The main causes of a wandering pain

Wandering pain in the spine – a frequent occurrence for those people that most of the day spend in sitting position. This disease is difficult to diagnose and treat because the cause can be traced with great difficulty.

This term is taken to imply the pain that literally walks across the back, and could give in the chest and in the waist or even to the jaw. It is very different intensity sharp, dull, aching, paroxysmal, stabbing or encircling.

Also it is different time – a long, continuous, periodic, ongoing or wavy. The syndrome may be acute or chronic.

Why do I get

Causes wandering pains in the spine to the end remain unclear. There is no single disease that could cause this symptom. Among the main pathologies detected in the inflammatory pathology in the area of the spine, such as degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis or kyphosis. The cause is a fracture of the spine, particularly for patients with osteoporosis. Most diagnoses with this syndrome is that these people.

Acute pain can develop on the background of hernias and protrusions. The patient complains of weakness and partial loss of sensation in the hands or feet.

Other reasons include:

  1. Bechterew’s Disease.
  2. Malignant tumors, not only of the spine and internal organs.
  3. Polio.
  4. Osteomyelitis.
  5. Tuberculosis of the bones.
  6. Flu.
  7. Stress.
  8. Fatigue.
  9. Syndrome cervical artery.
  10. Excessive physical load.
  11. Spending long periods in one position.

Often the diagnosis takes a lot of time. Besides, independently to determine what was the cause of the disease impossible. Therefore, when the first symptoms it is necessary to consult a doctor.

In addition to pathologies of the back, causes can be diseases of internal organs pyelonephritis, bowel obstruction, kidney stones, pancreatitis, pneumonia, bronchitis.

How does

The main symptom – pain. And it can be of different intensity and appear in different places. For example, in the morning, it often develops in the area of the spine. But in the evenings, mostly in the area of the back.

Very often these complaints are bringing office workers who spend all day in the sitting position. This pain may occur every day or only occasionally bother.

With the disease of internal organs back pain appears as a result of irradiation, that is just to give a specific location. To make an accurate diagnosis when such a complaint is almost impossible, so to help here can only ultrasound to virtually all internal organs.


Wandering pain in the spine and muscles requires a thorough diagnosis. But the vagueness of the symptoms does not allows the diagnosis after the first visit. And the obligatory consultation of the neurologist, surgeon, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, and each doctor takes the decision of what research to do.

Among the main methods of diagnosis – ultrasound, MRI, CT, x-ray. If necessary, blood test and urinalysis. Must be made tests for tumor markers.

How to get rid of

The treatment will depend on the causes of the syndrome. If it’s sciatica or kyphosis, and osteochondrosis, in most cases a conservative treatment is application of preparations of group NPVS. They can be assigned in the form of ointments, creams, gels, tablets or solution for injection. Most often, the preference is Advil, or nisu nimesulide.

To relieve muscle tension and muscle relaxants are assigned. But these drugs have many side effects, so use them only in the hospital. Be sure to use chondroprotectors.

If the cause was stress, then it is recommended to visit a therapist, and if necessary, can be used antidepressants.

The operation is assigned only if the cause of pain was a large hernia of the spine.

At pathologies of the internal organs the treatment will also depend on the primary diagnosis. If it’s kidney stones or gallbladder, also performed the operation to remove them. If it’s bronchitis or pneumonia, is inpatient treatment with antibiotics.

After removing a pain syndrome appointed physiotherapy, massage, therapeutic exercises. They are contraindicated during exacerbation of the disease, but helps in the recovery period.

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