The deposition of salts in the spine

About the salt deposits in the joints and spine must have heard each, but finding this diagnosis is impossible in any serious medical dictionary. The thing is, a disease often called the deposition of salts in the spine, it is nothing as spondylosis or spondylosis. How dangerous these diseases, their early recognition and cure?

What is spondylosis and spondylosis?

Spondylosis is a disease of the spine, followed by growth of bony processes of the front edge of the vertebral bodies and calcification (calcification of the anterior longitudinal ligament of the spine). The result of this disease often becomes limited mobility of the spine locally in the area of change.

The spondylosis is a disease bootastic joints, and articular processes of the vertebrae occurring with the deformation and displacement of the intervertebral discs. In the absence of timely treatment, you may experience inflammation and loss of mobility of joints.

Symptoms and complaints of patients

In cervical spondylosis there is increasing pain with movement of the head – even a sudden turn of the head can cause vertigo, tinnitus, uneven gait. It is often difficult to find a suitable position during sleep, even placing a cushion under the neck does not bring satisfaction, the discomfort persists. This disease can also be a headache, sometimes felt discomfort in the shoulder girdle. Possible changes in blood pressure, blurred vision, ringing in the ears and fainting, to find out the cause of which is not always possible.

Spondylosis often affects the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine. The disease manifests itself with local pain in the affected area, stiffness of movement and gravity. The specific feature of the disease: in the morning the patient feels rested, the fatigue accumulates during the day, the discomfort intensifies before bed in the evening. While in the affected area may be restricted movement even in the initial stages of the disease.

Spondylosis of the thoracic manifested in the pain of the spine and the sternum. Sometimes discomfort give to the chest. In lumbar spondylosis, the pain appears in the lumbar region and may radiate to the upper spine, or, on the contrary, in the area of the buttocks and legs, inguinal folds. Typically, this discomfort increases with movement. And the pain can decrease when the body is tilted forward, sometimes in this situation you may experience numbness of the skin and the violation of the sensitivity of the muscles. Common symptom of this disease – the loss of sensitivity of the legs, weakness, atrophic changes of the muscles of the lower extremities.

When spondylosis pain locally, do not give in the next region and internal organs. This disease is characterized by violation of movements in the affected area. Often there gait disturbance due to an incorrect load distribution on the spine.

The causes of the pathological state

Spondylosis and spondylosis can for many years to occur unnoticed for a sick person. Often these diseases occur due to age deterioration of the tissues of the body. Often the reason they are injuries of the spine and joints, as any trauma can be “remembered” structures of the vertebral column and accumulate. Poor nutrition also plays a role in the emergence of these diseases as they may occur on the background of metabolic disorders.

Incorrect posture, sedentary lifestyle are also common causes of these diseases. Sometimes, on the contrary, the impetus for the development of spondylosis, or spondylosis can serve as a regular exhausting training complex in professional sports. Spondylosis can occur due to hypothermia. More recently, both diseases were considered as age, but today it is increasingly possible to see very young people suffering from deposition of salts.

Treatment of salt deposits in the spine

Often, the appearance of any of the above symptoms, a sick person trying to get rid of pain and other unpleasant sensations on their own, without seeking medical attention. This approach is fundamentally wrong. To successfully get rid of spondylosis and spondylosis requires a holistic treatment and treatment at an appropriate medical facility.

Traditional medicine offers a comprehensive therapy for the treatment of spondylosis and spondylosis. The appointment to the patient of a specific system of nutrition, physical therapy, massage, receiving pharmaceuticals.

It is also necessary compliance with gentle treatment – regular exercises are necessary, but preference is given to not fast walking, swimming and simple exercises, allowed by the attending physician. Excessive loads are harmful in this disease.

As add-on treatment can be used traditional medicines, their use is recommended only after consultation with your doctor.

Treatment of folk remedies

The deposition of salts, it is recommended to take an infusion of Bay leaf. For this, you need to brew five leaves to a pint of water, boil for 20 minutes on low heat, then leave for hours and drink small portions all day volume.

You can also prepare a tincture of garlic. For this you need to grind 50 grams of garlic, add 100 grams of vodka, insist week in a dark place. Drain, finished tincture stored in the refrigerator, take a teaspoon at night.

Sore spots can be rubbed with butter. It is recommended to wrap the affected area and leave overnight. It is also good to cope with pain, help of belts and corsets made of natural wool, for example, dogs or camels. For the treatment of pain in the cervical can wrap the diseased area with a scarf and go to bed.

Another time-tested recipe. For him in equal parts will need a lemon, parsley and parsley root, honey. Components grind and mix until smooth, store in a cool place, take one teaspoon before meals. The course of treatment – 1 month after its expiry, to take a break for a month, you can later repeat.

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