Fracture of the coccyx

The coccyx is the lower spine, is structurally composed of several rudimentary vertebrae. Fracture of the coccyx due to the fall, and also due to mechanical effects on bone. It is especially difficult to treat a fracture of the coccyx with displacement.

This injury impedes the movement of people, and also for being in the position sitting or standing. A person experiences severe pain that travels to the legs and lower back.

Factors of fracture

Each emergent pathology in the human body due to the presence of certain factors.

The greatest likelihood of problems with the coccyx exists in humans:

  1. Female. Thanks to the highly developed nature of the pelvis, coccyx women at risk of fracture.
  2. The elderly and children.
  3. Diseases in the chronic form, including osteoporosis.

Types of fractures

The coccyx, on the basis that it is a rudimentary fragment of the human body, does not carry any important functions. But we must not forget that the coccyx are attached to the muscles and ligaments including muscle tissue.

A broken tailbone is not common among the other problems with the spine, but in the absence of adequate treatment, including at home, without medical intervention, can cause complications.

For the prevention and treatment of diseases of the JOINTS our constant reader uses the increasingly popular NON-surgical method of treatment is recommended by leading German and Israeli orthopedists.

Thoroughly acquainted with him, we decided to offer it to your attention.

  • offset;
  • without displacement;
  • a fracture – dislocation.

Depending on the pathology found, the doctor prescribes treatment.

Signs of disease

Fracture of the coccyx doctor diagnose on x-ray. But without this type of diagnosis injured person, it becomes clear that his body has been a negative change, as the symptoms this pronounced. They can be compared to the coccyx injury. The person feels pain, swelling in the lower part of the spine. The pain increases with movement, sneezing or coughing. Some patients are not able to get up. In addition, difficulties arise in the process of defecation.

Diagnostic pathology

If you suspect a fracture of the coccyx, the doctor will prescribe the following tests:

Healing of the fracture

To treat a fracture of the coccyx need to be using a special splint which is fixed to the back. This gauze circle. How to heal a tailbone? About 2 weeks the person is prescribed bed rest. Also, the doctor prescribes treatment medical drugs. In order for a long time in a state of rest and do not feel a strong discomfort, the patient is better to buy an orthopedic pillow. For recovery and bone healing, patients are assigned to biologically active additives to food.

But only those which in their composition contain calcium and vitamins. For healing of the bone calcium are very useful. For example, effective drug Calcium-D3 Nycomed, which not only will help the person to recover quickly, but also to prevent the unpleasant consequences of fracture. The principle of action of this drug, like similar supplements is simple: it activates the biosynthesis of proteins of collagen that forms the matrix of the regenerate. In addition, calcium activates the metabolism in the body.

During bed rest, the patient can only lie on my stomach. Under it is placed the rubber circle that the patient can roll over on its side. Movement is essential to avoid bedsores. In addition to pain, an unpleasant moment for the patient is the difficulty in defecation, therefore used enema. But this procedure lasts only a few days. It will allow to avoid any displacement of the bones.

Surgical intervention is used in strictly defined situations:

  • the displacement of the bones;
  • improper fusion of the bones;
  • squeezing the bones nerves and blood vessels;
  • prolonged pain.

Acute human condition can last from two to four weeks. It all depends on the age and presence of chronic diseases, immunity and General state of the organism. After the acute syndrome, doctors use additional methods of treatment.

These include:

  • Exercise;
  • physiotherapy;
  • massage;
  • hirudotherapy

If we talk about treatment of fracture of the folk remedies, you can use a poultice of raw potato and ointments of comfrey. Potato eliminates swelling and pain. Potatoes to grate, from the slurry to remove the water and apply to the affected area.

The consequences of fracture of the coccyx

It is likely that they occur in the absence of adequate treatment, for example, at home, without the intervention of a specialist.
But the consequences are observed in the presence of careful treatment, especially the elderly.

Injury to this bone sometimes leads to the emergence of a number of pathologies:

  • intermittent headaches;
  • aching pain in the lumbar region.
The provision of first aid in case of fracture of the coccyx

Many had to deal with fractures. Trouble can happen with loved ones, as well as with the man himself. In this situation, you cannot hesitate, you must give the injured person first aid before delivery it to the hospital. Treat yourself fracture is impossible. To diagnose a closed fracture needs a doctor. But to render first aid to the injured person and everyone can.

The rules provide simple, they are easy to understand even for the layman:

  1. Not to panic, to act competently and consistently.
  2. In the area of the fracture need to put ice. This is to reduce swelling and inflammation of tissues.
  3. It is necessary to transport the patient on his side.
  4. If the pain is too strong, it is necessary to offer the patient a painkiller.

Only after these procedures urgently need to seek help from a specialist. After treatment, the doctor warns that the patient may need to avoid riding a bike, lifting weights, intensive fitness activities. Permitted and recommended for this physiotherapy.

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