A urine sample for Sulkowice

To determine the content of calcium in the body uses the urine for Sulkowice. The technique is well proven in the treatment and prevention of rickets, a serious illness that causes deformation of the spine.

This is especially true for infants and young children whose skeleton is just beginning to emerge. The urine on Sulkowice must contain a certain amount of calcium ions – a decrease or increase in concentration clearly indicates the need for medical intervention.

What is a sample of Sulkowice

Urine test for Sulkowice – study, allowing to determine the qualitative and quantitative content of calcium in urine. The obtained data are required to assess the health status of infants and adult.

Increased concentration of calcium ions serves as evidence of excessive accumulation chemical element to the internal organs and spine. If you do not correct the condition, then a few months later, perhaps the destruction of bone and the development of seizures.

The sample for Sulkowice is mandatory when performing laboratory tests in infants and children. Babies born in autumn or winter, lack of sunlight.

And daylight is required for the production of vitamin D, a fat soluble compound. Vitamin D is directly involved in the regulation of calcium-phosphorus metabolism, contributes to the formation of the skeleton and is responsible for mental and physical development of the child.

Low level of calcium in the urine indicates problems in the body. This means that now is the softening of bones, deformation of the skeleton. To correct the situation may regular oral supplementation of vitamin D, but sometimes there are diagnostic tests for the detection of pathology.

Analysis of urine for Sulkowice necessary if you suspect the following diseases:

  1. Cramps or occasional tremors of the upper or lower extremities.
  2. Congenital disorder of copper metabolism or Wilson disease. Pathology provokes the destruction of internal organs and the Central nervous system.
  3. The formation of granulomas in affected tissues (lymph nodes, kidney, liver).
  4. Pancreatitis.
  5. Tuberculosis of bones, lungs, and kidneys.
  6. Hypoparathyroidism.

The sample for Sulkowice is an indispensable study for the detection of malignant and benign diseases, their differentiation. Cancer contribute to the production of excessive amounts of calcium. The trace element is deposited in the tissues of internal organs and the thyroid gland.

This analysis shows the changes of calcium metabolism in disorders of the endocrine system. The content of chemical elements in the urine decreased with the emotional stress, depression, unstable psychological condition. The same condition of the body occurs when pathologies of the urinary system, while reducing the functional activity of the kidneys.

To prevent rickets the urine test for Sulkowice is an important study

Proper collection of urine in children and adults

How to collect a urine sample for Sulkowice to obtain accurate results, you need to follow certain rules. First you need to buy in a drugstore special sterile containers with measuring scale.

If urine will be collected in infants, in commercially available urine bottles for:

  • boys;
  • girls;
  • universal.

They represent clear plastic bags with adhesive tape. With its help, the urine bottles are mounted on the genitals of the child, and on top for reliability fits over a disposable diaper. After urination the urine of the child is poured into a sterile container.

Before you collect your urine should be thoroughly washed genitals. For this you need to use filtered water and the detergent is unscented and the foaming additives.

There is this algorithm correct:

  1. For analysis requires a morning urine. It is advisable to have Breakfast before going to the bathroom, feed the kids.
  2. During urination the first, middle and last portion of the biological fluid. The analysis of Sulkowice required on the middle and last portion. In children it is difficult to guess sizes, but if possible, you should follow the rules of gathering.
  3. The container should be immediately closed using a screw cap, being careful not to touch the inner surface of the hands.

It is impossible to pass a lab urine collected in the evening or earlier than two hours before the test. The level of calcium in the human body can vary under the influence of various factors.

For accurate diagnosis it is necessary two days before the tests excluded from the diet of such foods:

  • pastries from pastry or puff pastry;
  • chocolates;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • strong tea, coffee;
  • dairy, dairy products;
  • herbs.

Experimentally proved that playing sports or lifting weights distort the results of the study collected urine. Therefore it is necessary to abandon training and exercise.

The bag will help to collect urine samples of Sulkowice


Methods samples based on the usual chemical reaction between anions and cations with getting a visible precipitate. The reagent Sulkowice contain oxalic acid, which when interacting with calcium forms calcium oxalate – a solid compound of white color. Technicians in a test to evaluate the amount of sediment and rate of sedimentation in the urine.

This method of diagnosing pathologies is preliminary in nature. The fact that the results are determined visually and based solely on the experience of health professionals.

If the analysis was designed to detect systemic diseases requires further research to determine the exact quantitative characteristics of the calcium concentration. Where to take additional samples will tell the doctor.

Subjective perception laboratory results samples for Sulkowice can affect the rating, but usually no difficulties arise. Information scale consists of only four items, the initial of which is indicated with ” + ” and end “++++”. The health worker assesses the settling velocity of the resulting salt and its quantity, focusing on the scale.

So what is obtained in the analysis “+”:

  1. the “+”. Slight cloudiness of the urine is the norm and is evaluated as a positive result, but with a few reservations. The level of calcium in the body is subject to adjustment minor doses of vitamin D.
  2. “++”. A slight clouding of urine. This result is normal concentration of calcium in the body is optimal.
  3. “+++”. A significant clouding of urine. The level of the trace element exceeds the norm, and vitamin D is produced in the body in excess amount.
  4. “++++”. Marked clouding of urine. The increase in the concentration of calcium indicates the possible presence of pathology or the leaching of chemical elements from the body.

The analysis of urine for Sulkowice sometimes get negative data. This means complete absence of calcium in urine. This condition is diagnosed in children who do not have enough milk or it is poorly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.

To eliminate the pathology of the kids is prescribed a daily intake of fat-soluble vitamin D in the form of a solution. If the newborn is breastfed, then the drug takes the mother of the child.

Urine test for Sulkowice helps to reveal lack of vitamin D in the body

Transcript of analysis results

Following receipt with a “+” or “-” will require the breakdown of urine by Sulkowice. The attending physician examines the obtained results and recommends further diagnosis with poor indications of the level of calcium.

Sometimes the research has to be repeated:

  • the excessive use of foods containing calcium or a reception of complex vitamins and minerals;
  • in the treatment pharmacological drugs that increase renal excretion of trace elements (combined contraceptive drugs, acetylsalicylic acid).

To pass a urine test for Sulkowice informative, should put health care provider know about all medications taken, including herbs and homeopathic remedies.

It may represent a negative result:

  1. Inadequate intake of ergocalciferol.
  2. Violation of the thyroid gland, reducing the production of hormones.
  3. Metastases of malignant tumors of the prostate, penetrated into the bone.
  4. Violation of the metabolism of magnesium.
  5. Acute and chronic renal failure, characterized by the secretion of dilute urine.
  6. Receiving non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, diuretics with hypochlorination.
  7. Conducting gemotest has identified intolerance of foods with calcium.

What does “+++” and “++++”:

  1. Excessive production of vitamin D.
  2. A benign tumor of the thyroid gland.
  3. Malignant tumors of the breast or lung.
  4. Granulomatous inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Diabetes.
  6. The decrease in functional activity of the renal tubules.
  7. Cancer of the blood or lymph nodes.
  8. A malignant tumor of plasma cells.
  9. Ulcerative colitis.
  10. Prolonged exposure in a stationary state.
  11. The use of anabolics, diuretics, deducing potassium from the body or drugs that reduce the production of gastric juice.

Urine test for Sulkowice based on the rate of sediment

It should be clarified that the interpretation of the results is only possible after passing all the biochemical, cytological and histological analyses. When detected in the form of increased number of pros, do not panic, and to ascribe non-existent disease. This probability is extremely small and requires a thorough diagnosis.

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