Bend coccyx

If you have a bulging or aching tailbone, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Some believe that the discomfort in this area will be himself, but this opinion is erroneous: if the problem is not treated, can cause serious complications. Violation of coccygeal anatomy may be the result of various diseases, pregnancy, or injuries. Doctors will conduct a thorough survey and its results will select the optimal treatment.

Causes of pathology

The coccyx is a connection 3-5 underdeveloped vertebrae, one of which has protuberances, and others have a bent shape. In the normal position of the coccyx should be slightly bent forward, at a palpation it is soft springy. Under the influence of internal or external factors, the vertebrae can shift forward or to the side, likely a double bend. This pathology is accompanied by severe discomfort.

Bend coccyx can be caused by several reasons:

  1. Trauma – fractures, subluxations and wiwiki, torn ligaments in this region of the spine (such mechanical damage is often experienced in the fall on the buttocks or during a road traffic accident);
  2. Innate human characteristics – according to statistics, about 30% of people have congenital defects in the structure of the coccygeal region;
  3. Pregnancy – during pregnancy a woman’s body is undergoing profound changes, the pelvic bone is shifted, which leads to a change in the position of the coccyx;
  4. Diseases of the spine and other pathological changes.

If you feel pain in the coccyx, notice the change of its location, be sure to consult your doctor. Only a full examination and proper treatment will help you solve the problem.

Symptoms of pathology

The leading symptom which manifests the pathology is the presence of pain in the coccygeal region. She can wear a different character. When stationary it is usually aching, in some cases shooting. Bending forward and backward, long sitting or standing discomfort can dramatically increase. In contrast, in the supine position or when walking, it is practically not felt. The discomfort can spread to the next area: grab the lower back, hips and groin.

Other symptoms of the pathology include problems with defecation, constant tension of the muscles of the pelvic floor, frequent constipation. The disease significantly affects the emotional background of a person: appears suspiciousness and anxiety, you may experience the first signs of depression.

The pain syndrome may not leave for a very long time. For example, women after childbirth severe pain in tailbone in the course of a year or more. On the other hand, such symptoms may be characteristic of different diseases and therefore proper treatment you can pick up only the results of a thorough examination.

Some people in the curvature of the tailbone do not have any complaints, and externally the situation looks quite prosperous.

Diagnostic features

Bend coccyx is often confused with other pathologies, therefore, for correct determination of the diagnosis requires careful diagnosis. It will help to identify the degree of development of the problem and its causes.
The research methods include:

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If the radiograph does not provide sufficient information and detail, a CT scan. If a problem is detected in a pregnant woman, then it is better to do magnetic resonance imaging.
When all the necessary studies were conducted and diagnosed, the doctor selects the treatment.

Therapy in the bend of the coccyx

Treatment of bend depends on the General condition of the patient and severity of discomfort.
If a person has a fresh injury, recommended the reduction of the coccyx (luxation or subluxation) or reposition of the fragments (fracture). After such therapy the patient is recommended bed rest and medication.

He prescribed:

  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (oral, by suppository or injection);
  • laxatives (e.g., “Duphalac”);
  • rectal suppositories.

Therapy involves the use of exercise therapy and physiotherapy. Period of disability after the injury in different cases varies from two weeks to two months.
If the bend of the coccyx caused by an old injury, surgery is not performed. Doctors use conservative methods, which are combined with a moderate reduction in the quality of life of the patient.

The patient is prescribed the following set of medicines:

  • analgesics;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • muscle relaxants;
  • rectal suppositories with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

When severe pain is used Presanella blockade (novocaine, lidocaine, novocaine, etc.).

If conservative treatment fails, the patient shows surgery: removal coccygectomy or nerve plexus. According to statistics, the first method gives more successful results.

Fractures that are accompanied by rotation of the individual elements of the coccyx at an angle of 90 degrees or offset posteriorly, the patient required emergency surgery. Attempts of conservative treatment in this case is meaningless.

If the tailbone is bent inwards because of the individual characteristics of the human body, treatment depends on the presence or absence of pain. If constant discomfort reduces the quality of life of the patient, is used conservative or operative therapy. If there’s no pain, no steps to take don’t need, simply to observe the human condition.

Incorrect positioning of the coccyx can affect the birth process. It impedes the movement of the fetus through the birth canal, and therefore can lead to more serious problems and complications. Women with such disorders should be under the scrutiny of the doctor, during pregnancy to have more tests.

Pathology of sacrococcygeal part of the spine can negatively affect the patient’s quality of life, so close your eyes to this problem in any case impossible. Need a complete examination and to choose the right treatment.

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