Popular hormone treatment from dermatitis can cause problems with vision

Pharmaceutical company Bayer released new data on the safety of its ointments and creams from dermatitis. The company reports that the popular topical remedies Triderm and Celestoderm-Garamizinom, can cause problems with vision.

These medicines are used for local treatment of dermatitis – they are administered to both adults and children. Combination medications combine in their composition from several components, and therefore have antibacterial, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory action.

It is worth remembering that their own to begin treatment dermatitis hormonal therapy is wrong and, in some cases, even dangerous. To appoint such funds shall specialist and after he examined the medical history and diagnosed accurately.

That the pharmaceutical manufacturer plans to make changes in the instruction on application of creams and ointments announced a healthcare.

Bayer plans to Supplement the section “Side effects” information that the use of local corticosteroids may cause systemic adverse reactions – blurred vision.

In the section “Special instructions” will be recommended, which States that if impairment in patients who use the aforementioned creams and ointments, they should be referred to a doctor.

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