Bright yellow urine from a baby

The color of urine has a high information content. Many years ago, when tests have not been, experienced doctors diagnosed on the basis of the color of urine. Special attention should be paid to adult children.

Normal urine from a child as in an adult straw-yellow color. This color of this biological fluid gives a special substance that is produced in the liver, bilirubin. Entering the intestine, it undergoes metabolism, resulting in up to urobilin. So he gives the normal yellow color of urine.

Also involved pigmenting compound urobilinogen, which is formed by the interaction of urobilin with oxygen. Sometimes there are situations when the urine changes its color. Why baby’s bright yellow urine and what to do about it?

Urine color and food: is there a connection?

Urine lemon-colored has a direct relationship with the foods that the child eats. If we are talking about infants, then the older child the bright yellow color of urine depends to a large extent on the products they directly consume.

At the moment most of the products is composed of artificial dyes (soda, jelly, candy). Their consumption can stain the urine bright yellow hue.

Also many vegetables and fruits have the same effect. Among them, citrus, pumpkin, carrots, and currants. The list of these foods has natural pigment. For this reason, the doctor always said that the child ate the day before?

Some of the features of urinary fluid in infants

A newborn child has its own peculiarities regarding the shade of urine. She had them in a state of absolute health has a very light tint, you could even say that it is transparent. As they grow, babies this biological liquid acquires a yellow color. This is the result of the beginning of work of all organs.

After about a week of this biological fluid is colored in brick-yellow, this phenomenon is called infarction, the urine. This is due to the development of the urinary and reproductive systems. Female newborns possible highlight the bloody nature of the gender gap.

When dark brown urine of the baby usually got jaundice of the newborn, which over time will disappear. Have a month old baby already has a relatively stable color of urine.
With the introduction in the menu of the new baby food and drinking water the colour of urine depends on the diet of the baby

The reasons for the change the shade of urine

The most common explanation for why urine bright yellow, is its high concentration.

This is explained by the following factors:

  • improper use of liquid, namely its small amount;
  • high physical activity on the background of low volume drink;
  • acute intestinal infections and other poisoning, accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea and profuse sweating;
  • diseases which lead to the formation of edema;
  • the use of laxatives and diuretics;
  • infectious diseases that affect the liver;
  • the high content of salts of oxalates in the urine;
  • viral diseases, which are accompanied by profuse sweating;
  • the disease is accompanied by increased breakdown of hemoglobin;
  • the use of certain drugs;
  • the stagnant phenomena in the kidneys;
  • pathology of the biliary tract.

When the child receives a small amount of water, is an intensive reabsorption of water in the kidneys. The result is concentration of urine due to its small quantity, it thus gets too intense yellow color. That is why the child should be accustomed from the very young age to drink water, not just teas and juices.

For this reason, there is a change in color of the urinary fluid of a more intense during exercise and sweating. This can be the situation, associated with infectious disease, e.g. flu. Against high body temperature is a loss of large amounts of fluid. In the absence of compensation in the body would be dehydrated. It is important to know that parents have to ensure that the flow of water to a child with high body temperature.

Adequate supply of liquid – phase prevent the appearance of bright yellow urine

Intestinal infections are also common causes of abnormal tone of the urinary fluid. In fact, in addition to sweating, loss of fluid occurs due to diarrhea and vomiting.

Often, children have problems with the chair, while adults assign kids laxatives without the advice of a doctor. So that these drugs can cause bright yellow color urine in a child. You need to understand that most laxatives are forbidden to adopt children. Relatively safe is lactulose, however, its use must be agreed with the doctor.

Unfortunately, it is not necessary to leave and infectious diseases of the liver in the little ones. We are talking about hepatitis viral nature. In newborns it is often of placental origin, i.e. infection occurs through the placenta of the mother.

Common symptoms for this infection is yellowness of sclera and visible mucous membranes, skin, weakness, drowsiness baby, you might have a high temperature. And, of course, the yellow tint becomes urine

As for medication and vitamin complexes, it is worth to say that they are very often provoke the appearance of yellow color of urinary fluid. Of antibacterial drugs it is worth noting nitrofuranovogo group Rifampicin. Of vitamins this ability to have A and C as well as b vitamins.

