Treatment of sciatica

Sciatica is quite a serious inflammatory process that develops in the sciatic nerve. In this disease the patients have severe pain that does not allow the person to fully move. It is therefore necessary to carry out the treatment of such serious diseases.

The causes of pathology

Sciatica can occur for a variety of reasons. In most cases, this disease is diagnosed when violations in the area of the lumbosacral spine. In most patients, lumbago, and sciatica is diagnosed when intervertebral hernia in the lumbar spine.

This disease is characterized by bulging disc, resulting in a pinched nerve in the buttocks.

If the patient is diagnosed inflammation of the sciatic muscle, it can lead to sciatica.

The appearance of this disease is observed in diverse infectious processes:

  • syphilis;
  • scarlet fever;
  • flu;
  • malaria;
  • typhoid fever;
  • tuberculosis.

The risk of development of this pathological process is greatly increased if internal bleeding. At risk are people who suffer with diabetes.

Causes of sciatica very much. Thus, all people must take responsibility for their health.

Symptoms and treatment

With the development of the disease there is a pronounced symptoms. If the pinched nerve is very often caused severe pain. The nature of the pain can be varied:

Pain sciatica

  • shooting;
  • sharp;
  • sharp;
  • burning.

Patients report pain in the hip area, which can spread to the buttock. Often people complain of pain throughout the leg. In most cases, this characteristic is strongly pronounced. Because of this one cannot sit and walk. Most often when the pathology of the pain occurs on only one side.

In the back group muscles of the thigh there is a violation of movements. That is why one can not fully bend the leg at the ankle or knee. If within several days the man to provide assistance, this could lead to more serious symptoms. If the treatment of lumbago with sciatica is untimely, it can lead to the destruction of the bones of the foot.

A pinched nerve is characterised by the presence of specific symptoms. The patient may need to seek help from a medical professional who will correctly diagnose, and prescribe rational treatment.

Diagnostic features

Treatment of the disease begins with diagnosis. This gives the possibility of determining the degree of neglect of the pathological process and the individual patient. Only after the relevant medical specialist can prescribe effective treatment.

Initially the inspection of the patient, and medical history. Based on the obtained data offered the possibility of a preliminary diagnosis. To confirm it is necessary to use instrumental methods. In most cases, is the application:

Radiography. Using this method provides diagnosis of sciatica, which occurs on the background of pathological processes in the vertebrae or intervertebral discs.

Found effective remedy for pains and for the treatment of joints:

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CT. With the help of this research the opportunity to determine the causes of pain in the pelvic region.

Magnetic resonance imaging. With the help of MRI is the identification of the causes. This gives the opportunity to formulate a treatment therapy sciatica. Medical treatment for the disease is assigned very often.

Electroneuromyography. Assigned to the study if necessary to assess nerve conduction.

Diagnosis of sciatica should be mandatory. With its help it is greatly simplified the process of treatment of the disease.

Drug therapy

Drug treatment of sciatica is very often used. It is the intake of certain medicines, which is able to eliminate the infringement in a single day. To combat the soreness often is the use of Dipyrone, which belongs to the group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Using this medication provided by the fight against pain. Also the drug is characterized by anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects. If the patient has a backache, then he needs to take tablets several times a day. With severe pain prefer injections of Dipyrone.

Often enough to eliminate the pain sciatica it is recommended the use of analogues of Dipyrone:

  • Up Pentalgin.
  • Antipala.
  • Tempalgin.
  • Baralgin.
  • Sedalgin.

With their help, a qualitative treatment of the pinched sciatic nerve. Medication must be taken strictly in accordance with the instructions and the appointment of a specialist. Otherwise, the patient can be diagnosed the development of undesirable consequences.

To combat a pathological process necessary drugs, which are characterized by the presence of anti-inflammatory properties. Most patients make appointment Diclofenac and its derivatives – Diclogen, Ortofena, Rapten, Voltaren, Rapid. These drugs have analgesic properties and effectively fight puffiness. Injections are widely used to combat the symptoms of the disease.

In some cases, patients make an appointment Meloxicam or Movalis. With the help of these drugs eliminates the pain and inflammation. Injections are assigned to patients if they have severe pain. Treatment with medication requires the use of vitamin complexes. Most often patients are prescribed injections, which ensures normal functioning of the nervous system. In most cases patients are administered injections of vitamins of group B. the treatment plan is determined only by a medical professional that will provide its high efficiency.

In order to carry out the treatment of sciatica in two days, requires the use of irritating remedies – Camphor, or Turpentine ointment. With their help, irritated skin receptors, which leads to a dulling of pain. If the patient has severe pain that can not endure, then he administered injections of Novocaine.

Treatment medicaments can be carried out within two days. Funds should be administered only by a physician who knows what is sciatica and how to treat it. Accordingly, in the opinion of patients, therapy of illness is highly effective.

Application exercises

Quite often the treatment for sciatica Bubnovsky. Sergey Bubnovsky has developed a complex of physical exercises, with which you can effectively treat pinched:

  • Initially, the patient must get on all fours, which will give an opportunity to relax the lower back.
  • Next, you need to inhale to bend your back, and exhale to bend.
  • Staying in the same position, it is recommended to move the stretching steps.
  • In the same initial position you need to stretch forward with the hands. It is thus strictly forbidden to move your knees or your palm.
  • The following exercise therapeutic exercises are performed in the same position. On the exhale, hands fall to the floor, and inhale – rise.
  • To perform the exercise in the supine position. This requires the knees to bend the leg. On the inhale, the chin pressed to his chest, and exhale the elbows reach the knees.
  • Remain in the same position. Put hands along the pelvis. On the exhale, the pelvis rises, and the breath is omitted.

