Take the army with kyphosis

Kyphosis is a pathology of the spine, which is characterized by a curvature in the anteroposterior plane. Most frequently this pathology is manifested in the thoracic spine.

Its causes can be different and it manifests in different age.

Take the army with kyphosis? It all depends on what the extent of the disease and how quickly it progresses.

The development of kyphosis.

Kyphosis develops quite a long time and in stages.

The degree of pathology are determined dependent on the angle of iskrivlennoi:

  1. Kyphosis of 1 degree 30 to 40°.
  2. Kyphosis 2nd degree – not more than 50°.
  3. Kyphosis 3rd degree over 70°.

In the first stage of the human pathology is not uncomfortable, as there is still a big load on the spine, and is not affected by the internal organs. In the second stage the person will be visible pronounced slouch and he can experience pain and numbness.

The third stage is characterized by impaired functioning of the organs, while there are severe pain. A man can’t lead a normal life, pathology brings him a lot of discomfort.

Take the army with kyphosis

To the boy was taken into the army, it needs to be healthy. Legislation reglamentary that kyphosis is not itself a reason for refusal of conscription. That is, the kyphosis and the army compatible, but should take into account the severity of the pathology. Do not take in army with 3 degrees of kyphoscoliosis with complications of respiratory distress.

It should be noted that in this case very important is the degree of the disease and its appearance. As if the soldier is a disease with severe, service in the army can only worsen the condition.

If the future soldier was diagnosed with the first stage of development of kyphosis, it will take the army, there are no contraindications. Kyphosis first degree is not a serious pathology. As for the second stage of the disease, no one gives a clear answer. Often give a delay from service in army. This delay is needed in order to get the full treatment, and after this time is re-examination of the patient, considered his complaint. After that, the guy goes to serve.

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This option applies generally to those who have the pathology revealed for the first time on the medical Board. But if a young man for a long time treated for kyphosis and is registered in the medical institution, while regularly undergoing treatment and symptoms to do so much, the Commission finds him unsuitable for military service. The third degree of kyphosis is a clear exemption from service.

Kyphoscoliosis and army

Kyphoscoliosis is a pathology of the combined type. That is, the curvature of the spine in back and to the side. This disease occurs in 4 stages.

Kyphoscoliosis of 1 degree is not a contraindication for military service. This person does not feel much discomfort. And at any localization of the pathology at the initial stage of military service is not prohibited, but there may be some restrictions that establish the doctors in the Commission.

And already kyphoscoliosis 2 degree medical the Commission is considering individually, as this scoliozei deviation of the spine – 11-25°. Typically, such recruits are exempt from military conscription. They are classified In, that is limited to fit. A young man enlist in the reserves and give him a military ID, but in peacetime it is not.

Kyphoscoliosis of grade 3 – a simple refusal to serve in the army, but a young man can be suitable in time of war, but with some limitations.

And on the fourth degree of pathology young man removed from the register, it gets the white military card.

To the recruit received an exemption from military service when kyphoscoliosis 2nd degree, he must pass a comprehensive examination. Commission in the military he needs to provide the documentation and the photographs fully confirm the diagnosis. This is the conclusion of the neurologist, the orthopedist, the surgeon must also be a medical card, which recorded the entire history of the disease. One of the conditions of failure to recruit to the service is the presence of symptoms. That is, if for some time he will have pain and because of this, it is assigned a permanent therapy, and the wearing of orthopedic corsets and belts.

The reasons for the refusal

Why not take to the army with the above pathologies? And scoliosis, and kyphosis is a pathology in which the person will not be able to withstand the physical stress. In addition, 2-3 stages of these diseases they have already been contraindicated, except for special physical therapy.

If the youth join the army, then load that he will be there to will only aggravate the situation. So of the 2 stage, the disease quickly turn into 3. We can conclude that military service is for people facing disabilities.

Even as a consequence of kyphosis and scoliosis is a violation of the functioning of the muscular system, and breaks down the process of blood circulation. This happens when the curvature at 11-25°. But also begin to develop other health problems.

The reason for the refusal of the medical Commission may be scoliosis with rotation of the vertebrae. This rotation of the segment of the backbone around its axis. 2 the degree of disease it is already there, and visible asymmetry, curvature is observed even at the level of the pelvis.

The right decision

Back in 2014 with scoliosis of 2 degrees could call in the army, though formally it was thought that to call such young men is impossible. Not always had reason and proof for exemption from the army. This recruit was administered x-rays and the doctor took out only a preliminary conclusion. That is, the diagnosis is posed as a suspicion of scoliosis.

Medical Commission in the military should scrutinize the x-ray images, as it is important to ensure that the correct projections are made radiograph.

In order for the Commission made the right decision and there were no disputable situations, people must know their rights and to consult about your pathology from a number of specialists. A person who has pathology of the spine must first ask take her to the service. With kyphosis taken into the army, but only at the initial stage.

Better to give the Commission a certified copy of the medical certificates, all originals must be the man. If, however, the Commission, in spite of the examinations, gives an opinion that the recruit is healthy, you need to write a statement of disagreement with the decision of the Commission, the head of the recruiting office with all copies of medical reports. It is important to understand that with kyphoscoliosis and separate these diseases into 2-3 stages is dangerous to excessive load experienced by the soldiers in the army.

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