Coccygeal kyphosis

One of the most common pathologies is a kyphosis of the spine, which can affect the various divisions of the back. While a slight curvature is considered a normal variant, while a larger change may appear noticeable problems. Coccygeal kyphosis should be an occasion for a visit to an experienced specialist.

Today, many people are faced with various disorders of posture.


With the right development of the skeleton of a small kyphosis is necessarily present in the coccyx and sacrum. However, a stronger curvature is considered to be a malformation of the spine. The causes of these problems can be different.

Infants kyphosis is congenital in nature and is associated with the malformation of the spine. Sometimes in children, there is a coalescence of several vertebrae or the violation of bone formation. This form of the disease is compounded by the growth of the child.

Sacrococcygeal kind of disease is often a consequence of an unsuccessful operation. As an example, such interference can cause a laminectomy, which is performed to reduce pressure on the spinal cord. During such interference and remove the bone plate, which affect the density of portions of the vertebrae. As a result of such transaction, the spine bends forward.
A particularly dangerous form of the disease is considered persistent kyphosis. In this situation, there is rounding of the lower back and the complete lack of deflection of the spine. Segments of the back lose their normal mobility, there are problems with the fluid exchange. The back becomes less elastic and loses the natural curve of the spine.

Coccygeal kyphosis

The development of the coccygeal kyphosis may be the result of the following diseases:

  • osteoporosis – decrease in bone density, which causes vertebral fractures, the appearance of kyphosis and compression of the spine;
  • degenerative arthritis can result in destruction of discs and bones;
  • tuberculosis and other infectious lesions of the spine often lead to the destruction of the joints;
  • benign or malignant tumor formation – provoke a breach of the provisions of the bone of the spine;
  • condition that cause paralysis, it can be cerebral palsy or development of polio.

To identify coccygeal kyphosis, you need to contact an experienced surgeon. The specialist will ask the patient to stand in profile, lean forward, touch toes of socks. To determine the angle of curvature, the doctor prescribes an x-ray. However, this research is performed in the lateral projection.

To determine the nature of the lesion tissue of the spine, administered ultrasound, magnetic resonance and computed tomography angiography. Using detailed hardware examination will be able to identify all violations in the structure of the vertebrae and intervertebral discs.


Conservative therapy administered to children in that case, if the deformation of the spine is not fixed. Also it is conducted and adults in the absence of indications for performing surgical intervention.

Conservative treatment of coccygeal kyphosis includes the following components:

For the prevention and treatment of diseases of the JOINTS our constant reader uses the increasingly popular NON-surgical method of treatment is recommended by leading German and Israeli orthopedists.

Thoroughly acquainted with him, we decided to offer it to your attention.

  1. The use of drugs. With the appearance of pain in the area of the back your doctor may prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – Nise, Movalis, celebrex. They help to stop pain and remove the swelling of the soft tissues of the spine.
  2. Manual therapy. This method of treatment is used after carrying out magnetic resonance imaging. With its help it is possible to restore the muscle tissue and ligaments of the spine.
  3. Massage. At an early stage of disease development, apply a sparing effect. With involvement of muscle tissue in the work may occur exacerbation of the disease. Due to the massage could restore muscle tone to cope with painful spasms, improve posture.
  4. Use of physiotherapy. Through the use of means of physical therapy fails to normalize the blood flow to cope with the inflammatory process and pain syndrome.
  5. Reflexology. This technique is the impact on biologically active points of the spine.
  6. Swimming. This sport eliminates axial impact on the spine, which is of great importance in the treatment of kyphosis.
  7. The treatment status. This method consists of laying the patient on a stomach with a solid stand. It also includes sleep on a hard mattress, good posture in a sitting position.
  8. Physiotherapy. Without this technique, the treatment of kyphosis will not give the desired results. Through specific exercises could strengthen your muscle tissue to maintain your posture, to normalize the blood circulation in the tissues.
  9. The use of corsets. This method of therapy is applied in the development of pain syndrome. Thanks to the corset possible to ease the condition during movement or prolonged sitting. While orthopedic appliances, not recommended for longer than 4 hours. The corset should be selected individually depending on the characteristics of the patient.

If the kyphosis is accompanied by severe pain syndrome leads to disruption of the internal organs, produces neurological symptoms, surgical intervention. The operation is carried out in several stages. Initially, the doctor removes the defect, and then adjusts the spine through the use of metal.

Before you decide on surgery, it is necessary to correlate the risk of complications and benefits of surgery.

To prevent the development of kyphosis and other spine pathologies, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise, eat right, and monitor body weight. It is very important to exclude long stay in a sitting position.

Coccygeal kyphosis is a rather unpleasant disease, which may be accompanied by severe pain and significantly reduce quality of life. To prevent the development of complications, it is important to choose combination therapy.

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