his chest. Try to maximally pull the toes;
  5. Turn on your stomach, put your hands forward. Drag up, the maximum lifting body, but keep your feet off the floor.

The recommended number of repetitions for each of these exercises 5 to 10 times. Listen to yourself: if you are experiencing severe pain with inflammation of the sciatic nerve, do not try to put the record. Follow all the activity gently and slowly, and then physical therapy will contribute to your speedy recovery.

Exercises from a sitting position

Exercises sciatica can be done from a sitting position.

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  1. Pull the legs forward and walk on the buttocks on the floor, and then return to the starting point;
  2. Pull the legs forward and arms out to the side, and then gently and slowly pull them back. The number of repetitions from 5 to 10;
  3. Sit in a chair, cross your legs and keep your back straight. Turn your body to the right and left 10 times. Then make the switch and do another 10 repetitions;
  4. Sit on all fours, lean on your knees and hands bent at the elbows (not hands). Prohibite back down on the inhale lift up exhale.

Exercise calmly and slowly, listen to your instincts: if you are pinching the sciatic nerve unacceptable excessive loading and sudden movements.

Exercises in standing position

Exercises sciatica may be standing poses. Very useful the following two exercises:

  1. Legs apart shoulder-width apart and arms down along the hips. Serve the pelvis forward on the exhale and back on the inhale. The number of repetitions from 5 to 10;
  2. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, raise your right arm up and lean to the left. Bend the body as low as possible, move smoothly. Then do the same to the right. The number of repetitions – 5 in each direction.

Physical therapy is an important element of therapy for inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Exercises should be done regularly, not just in those moments when the illness is reminded of the sharp pain. So you can train your back muscles and improve the blood circulation of the spine.

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