Diet for ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis or Bechterew’s disease, is a complex disease of the joints and spinal column, which completely cure, can only hinder the development, to support the patient to make his life easier.

And the earlier set a correct diagnosis, the easier it is “to be influenced” disease.

The treatment of the disease includes a comprehensive course consisting of medication and physical therapy. But the important role played by nutrition.

The diet should be tailored to the characteristics of the disease, to include the necessary set of nutrients. Calories consumed must be expended activity that the patient has not gained excessive weight, additional load on the joints.

Diet for ankylosing spondylitis

It has already been said, the normal diet for people suffering from Bekhterev disease, not suitable, so making a menu, you need to follow the rules:

  • Cooking will not stand to use ordinary table salt, it is better to use seawater or seaweed powder;
  • In the preparation of dishes based on the Mediterranean diet, which are foods with low starch and low calorie meals;
  • From dairy products, special attention should be paid to the fat content. It is better to use low-fat;
  • The main emphasis is on vegetables and fruits;
  • As a dressing for salads it is better to use corn, olive, sunflower, Flaxseed, unrefined oil;
  • Daily food should contain dried fruits, seeds and nuts;
  • To eat more healthy fresh herbs: parsley, dill, Basil, lettuce, etc.;
  • Eat only food prepared at home. The main emphasis is on whole grain cereals and first courses;
  • In no case do not eat fried foods, only boiled, stewed, steamed food;
  • To strengthen joints helps aspic or jelly;
  • Meat should be consumed low fat or even to abandon it.

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Oddly enough, but milk and dairy products Bechterew’s disease are contraindicated, as are a superfluous and, in this case, dangerous calcium. Without proper control of silicon it starts to accumulate in the intervertebral discs, forming over time the bone tissue. It only aggravates the disease.

To prevent the development of such events, is necessary in the diet to include foods rich in silicon. For example, all kinds of grass and herbs. You can add them to salads, and even beverages.

The lack of fluoride will fill the walnut. Enough to eat a day 2-3 pieces. Fluoride strengthens bones, supports normal condition of the spine and inhibits the development of ankylosing spondylitis.

Mediterranean diet for ankylosing spondylitis

As noted, when the disease of the spine, it is desirable to follow the Mediterranean diet. She has no hard limits, calorie limits, exceptions products. Dieting is not the feeling of hunger and not falling hemoglobin level. That is, people live almost ordinary lives, gaining from food necessary elements for maintaining normal health.

For the prevention and treatment of diseases of the JOINTS our constant reader uses the increasingly popular NON-surgical method of treatment is recommended by leading German and Israeli orthopedists. Thoroughly acquainted with him, we decided to offer it to your attention.

Observing the 5 rules of the Mediterranean diet, you can open the path to health:

  1. Plant foods should make up 75% of the supply. Try to enjoy herbs, nuts, cereals, legumes and other gifts of nature. They saturate the body of essential fiber and plenty of micronutrients.
  2. Taboo on red meat. Main consumption of animal protein will reimburse varieties of lean poultry and marine fish. But with these products you should be careful.
  3. Olive oil should be your best friend. Dressings, salads, marinades only based on it. Animal fat like butter, margarine or fat are excluded altogether.
  4. Salt – is white death. Every recommended diet product already carries a stock of sodium, so its use is impractical and deadly. And clever use of spices and herbs will allow painless to say goodbye to the salt.
  5. Red wine benefits. Of course, only qualitative and only in moderation. A glass at lunch and a glass at dinner will help the stomach to easily digest the adopted food and saturate the body with grape acid.

The basis of the Mediterranean diet would be cereals, pasta durum, bulgur, millet, brown rice. They are used at every meal. Complement the fruits and vegetables consumed 3 and 6 times a day respectively.

To garnish serves marine fish (not more than 6 times a week), lean poultry (4 times a week) and red meat. But the latter can have no more than 4 times per month.

Potatoes, turnips or parsnips if you want you can use no more than 3 times a week. Eggs can eat up to 4 times a 7 days. For dessert 2-3 times a week, you can eat the sweetness or chocolate.

Categorically have to give up from the semi-finished products from fast food chains, factory prepared sauces, including ketchup and mayonnaise, refined foods. They are for a healthy person are not good, and Bechterew’s disease can worsen the condition.

Should pay attention to the drinks. Fall under the ban of artificial colourings, carbonated drinks, packaged juices, made smoothies and fruit drinks. In the shop you can buy only the purest mineral water and good red wine. Here’s the latest you can drink 2-3 glasses a day, savoring every drop and getting pleasure from the aroma and taste.

Tea, coffee and any caffeinated beverage is not encouraged Mediterranean diet. No additional energy supply in compliance with nutritional standards is not required.

Ankylosing spondylitis does not specify the precise diet prescribed by the doctors. But compliance with the rules of a balanced diet will help to stay longer young and healthy.

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