The smell of ammonia in urine

Urine of a healthy adult, consuming plenty of fluids throughout the day, has a sharp unpleasant odor, transparent and pale-yellow. If urine smells of ammonia, acetone or stale fish, you should pay attention to your lifestyle: to review the nutrition, physical activity, etc.

Most people, when faced with trouble, think about what to do when your urine smells unnatural. First, you need to understand what caused changes in the chemical composition of urine.

Causes of bad odor can be varied:

  • long delay urination;
  • not drinking enough pure water;
  • kidney disease;
  • excessive amount of protein in the diet;
  • disorders of metabolism;
  • diseases transmitted during sexual contact.
Causes ammonia smell urine in women and men

Having the main reasons you can understand why urine smells like ammonia women and men.

The specific smell is present in urine if:

  • changes in the body associated with entry into menopause. The entry into menopause is inextricably linked with a decrease in the production of estrogen. This hormone is responsible not only for female reproductive function, but also for the body’s resistance to infection;
  • the patient takes the drugs and dietary Supplements. Some medications, especially B vitamins that can give the urine with unnatural smell;
  • the body dehydration. During the day derived from the body about one and a half liters of urine, so per day is recommended to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water. Dehydration can be the consequence of excessive sweating, diarrhea or vomiting. If the person does not make up for the necessary supply of body fluids, dehydration occurs and as a result, the increase in the concentration of urine. The urine acquires a peculiar odor due to the large number of chemical compounds in the excrement;
  • a woman bears a child. During pregnancy the body experiences hormonal restructuring of the background. During this period the expectant mother is particularly vulnerable to various infections of the urogenital area. In addition, the bladder is round-the-clock pressure that leads to stagnation of fluids (favorable conditions for growth of pathogenic microorganisms).
  • If a pregnant woman consumes enough clean water, and highlight the still smell of ammonia, it is possible to suspect what happened in the metabolic processes disorder. The result of a disruption becomes the accumulation of the excrement of acetone and acetoacetic acid, provoking unusual smell. In addition to this symptom, you can mention the deterioration of health, loss of body mass and lowering blood pressure;
  • present for the kidneys. Inflammatory processes in the kidney can be accompanied by disorder of the excretion of urea and hydrogen. The consequence of this violation is a strong ammoniac smell of urine;
  • spread of pathogenic microflora. Bacteria and fungal infection of nature reason which gives rise to vaginitis. Unpleasant smell of urine is characteristic for this disease. Symptom infectious lesions may also become blurred, the emergence of the sediment and staining of secretions in a dark color;
  • pancreas produces insufficient amounts of insulin. With the disease of diabetes from the urine may come not only ammonia, but the acetone smell. This happens due to the accumulation of body ketones, which are products of decay.

If the smell of the urine is changed to ammonia, you should try to increase the amount of clean water, drink a day

Why children’s urine has a smell of ammonia?

If baby’s urine smells of ammonia, you should consult with your doctor and do tests to exclude the presence of diabetes. Bad smelling urine infants may also indicate a shortage of calciferol (vitamin D).

If the kid eats without appetite, disturbing sleep, and his hands and feet sweat, you need to visit the doctor and to exclude rickets.

Often the urine of the child smells of ammonia if it is breastfed. In this case, the woman must adjust your diet and limit the consumption of food (cabbage, asparagus, meat) that can change the smell of children’s urine at a specific.

It happens that the smell of ammonia in the urine of the child comes only in the morning from overflowing diaper. In this case, the cause of the unpleasant aroma may be due to the low quality of the product. If your parents find you smelling of ammonia in children pot, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Urine in men can be very smell in that case, if diagnosed with inflammation of the prostate gland or if there are diseases transmitted during sexual contact

Do pathology influence on the smell of urine?

The smell of ammonia in urine in women and men can be the consequence of pathological processes in the urogenital system.

The composition of urine can change due to the following diseases:

  • urethritis is a pathology associated with inflammation of the urethra. Bacteria or viruses infect the wall of the urethra, therefore, in addition to odor, there may be purulent or blood impurities.
  • acidosis. Not every patient is aware of what this disease means. If a person is hungry, his blood acidification caused by lack of carbohydrates. Urine ketone bodies is saturated and acquires the smell of ammonia.
  • malignant neoplasms. In the case of the cancer process changes the consistency, the shade of urine and how it smells.
  • pyelonephritis – renal disease of bacterial origin. Accompanied by severe drawing pains in the lower back and increasing body temperature.
  • liver failure. This serious pathology dramatically increased rate of alkaline phosphatase. Urine of patients, not painted light yellow, and brownish-green, in addition, discharge become smelly.
  • diabetes. Urine of patients often smells like ammonia because of the presence of ketone bodies in the secretions.
  • inflammation or prostate cancer. The urine in this case can be difficult. Her stagnation in such diseases leads to an unpleasant smell.
  • inflammation of the urinary bladder (acute cystitis). It develops mainly in women, due to the particular structure of the urethra. Urination accompanied by a burning sensation, urine smells bad and gets muddy consistency.

Often the ammonia smell of urine may not indicate any problems. For example, if person flavor food a lot of spices or eating a lot of asparagus, the smell of urine can change at specific

How to protect yourself from illness?

To avoid such unpleasant situations, it is necessary to establish the drinking regime. One cannot neglect the use of clean water. During the day drink the amount should not be less than 1.5-2 liters. In addition, it is useful to eat vitamin-fortified beverages, fresh juices.

A good preventive effect of drinking cranberry fruit drinks, juices and decoctions. Cranberry is an antiseptic of plant origin, has detrimental effects on the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms which often cause foul smelling discharge.

Eliminating the sharp ammonia smell, it is impossible to forget about how important personal hygiene is. Without compliance it is impossible to get rid of bad smelling discharge

When urine smells of ammonia, but no other manifestations of the disease, from bad symptom you can quickly get rid of. If the urine appear blood clots, there are nagging pains in the lower abdomen or in the lumbar region, you should visit a therapist, nephrologist or urologist.


Not in all cases, urine smells like ammonia women and men because of the development of the pathological process. Small children can also have unnatural smell of urine. To exclude a serious condition that requires early treatment, necessary medical examination. The specialist will prescribe a series of tests (leukocyte count, red blood cells and other elements in urine, detection of contaminants and sediment). In some cases may need ultrasound and General analysis of blood.

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