The main symptoms and treatment of disc protrusion C5 C6, C6 C7

In the modern world, perhaps as never before, common variety of spinal pathology. More and more people, including enough young, suffering from back pain. One of the most common causes are diseases of the discs of the spine.

What is a protrusion?

During the disease the fibrous ring is not destroyed completely, it only irritated. Compression of roots observed fickle, it can change depending on the position of the body.Protrusion (or bulging) is the first stage of development of hernias, which occur internal damage to the fibrous ring. Rupture of the outer shell that holds the nucleus pulposus is within the boundaries of the intervertebral cartilage, it does not occur. Very often there is a disc protrusion C5 C6, that is, the defeat of the cervical spine.

The reasons for the defeat C5 C6

Generally, similar pathology occurs as a result of injuries received from a fall on his back in the accident, because of a strong blow to the head on a hard surface such as ice. But there are cases when the disease is caused by physical overload. Sometimes, even after a not too considerable injury, the spine starts to work a few wrong, so there is an overload of cartilage located between the vertebrae, which provokes the development of the disease. It should be noted that when such pathologies as disc protrusion C5 C6 symptoms may occur even after a couple of years after the injury, so treatment should begin as soon as possible.

Signs of disease C5 C6

Most often there is a dorsal disc protrusion C5 C6, it is called back. It is characterized by a protrusion of the affected cartilage in the direction of the spinal canal and nerve roots.

Pathological process is characterized by such symptoms as headache, pain in neck, numbness in the fingers, muscle weakness of the extensors of the wrist and biceps muscles. Also frequently observed hypertension or hypotension, and dizziness. If the C6 root is infringed, then there is tingling in the thumb and the fingers.

How is this treatment C5 C6

In such pathologies as disc protrusion C5 C6 treatment, primarily aimed at restoring normal function and biomechanics of the spine and to eliminate functional lock. If the patient suffers from severe pain, your doctor may prescribe pain medications, as a rule, it is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ketonal, Ketorol, Nise and others).In that case, if there is a posterior disc protrusion C5 C6 or any other form, as soon as possible to begin treatment by addressing to a qualified neurologist.

The fact is that if you do not, the disease will become in the intervertebral hernia, to get rid of that not so easy. Therefore, if the injury has occurred, should not wait for symptoms better to contact an experienced doctor. In order to identify the disease, should be screened using MRI (magnetic resonance or computed tomography).

To restore normal blood circulation and reduce the severity of the congestive phenomena, eliminate spasms, can be shared and acupressure and acupuncture. There are other methods – physiotherapy, vacuum therapy, acupuncture.

The reasons for the defeat of C6 C7

Pathology such as disc protrusion C6-C7 is a protrusion of the intervertebral disc, which is located between the sixth and seventh vertebrae in the cervical segment of the spine. The disease develops on the background of osteochondrosis. Unfortunately, this pathology often leads to the development of complications such as hernia and vertebrogenic radiculopathy.

The symptoms of disease and programme treatment C6 C7

It is characterized by pain in the neck, headache, and numbness of the fingers (usually forefinger and thumb) and the feeling of stiffness. The appearance of these symptoms suggests that you need to seek the advice of a qualified neurologist. Only a doctor can recommend appropriate treatment.

Usually performed traction of the spine using a special simulator. Sometimes I advise you to go swimming, take a course of treatment, regularly engaged in physiotherapy. Here the individual approach and taking into account characteristics of the organism.

So, if you have a disc protrusion C5 C6 C7, need not to hesitate and immediately seek professional medical help immediately. Indeed, this pathology can lead to development of serious illnesses, difficult to treat. A timely manner by visiting a neurologist, and after passing the necessary treatment, you can stop the development process.

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