How to remove the stomach after childbirth?

It rarely happens that the stomach of a newly minted mother returns to normal in just a few days. Most women need several months to return to normal. Unfortunately, some mothers never part with their “acquisition”.

But do not be alarmed, because if you lead an active lifestyle, eat healthy food and follow a few tips, you can quickly reduce the “mother’s belly”. So, let’s find out what you should do to reduce belly fat after pregnancy.

Many women associate the dream of a perfectly flat stomach with total weight loss. And even begin their journey to the ideal, practicing all kinds of methods of regulating body weight.

Kilograms gradually decrease and the weight seems to be in norm, however, the figure remains imperfect, the stomach does not become flat, and the waist is thin. Quite logical questions arise: what is this connected with and how to proceed further?

Here are the reasons you can still look pregnant.

  • Imagine your belly is a balloon. When the child inside you grows, the “ball” gradually stretches. After delivery, the balloon does not burst. Instead, air is slowly released inside it. And if you notice, the balloons hold up some air, even when they are compressed, and most of the air has already come out.
  • After the birth of a baby, hormonal changes in the body lead to the fact that the uterus slowly returns to its form before pregnancy. It takes 7-8 weeks.
  • The extra food you consumed during pregnancy is stored as fat. And, as you know, fat on the stomach is quite difficult to get rid of.
Try a stomach brace

The bandage helps to tighten the abdominal cavity and accelerate the process of contraction of the uterus to its original size. This is one of the oldest ways to reduce belly fat. In addition, it helps to improve posture and reduces back pain. Make sure it is not too tight and not too loose. And be sure to consult your doctor.

Sign up for a massage

Massage is a great way to correct your figure without grueling exercises in the gym. Massage releases and distributes fat in the body and improves metabolism, thereby helping to get rid of the tummy. Do massage every week to get better results.

Although it is quite difficult to cope with excess fat on the stomach and sagging skin, it is quite real! Start using our tips today and watch your stomach melt before your eyes.

Breastfeed your baby

Breastfeeding not only helps strengthen your baby’s immune system, but also reduces your stomach after pregnancy. This is due to the acceleration of uterine contractions.

Take a walk

The simplest form of exercise, not only after childbirth, but in general, is walking. The most interesting thing is that your baby can be your companion. An evening walk in the park is a great idea. You will not achieve a quick effect, but after giving birth it is better to get used to the loads gradually.

Keep track of nutrition

Many women make a banal, but catastrophic mistake, skipping meals or replacing proper nutrition with dietary supplements after childbirth. It is imperative that you eat a healthy diet to produce enough milk. The diet should be enriched with trace elements that help maintain the metabolic cycle of the body of the newborn and ensure proper postnatal development. Trust nutritionists and doctors! Start eating green leafy and other vibrant vegetables, low-fat protein, spices, green tea, and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins.


If you want to get rid of annoying belly after childbirth, you need to perform at least 20-30 minutes of cardio and strength training. Do this when your baby is sleeping. As exercises, twisting, push-ups, trims, knees lifting, jogging, jumping, lunges, squats, triceps extension, leg lifts, etc. are suitable for you. But first you need to talk to your doctor to find out about possible limitations.

Practice Anul-Vil

Anulom-Vilu is a breathing exercise that involves drawing air out of the diaphragm and holding it in the abdominal cavity. Regular rhythmic contractions include significant compression (during inhalation) and relaxation (during exhalation), which help tone the upper and lower abdomen. Maintain a straight posture, and when you feel more confident, increase the air retention time. Exercise also improves digestion by increasing peristalsis or bowel movement.

Try to relax more

Lack of rest causes the accumulation of toxins in the body, causing inflammation. When the body is in a state of constant inflammation, it causes fat receptors to move to the central region. Therefore, fat molecules accumulate in the abdomen. When you have a small child, you can only dream of a good rest, but try to relax as much as possible.

Avoid Extreme Diet

Sometimes new mothers panic or become depressed after giving birth. And to get back in shape, they take extreme measures and stick to diets that make them malnourished, which ultimately affects the health of the child. Starvation will not bring benefits, but rather worsen the situation. Talk to a nutritionist to find out what, how much, and when to eat to quickly restore your figure.

Relieve stress by meditating

In addition to joy, a newborn child brings a lot of trouble, which means that for several months you will not be able to do your favorite relaxing activities (for example, draw, read books, etc.). Therefore, it is best to practice meditation – this will help you focus, minimize background noise, release negative energy and improve sleep quality. And most importantly, you will not disturb your child’s sleep.

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