Why when sitting pain in hip joints

Hip pain when sitting – a fairly common cause of doctor visits. And the reasons for this state not so little as it may seem, and exactly to recognize them without professional help is almost impossible.


This is the most common cause of pain in the joints. Appear arthritis can not just because of germs, but because of injury or metabolic disorders. The pain occurs almost from the onset, but first it is insignificant, and it almost nobody pays attention.

Pain develop not only in active movements, but when sitting on the chair. You should tell the specialist during your appointment, because this symptom is one of the main.


Bursitis inflammation that develops around the bag that contains joint fluid. Most often the disease occurs for those who constantly moves on the bike, injured foot, has disease of the lumbar, e.g., degenerative disc disease. Other precipitating factors include rheumatoid arthritis or surgery.

The main symptom is pain after sitting, and at night or after a long walk. Treatment is prolonged and sometimes inflammation becomes chronic stage, and then there is a high likelihood of recurrence, which may occur several times a year.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

A disease in which there is chronic synovial inflammation in the region of the lumbar spine. Is usually the cause of disability. Runs either slow or fast, with the development of complete immobility.

It all starts with General malaise, pain appears not only in the waist, but extends the leg, atrophy of the muscles of the buttocks.

Diagnosed disease is quite simple, but there is no cure, can only delay the time of onset of complete immobility.


When sitting pain in hip joints most often due to osteoarthritis. It is a chronic disease that is constantly progressing and manifests degenerative changes in the articular cartilage.

Most often develops in women after age 40. Predisposing factors should be considered dysplasia, trauma, physical overload. The symptoms are pain and weakness in the muscles, dysfunction of the joint, spasms, and claudication. Especially difficult is the disease from both sides.


After sitting it hurts the hip joint is usually in osteochondrosis. And although this is an obvious symptom of this disease, but it is often found. This is the most common disease that occurs both women and men.

In addition to the lumbar region, may suffer and neck. The basis is degenerate-dystrophic changes in the vertebrae, which occur as a result of age changes of cartilage. There is no treatment. Can be attempt to prevent relapses, which are very hard and painful.


Injuries, especially severe, can lead to severe damage to soft tissues, and symptoms may resemble the manifestations of fracture. The main manifestation is to be considered a hematoma, which is formed as a result of the rupture of the vessel. And the larger caliber vessel exploded, the stronger will be the hematoma.

The leg is not deformed, it retains full range of motion and does not lose its efficiency.


Young people dislocations in such a big joint, like the hip, occur only when exposed to intense forces, and most often it is a car accident or falling from a great height.

For the diagnosis enough just one glance at the affected limb, but to clarify the diagnosis shows the x-ray. Even after reduction, the patient may experience pain in the left or right hip joint after sitting.

Muscle spasm

If there is local spasm of the muscles of the hip, called the piriformis, it gives severe pain. Blame compression of the sciatic nerve that often occurs after injury, or because of some special anatomical structure.

Signs should be considered as a nagging pain that can sometimes go into burning. She gives down to the heel and up in the buttocks and groin.

After sitting too long hurts the hip joint usually also for this reason. But to establish the diagnosis independently and to carry out the correct treatment in a conventional home impossible. First we need to figure out what causes such a strong spasm, and only then begin treatment, which will be directed on elimination of this factor.

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