Ointments from radiculitis

Radiculitis is an acute disease of the musculoskeletal system, its main sign is severe pain in the lumbar spine. The pain is permanent or periodic, depending on the degree of the disease.

The disease is most often manifested during the off-season, when there is a temperature drop and immunity decreases.

Painful sensations arise from the lumps of nerve fibers in the sacral or lumbar region, provoking problems during movement.

The disease is divided into several types:

  • lumbosacral radiculitis;
  • cervico-brachial radiculitis;
  • thoracic radiculitis.

The causes of the appearance of radiculopathy is the loss of elasticity of intervertebral discs in osteochondrosis, which provokes their displacement and jamming of nerve endings. In case of pain, consult a doctor and get an appointment for therapy and choose suitable ointments from radiculitis. The correct choice of a medicine in combination with gymnastics and physiotherapeutic procedures will help to weaken the inflammatory process and get rid of constant pain in the spine.

Therapy with the use of ointment with radiculitis

The pharmaceutical industry offers a wide range of medicines for the treatment of radiculopathy in the form of tablets, capsules, injections and creams. The latter are used as local analgesics in addition to complex therapy, relieving pain and inflammation in specific areas of the spine. More of them justify expectations. The main advantage of ointments is that their active ingredients do not penetrate into the blood and do not provoke side effects in the body.

These drugs are divided into different types of impact on the source of inflammation, duration of action and chemical composition:

  • warming ointments;
  • anti-inflammatory ointments;
  • pain relievers;
  • locally irritating.

Ointment with radiculitis of each of these groups has its advantages and disadvantages, contraindications and effectiveness. Ointment for treatment of radiculitis of the first group is intended for application to a site where painful sensations arise due to hypothermia. The active substance is rapidly absorbed into the tissue and has a warming effect, a signal that the temperature in the indicated area has increased to the spinal cord through the nerve receptors.

Muscle tissue relaxes, and with it spasms stop, but this effect is temporary, so after applying the ointment, you can not go out and lead an active lifestyle. Active components of analgesic ointments act differently and are used for chronic pain. After application, they are absorbed into the blood and narrow the patency of the capillaries, relieve puffiness, reduce the temperature in the inflamed area.

Anti-inflammatory or homeopathic ointments are presented in pharmacies in a wide range, they are the most popular in their composition are several compounds at once: analgesics, substances for improving metabolism in cells, reducing the temperature in the focus of inflammation and improving blood flow. Locally irritating ointments have a warming effect, but because of their composition they are divided into a separate group, the most popular is ointment from radiculitis with snake venom. This substance provokes irritation on the skin and in the muscle tissues, raising the temperature. Amino acids, minerals and peptides in the composition of the poison have a nutritional effect, increasing metabolic processes in cells.

Indications for use

The warming agents contain salicylic acid and organic components (bee venom), they are excreted from the body through the kidneys and leave no trace in the blood. Popular drugs of this group: Finalgon, Gymnastogal, Kapsikam, Efkamon, Rescuer Forte. Means warm the skin due to irritation, so before applying, you should check the skin reaction to the active ingredients. A small amount is applied to a small, sensitive area of ​​the skin. If the allergic reaction manifests itself after a few hours in the form of a rash and itching – the remedy should be replaced by a softer one.

An anesthetic ointment for the treatment of radiculitis. The chemical composition of the preparations of this group includes elements that block the production of cyclooxygenase, an enzyme that is produced in the process of inflammation. After the cessation of its development, painful sensations disappear. The list of anesthetic ointments includes: Diclofenac, Voltaren gel, Methylsalicylate, Naise, Fastum gel. Contraindications to them are insignificant: allergic reaction, urticaria, acute and chronic inflammation of the kidneys and liver, age limitations up to 10-12 years. Active components of this group of agents: Ketoprofen, Ibuprofen, salicylic acid. The substances are slowly absorbed into the skin, having a lasting effect and are excreted from the body through the kidneys and the bladder after several hours.

The best ointment from radiculitis is anti-inflammatory, for example, Bystrumgel, Ketonal, Finalagel. The composition of ointments includes elements of ketoprofen, ibuprofen and dimexid, they quickly penetrate into tissues and cells, providing a resorptive, antipyretic and analgesic effect.

The drugs are not used in diseases of the kidneys and digestive tract, can cause an allergic reaction and nausea, to avoid side effects, you should check the effect of the ointment on a small area of ​​the skin, the itching, rash or redness will appear in a few hours. After applying the ointment, you should wrap the waist or other area with a warm wool belt or scarf for warming effect and not go out.

An effective remedy for pain and for the treatment of joints has been found:

  • natural composition,
  • without side effects,
  • effectiveness, proven by experts,
  • quick result.

Locally irritating ointments from radiculitis are popular, contrary to the recommendations of doctors, as the main means of treating radiculitis. They are effective, quickly absorbed and produce a long anti-inflammatory effect due to organic substances in the composition: snake, bee venom. Means of this group: Viprosal, Apizarthron, Mellivenon, Alvipsal, Virapin. Excipients: mellitine, histamine, hyaluronidase, salicylic acid, mustard oil. Contraindications: allergic reaction to components, diseases of the central nervous system, mechanical damage to the skin, tuberculosis, pleurisy, hepatitis. Restrictions are associated with the irritating effect of the ointment, which provokes itching and fever on the inflamed area.

Additional instructions for use

Ointment with radiculitis is an adjuvant, it is not used as the main method of treatment. In combination with physiotherapy, therapeutic massage and gymnastics, ointments give a good result, for several courses of therapy, radiculopathy can disappear completely. Caution should be used for patients with digestive system diseases. The course of treatment in this case lasts no more than 2 weeks. Warming ointments can worsen the patient’s health with the pathology of the kidneys and adrenal glands, the need for treatment cancellation occurs with the appearance of nausea and severe aching pain in the back and intestines.

The application of anesthetic ointments should be discontinued for people suffering from arrhythmias, hypertension and sleep disorders. Long-term use of funds with a high content of anesthetic elements can lead to peripheral edema and disruption of the cardiovascular system. Before the first application of the ointment, you should consult a doctor and take a general blood test, determine the standard level of pressure, in time to fix the cause of its jumps.

For the duration of therapy with radiculite, you should refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol, because nicotine and alcohol block the action of the components of the drug. It is possible that the components of the drug will aggravate the state of intoxication or lead to disruption of the CNS. All groups of agents against radiculitis are strictly contraindicated in pregnancy, as they can provoke an interruption in the term or pathology of fetal development. Pregnant women with back pain in any trimester are recommended therapeutic exercises and massages.

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