An important group of factors leading to discuss in this article pathology are the diseases which are accompanied by intensive destruction of erythrocytes. Among them, hemolytic, sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, Gilbert’s syndrome.

Gilbert’s disease usually manifests in children from the age of five, it appears that the child appears diffuse jaundice, characterized by the appearance of graininess on the upper eyelid, the so-called xantelasma. And of course, the urine has a bright yellow color.

Hemolytic anemia due to heavy destruction of red blood cells in the urine contains large amounts of pigmenting substances, it becomes yellow. In addition, this symptom is typical yellowness pain in the left hypochondrium, and enlargement of the spleen.

Urolithiasis in children is rare, but it can also cause the problem under discussion, the main clinical manifestation of this pathology is the renal colic. It starts in the lower back and spreads to the abdomen, groin. Temperature and impurities in the blood and urine.

The reason for the salts in the urine is usually the introduction of food, namely too fat broths of meat, fish products with high fat content. Also a triggering factor for the formation of salts there may be other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach ulcer, gastritis).

Pathological processes in the kidney and biliary tract contribute to the growth of the quantity of salts in the urine. Salt in urine of the child point out the error in his food and usually appear with the introduction of complementary foods, especially meat broth, fatty meats and fish, other animal products. This phenomenon is also observed in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, particularly gastritis, gastric ulcer.

The amount of salts in the urine increases due to abnormalities of the kidneys and biliary tract

If urinary fluid dramatically changed along with the color odor and clarity, then immediately need to visit a doctor. Because high concentration of salt it can lead to inflammation of the bladder, gout, colitis.

Diseases of the genitourinary system (cystitis, pyelonephritis) can also provoke change in urine color to a bright.

One should not lose sight of the stagnant phenomena in the kidneys, for example, hydronephrosis. There is obvious pain, mimicking renal colic. When a large volume of fluid in the kidney diseased organ can even locate by touch.

Another factor is cholecystitis and biliary dyskinesia. Both these diseases are more characteristic of older age group children. Cholecystitis (inflammation of gallbladder) and dyskinetic disorders of the paths leading out of the bile, you may experience a very intense yellow color of urine.

In addition, join pain in the right upper quadrant, cholecystitis can also be a high body temperature, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. With psoriasis can cause jaundice, the stool becomes lighter in color, possible itching of the skin.

What to do?

In the first place, if the urine is too yellow in color, you need to follow the child’s diet, if we are talking about children who eat anything other than milk (breast or artificial). You should monitor the foods and drinks that can change the color of urine. In addition, it is worth remembering, did the child recently, medicines or vitamins.

It is also necessary to monitor its drinking mode, there is already talking about babies. According to who recommendations the baby to breastfeeding to dopisivati water is not necessary, but “iskusstvennye” you must give mandatory between meals. For children from one to three years the rate of water consumption is calculated according to the formula 50 ml per kilogram of body weight of the child.

Kids from three years up to the age of seven needs to get from 1.3 l to 1.7 l, and from the age of seven from 1.7 liters to 2.5 liters per day. Of course, this scheme is relative. You need to take into account the individual characteristics of each child. Preference in terms of drinking you need to give clean water, juice, herbal teas. It is recommended to minimize the consumption of carbonated drinks, juices and nectars with added sugar.

To dopisivati the baby needs according to his wish, if he doesn’t want to drink, it is not necessary to force him

If all the above factors are excluded, and the urine still has the bright yellow color, you should consult a doctor. He will conduct a detailed survey on lifestyle and nutrition of the child. If necessary, will appoint a research laboratory and instrumental. The most common among them is the General analysis of urine. As a rule, he gives up twice. Also used ultrasonic examination of organs of small pelvis and abdominal cavity.

There are situations in which to delay a visit to the doctor is not necessary. If the child changes the color of the biological fluid is accompanied by its turbidity and odor, temperature, blood impurities, yellowness of the skin, pain, you should immediately seek medical help.

Yellow urine the child should not become a reason for panic, but this phenomenon requires attention from the parents. In most cases such changes are caused by factors that do not threaten the health of the child, but do not forget about serious diseases. Beware.

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