Shock wave therapy of a herniated spine

The pace of modern life is very fast and intense. As a result, any person putting his spine advanced trauma. Because of the need to carry heavy books is too long to sit at the lessons, the children bend the back, adults who work in offices are subjected to the same process.

But there are more serious injuries that lead to herniation of the spine. Previously, this phenomenon was treated exclusively by surgery.

But today the situation has changed somewhat and doctors more widely used shock-wave therapy of a herniated spine. Exactly about this technique of therapy is to talk closer.

Shock wave therapy – what it is

Method shock wave therapy are familiar not all. Often people with herniated spine afraid to go to the doctors because they’re afraid of surgery. As shown by the practice of modern medical professionals, the method of surgical intervention is completely unnecessary, because there is a safer, bloodless alternative.

Shock wave therapy is a therapeutic process that involves the exposure of the problem through the following points:

  • effects on cells of the spine sound;
  • the use of low-frequency sound waves that can not hear people;
  • pretty intense audio, which seems to attack the diseased cells.

Sound therapy is completely safe for people who do not have contraindications to undergo such treatment. A special device adjusts the rate of flow of waves of varying intensity and it provides positive effect on different levels.

What species are

There are several types of specified therapeutic practice, which is already being practised on patients of different ages, with problems of different difficulty levels.

Wave therapy of a herniated spine is made individually and the doctor may prescribe one of the following treatments:

  1. Piezoelectric therapy.
  2. Electro-hydraulic technique.
  3. Pneumatic medical practice.

Shock wave therapy

Each variety has its own characteristics effects. When the doctor will determine the degree of the problem, the factors of which it arose, the specialist will be able to find the right option for active influence. A positive result can be felt rather quickly, and after a few treatments the situation is resolved completely.

The positive side of treatment

Treatment shock-wave therapy is a good way to remove the hernia, and thus to do without a surgical intervention, to avoid a long rehabilitation period.

This method of treatment has many positive aspects, among which worth mentioning are:

  • no need to perform surgical intervention;
  • mild and painless treatment to the problematic area;
  • treatment of a herniated disc at the cellular level;
  • normalization of metabolic processes in the body that promotes more rapid recovery;
  • removing pain in the back;
  • stimulation of blood circulation in the body.

To get rid of back problems it shock wave therapy people want more often. This treatment is not only effective, but also quite pleasant. After the first session, the patient could feel relief, to get rid of the discomfort and pain.

Recommendations and contraindications

Such therapeutic practices, like shock wave therapy, gets fairly positive reviews. Many users can be found on various websites or forums and everyone is talking about the positive qualities of this practice. But despite such positive reviews and recommendations from other people, this practice should be treated responsibly. To assign wave therapy have a competent medical specialist, but even he can’t use this method if the person has contraindications.

Found effective remedy for pains and for the treatment of joints:

  • natural composition,
  • with no side effects
  • efficiency, proven expert,
  • a quick result.

Among the contraindications and special warnings include the following indicators:

  • We can’t act on a problem in the area of large blood vessels.a woman bears a child;
  • people actively using pacemakers;
  • the patient present cancer;
  • the victim is ill or recently ill with infectious diseases.

Waves act in the intestines are forbidden, in the head also you can’t use sound therapy.

The treatment of the spine should be performed correctly and only under the supervision of a physician. People needs to be examined and only then the doctor will decide on the required procedures and their quantity.

How it happens

The treatment of the spine through the use of the specified technique is performed in a hospital. Not all clinics have the machines with which you can perform the procedure, but in large cities such instruments is always there.

From the moment of seeking medical attention until full recovery the patient must undergo the following stages:

  1. examination by a specialist and submission of all required analyses;
  2. determination of the level of complexity of the problem and the therapy of a particular type;
  3. the beginning wave therapy, the passage of the first session;
  4. the implementation of several treatment sessions therapy;
  5. additional correction of the spine through special exercises.

Although shock wave therapy is a very effective and efficient, it is without additional measures will not be able to provide patient lasting results. During therapy the person does not need to do anything, simply sit or lie down, but after a few minutes of the session will have to consolidate the results already in the home.

To secure the result which was obtained by performing wave therapy, people, who show problems with the spine, you should:

  • wearing special corrective corsets;
  • do physical exercises or yoga;
  • visit a massage parlour to perform additional correction;
  • to avoid too strenuous exercise;
  • try to constantly keep the body in correct position;
  • to saturate the body with vitamins and products that contain a lot of calcium.

Additional therapeutic measures will help to consolidate the result of the use of wave therapy to restore human health and give the correct posture. Such a pleasant and painless treatment is a great way out of difficult situations for people of different ages.

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy has been actively used abroad a few years ago, and domestic doctors quite successfully mastered this technique. Now the treatment thus has the ability to be anyone, if he has no contraindications. Of course, to completely abandon the execution of operations impossible, but in most cases you can do without surgical intervention.

Shock wave therapy is better than surgery

Everyone knows what a hernia of the spine and how long does it take to recover after surgery. Many people even prefer to live with this problem, but would not lie down on the surgical table. The solution to this problem has been found and she is shock wave therapy.

When compared with standard surgery, the following can be noted the advantageous sides of new methods:

  • no need to interfere in the work of the body;
  • disappears the risk of infection via surgical instruments;
  • the risk that something will go wrong is practically reduced to zero;
  • significant relief after the first session;
  • high security therapeutic measures;
  • the lack of scars and pain;
  • quite a short rehabilitation period.

This therapy will help each patient with a hernia of the spine to permanently overcome your problem and eliminate the discomfort after the first session. Of course, the person will need to maintain this result, but to have health you can try.

To complete the treatment sounds sick person enough to go periodically to the hospital and undergo this procedure. If you compare the cost of surgery, it is much cheaper and more comfortable. To eliminate a hernia of the spine, a sick person needs to go to a surgeon and undergo the necessary examination. If the results of the research show that particular person has no contraindications, then he will be able to undergo Shockwave treatment and get the desired result.

Effective treatment course, which consists of several procedures, prescribe for the sick person, the doctor. During treatment necessary to monitor the position of your body, eat well, not to lift weights and quit bad habits. Defeat spinal hernia without surgery is possible in just a few months and a direct proof of this is shock wave therapy.

Competent treatment of the problem will contribute to its full elimination and will remove the discomfort completely. Treatment wave therapy can both adults and children, because it is the most effective. This technique has allowed many to fix the problem without surgery and with each passing day it becomes more and more popular.

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