Treatment of sciatica with the use of gymnastics has a positive effect on the sciatic nerve to eliminate pain and restore normal muscle performance.

The use of traditional medicines

The healer Tatiana Zaitseva argues that sciatica can be cured using traditional medicine. For their preparation the healer must use medications that have analgesic properties.

Herbalist Zaitsev gives a few recipes, in accordance with which it is possible to prepare highly effective medicines. You can use the ointment to coat the area of the sciatic nerve. It is prepared from a liter of black radish juice and 200 milliliters of honey. This also added 250 milliliters of vodka. To increase the effect of Zaitsev requires mixing a tablespoon of salt. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to lubricate the back of the thigh and lower back. The procedure should be done twice a day.

Black radish

Zaitseva also recommends compresses the sciatic nerve pinching. One black radish is ground with the use of small float. The resulting structure is wrapped in gauze and applied to the lower back. The duration must be at least 15 minutes. It must be repeated twice a day.

Herbalist recommends to prepare an infusion, which ensures maximum effective fight against pain. The main components of the medicines are Calendula, Thyme, Oregano, Horsetail, cranberry. All components it is recommended to mix in equal amounts. Two tablespoons of the resulting raw material must be filled with water and boil for 5 minutes. After cooling of the drug, it is filtered and used for ingestion. A single dose of medication is 1/3 Cup.

Enough is effective treatment urine. It is necessary to take a piece of tissue and dampen in the urine. It is applied to the hip and lower back. Top recommended to put a plastic bag and warm scarf. To ensure maximum effectiveness of therapy of the disease the treatment should be performed in the evening hours.

If the patient has a pronounced soreness, then it is recommended to use a decoction of Dogwood. The leaves of the plant in the amount of 2 tablespoons pour boiling water and boil on low heat for several minutes. After straining recommended intake of the solution three times a day for 100 ml.

If a patient is having severe forms of the disease that accompanied by severe pain, then it is necessary to use the drug based on the roots of Elecampane. This component is necessary to grind. Tablespoon of the obtained raw material is poured 250 ml of boiling water. To ensure high effect of the drug, it must boil over low heat for a few minutes. Reception of broth should be performed twice a day. A single dose of herbal decoction is 100 milliliters.

Treatment for pinched sciatic nerve quite often used in folk medicine. Despite its high efficiency, drugs for the treatment of a pathological process should be prescribed only by a medical professional. Otherwise you may experience unwanted effects.To relieve pain and eliminate the inflammatory process, it is recommended to use compresses. With this purpose, the most commonly used black radish. It rubbed on a fine grater and wrap in cheesecloth or a thin cloth. A compress is placed over the lumbar region and wraps the thin cloth. Thanks to the warming properties of the poultice with it, eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of the pathological process in the shortest possible time.

The use of acupuncture

In Chinese medicine for the treatment of diseases is often used acupuncture. It involves the insertion of fine needles at certain points. Material of their production is gold, silver or stainless steel, which eliminates the possibility of development of infectious process. The procedure should be carried out only by qualified specialist, who will estimate the symptoms. Treatment by this method is painless.


This therapy system has a positive effect on the sciatic nerve, which ensures a full performance. During the procedure, stand out endorphins, whose effects resemble narcotic analgesics. Thanks to the use of this method increase the body’s defenses. Acupuncture promotes tissue regeneration.

During the procedure significantly dilate small blood vessels, thereby improving blood flow. The effect of acupuncture aims to eliminate the swelling and inflammatory process. In infectious diseases of acute nature of the use of this method is not recommended. Contraindications to the use of acupuncture the disease are the cancer of origin. If exposed to the affected skin, the procedure is carried out is strictly prohibited. The duration of treatment in this way is up to three months.

Acupuncture is a highly effective method of treatment, which ensures the elimination of the infringement.

Minimally invasive techniques

Treatment of the disease should be comprehensive. Quite often it involves the use of minimally invasive methods:

Of magnetic therapy. Has anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Ensure activation of regenerative processes. This method of treatment has a positive effect on the normalization of blood flow. With arterial hypertension and severe exhaustion the use of this method is not recommended. Also contraindication is epilepsy. For treatment of the disease is necessary to conduct ten sessions.

Laser therapy

Of laser therapy. With its help, resolve swelling and inflammation. Also, this method helps to remove the pain in the nerve. With its help increase the body’s defenses and improves the metabolic processes. If in the area of the buttocks and lower back there is a loss of epithelial integument, the use of laser therapy is strictly prohibited. The duration of the laser treatment on the affected areas should be 2-25 minutes. On average, the patient has to undergo 10 to 15 sessions.

Electrophoresis. Using this method, drugs are introduced through the skin, which contributes to a constant current. In the presence of inflammation, allergies, and infectious processes in the affected area, application of this method of treatment is strictly prohibited. Skin fit special electrodes, which are pre-wetted in medicine. They act on the skin for 10-15 minutes.

UHF. This methodology is exposure of the skin shock which has a ultra-high frequency. It provides restoration of blood flow, relieve swelling, eliminate the pain. With the defeat of skin in areas of exposure to this method of treatment use not recommended. The patient must be at least 10 procedures.

The use of minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of sciatica is only permitted in the absence of contraindications. To carry out these procedures is not recommended during the acute stage of the disease. If the pathological process develops in pregnant women, the use of minimally invasive techniques are not possible. In tuberculosis or malignant tumors is strictly prohibited to perform medical therapy. If the patient is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, then use minimally invasive techniques he is forbidden. In children they also can not accept.

Sciatica refers to the category of serious diseases that can cause severe pain. The main reasons may be a variety of pathological processes in the lumbar spine. When the pain the patient must undergo a full examination, which will allow the medical specialist to develop an effective scheme therapy. It consists in the simultaneous use of several methods that will eliminate the disease as soon as possible.

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