Pain at end of urination

To testify about some of the diseases of the body can pain at end of urination. While this phenomenon is not insured by any representatives of the masculine, nor women. Differences by gender are only causes discomfort when visiting the toilet.

Why a visit to the toilet turns into a difficult test?

There is no reason in which to become painful to write at the end of urination for both men and women.

Among them are the following:

  • disease sexually transmitted:
  • trichomoniasis;
  • gonorrhea;
  • microplasma infection;
  • chlamydia infection;
  • the presence of kidney stones;
  • urethritis – inflammation of the urethra, which is characterized by a strong burning sensation covering the bladder;
  • renal colic. Severe pain can occur at any time, but most often they occur during urination due to the passage of sand and other irritants in the canal, damaging its surface. While unpleasant feelings and give in the crotch region, and also genitals.

In addition to the main predictors, one can also mention the clogging of the ureters, allergic reactions to synthetic tight underwear, as well as injuries of the urinary organs.

Exclusively female the cause of the pain

Of discomfort while visiting the toilet women and girls are affected more often than men. All because of the urethra they are much shorter than that of the strong half of mankind.

Pain at end of urination in women can be triggered by certain diseases:

  • vaginal candidiasis. In this case, a series of unpleasant sensations during a visit to the toilet is not the end, it becomes painful and sexual intercourse. The woman begins to suffer from itching in the genital area, which on the background of the development of thrush swollen. Accompanied by clinical picture of the disease and a cheesy white vaginal secretions, which are characterized by a specific smell;
  • cystitis – inflammation of the bladder. Anyone who has ever faced this disease, remember it as a nightmare. Besides pain when urinating, accompanied by sharp pains in the lower abdomen, frequent urination and feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder.

In addition, the sharp pain when visiting the toilet very often occurs in pregnant women. The discomfort in this case occurs because of constant pressure on the bladder by the growing uterus. However, to exclude the development of infection in the urogenital organs, also should not be.

If your history is the conduct of the recent cesarean section or other surgery involving the reproductive system, and you have pain on the final stage of urination, immediately consult a specialist, maybe the problem lies in the damage of the urethra.

Painful urination in men

Pain at end of urination in men can occur due to prostatitis – inflammation of the urinary system. The discomfort is localized on a fairly large plot. It hurts not only the prostate but also the sexual organs and the anus. Nagging pain and affects the quality of life, men do not tend to promptly seek the assistance of a specialist. However, ignoring the problem can result in serious consequences, including dysfunction of the kidneys.


The first thing we should start at the time of examination the problems of urinalysis.

Upon receipt of the results experts evaluate the following indicators:

  • the presence of protein – ideally of a given substance in urine should not be. But, according to the standard, slight traces of the element in urine. Otherwise, you’ll need additional testing to determine the cause of penetration of protein into the urine;
  • density – the indicator assesses the filtration capacity of the kidneys. Its low value indicates kidney failure. Often, however, the inaccuracy of the research occurs in the background of a large number of fluid you drink before the test;
  • erythrocytes – red blood cells get into the urine due to tumors in the bladder, the presence of kidney stones. With their large numbers in urine, it acquires a brown color;
  • white blood cells – a significant number of these elements is an indicator of the development of the inflammatory process in the kidneys or bladder. If you deviate from the norms change and external characteristics of urine. The urine becomes greenish and has an unpleasant smell;
  • the presence of mucus and bacteria – testify to the development of similar infection, which causes inflammation;
  • salt is the main indicator of kidney stone disease.

The results of the General analyses of urine and blood allow you to put the preliminary diagnosis

The survey shall be the first morning portion of urine. Before collecting urine, you need to conduct hygiene and urinate in a sterile container. To obtain the most accurate results the day before the date of analysis should be excluded from the diet of a large amount of fluid, the products coloring the urine (for example, beets) and proteins.

An important role in the examination painful urination is a blood test.

In this case, you should pay attention to the indicators:

  • cholesterol – the increase of this indicator indicates a malfunction of the kidneys, which leads to failure of lipid metabolism;
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate and fibrinogen, the main indicator of the development of the inflammatory process;
  • creatinine and uric acid, marker of renal filtration. Growth is evidence of the violation of this process.

To obtain the most accurate results, blood counts are not recommended to eat food for 8 hours. In the morning you can’t drink even a little water. The blood gives up on an empty stomach.

A thorough examination involves the submission of swabs at venereologist, as well as the passage of ultrasonic diagnostics.

Ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder is performed after drinking about one and a half liters of still water. To empty the bladder before diagnosis is not necessary. Significantly distort the results of the analyses and the processes of gas formation in the intestine. So the day before the ultrasound, you should minimize the consumption of carbohydrates and to take preventive measures activated carbon, based on dosage: 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight.

Treatment pain when urinating

Begin to treat the result it is only necessary after you have established the cause of severe pain.

Depending on the concomitant disease is assigned to the following treatment:

  • Taking antibiotics to eliminate infectious processes – “Furadonin”, “Cephalosporins”, “Norfloxacin” – cystitis and urethritis.
  • Mechanical or ultrasonic stone crushing or surgical intervention for urolithiasis.
  • Medication drugs that reduce the prostate or surgery – in case of BPH.
  • Antibiotic therapy men drugs related to macrolides, – “Josamycin”, “Erythromycin” – when prostatitis.
  • Surgery – when locating neoplasms in the bladder.

In addition to the main methods of treatment aimed at elimination of the causes, the experts also prescribed the reception of spazmolitikov – “Nospanum”, “Drotaverine”, as well as anti-inflammatory agents that facilitate the condition of frequent and painful urination.

In no case do not self-medicate. All regulations must be performed by a qualified specialist after a thorough examination. Incorrectly chosen medication can only aggravate the situation.

Prevention of the onset of pain at the end of urination

Preventative measure almost all inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system is the constant maintenance of the body warm. Hypothermia – the main enemy of the kidneys and bladder.

In addition, if you have a history of chronic diseases of the vagina, the urinary system, kidney, urethra, should comply with all recommendations of experts regarding the prevention of recurrence of pathologies.

It is useful to take care of the following:

  • maintaining personal hygiene;
  • wearing linen and natural cotton fabrics;
  • the application of hygiene that do not cause an allergic reaction or the development of yeast infection;
  • intimacy with permanent reliable partner.

To maintain the health of the genitourinary system is possible, if timely preventive checkups, to stop the diseases in their early stages of development, to avoid stress and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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