Im a kidney in a pregnant

Answers to the question, why whine kidney, and what to do, a lot of people trying to find on medical forums, not knowing that causes of kidney pain can be very diverse, and only a qualified specialist, based on the results of studies able to make a correct diagnosis, and then relieve the patient of possible serious diseases.

On the other hand, if there are hereditary background to renal pathology or suspect that a minor nagging pain is the result of changes in the kidneys. You should get acquainted with information concerning this issue. Pain in the kidneys is similar to the sensations that occur in attacks of appendicitis, in biliary colic, disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

Signs of renal disease

That the kidneys were painful changes, according to the symptoms:

  • Pain in the lower back, kidney region.
  • A significant decrease in the amount of urine.
  • The loss of transparency of urine.
  • The traces of blood.
  • The presence of stones, sand.
  • Frequent urinary urges when decreasing the amount of urine.
  • Burning sensation when the urinary act.
  • Reduced vision.
  • Itching of the skin.
  • The smell of ammonia out of his mouth.
  • Swelling.

When inflammation of the kidney typical symptoms: increasing pain, lokalizirutesa in your side, abdomen, chills, fever, vomiting, frequent urinary urges.

In what diseases of the kidney whine

There are a number of renal pathologies, accompanied by aching in the kidneys. These include pathology.


The disease is manifested by inflammation of the renal pelvis. Clenching dull pain accompanies the disease, is felt in my side. It is often bilateral pain symptoms.


Early in the disease much the temperature rises, there is pain in the head and lower back. For the patient characteristic pallor. In the urine there is blood.

There are severe facial swelling in the morning

Chronic renal failure

When the disease is damaged or in a functionally disturbed condition of the kidneys remain without any positive changes for 3 months or more. The name of the CRF used in a number of different cases, sometimes it is a separate diagnosis.


With the development of prolapse of the kidney, the patient feels pain symptoms in the lumbar region. In the initial stages of the pathology nagging pain occur rarely in the morning. Progressive disease leads to deterioration of renal blood flow, there is stagnation of urine, which are found in quantities above normal proteins and red blood cells. 3 stages of the disease from the patient complain of persistent pain.

Strong physical exertion causes the inflection of the ureter, often causing renal colic.

Fibroma and adenoma

In benign tumors the symptoms occurs when the growing tumors:

  • when urinating, the appearance of drops of blood of scarlet colour;
  • there are sharp changes in blood pressure;
  • suffers from constant low back pain;
  • lower abdominal palpable tumor.

The constant state of painful feelings often lead to neurasthenia, the appearance depression marked loss of appetite


Painful symptoms in the early stages are not felt, even if the stone inside. With further development of the disease appear frequent renal colic, representing bouts of severe pain in the lower back. If the stone is located in the lower part of the ureter, painful phenomenon concentrated in the abdomen and in the groin give.

Kidney hydronephrosis

At the initial stage pathology not has distinct characteristics. With the development of the disease a patient is having pains and attacks of renal colic. Over time, the organ is increased so that it can be felt by the fingers through the abdominal wall. A characteristic feature is the presence of blood in urine.

A malignant tumor

Diagnosed malignancy in the presence of signs:

  • blood in urine;
  • weakness;
  • anemia;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • pain in the kidneys;
  • palpable tumor in the lower back.
Im a kidney in a pregnant

Pathological changes of the kidney during pregnancy is a very frequent and dangerous phenomenon. One of the most common kidney disease future moms is asymptomatic bacteriuria, occurring almost without visible signs. With a strong bacterial lesions on kidney ache.

Often pregnant women refuse antibiotic treatment, so as not to hurt the baby. This is a big misconception – the use of treatment popular recipes unable to protect a woman who bears a child, of the possible consequences. Treatment if bacteriuria occurs across all trimesters.

An experienced doctor will choose medications are allowed for treatment of the pregnant woman, given the impact of the drug on the body of the child in utero


Making medical history, the doctor sets:

  • Having suffered by the patient of disease, particularly infectious.
  • Was there a strong overcooling of the patient.
  • The existence of a genetic factor of kidney disease.

Turns out important for the diagnosis of the highlights:

  • the quality and quantity of drinks per day of fluid;
  • what time of day the pain sensation bother you the most;
  • in what area of the pain appear;
  • are there any pain with the urinary act;
  • the presence of impurities in urine.

When medical examination determined the presence of edema, changes in skin tone. If there is pathology, will have a positive symptom pasternatskogo (blow with the edge of his palm on the region of the kidneys causes increased pain).

Also used laboratory methods: common blood, common and special tests of urine, biochemical examination of urine samples for detection of inflammatory processes in General.

With the help of ultrasound and MRI revealed the nature of the tumor, its size and localization of the tumor, the presence of metastases. If necessary, resort to biopsy.

Urography kidneys, where with the help of the introduced contrast agent is estimated as a function not only of the kidneys and the entire urogenital system. This determines the extent to which the affected organs. Scintigraphy is a scanning, to determine the pathology, to identify the presence of tumors.

Cystoscopy gives the opportunity to assess the condition of the shell of the bladder, to detect the presence of foreign bodies

Prevention of stone formation

In the early stage of kidney stone formation there is a possibility to alleviate the symptoms and stop the progression of the disease, according to certain rules, and using home therapies.

Severe attack of colic in the home is removed with hot water (40 degrees Celsius), but this bath is not suitable for high temperature of the patient. The procedure will be more successful if you enlist the help of healing herbs: chamomile, Linden, calendula, St. John’s wort.

To bring the sand from the lower segment, carry out exercises for evacuation of crystals in the pelvis and then the ureter. When you exercise, the body takes a vertical position with head down. The stones departed, it is useful to have an active lifestyle. Jogging, jumping and dance movements help to prevent the appearance of deposits of crystals.

Positive effect in diseases of the kidneys have herbal teas, and infusions. It is best to buy at the pharmacy ready to prepare the medication of the renal fees, on the package written instructions for use. To normalize renal processes, it is necessary to observe a drinking mode. A day you need to drink at least 2.5 liters of quality water.
Bathe no more than 20 min.

For the removal of kidney crystals used method of traditional medicine – treatment of honey with water 3 teaspoons of honey in a glass of water. Take honey water for two months daily. It is important to note the significance of diet in renal diseases. At the first symptoms of kidney disease should immediately exclude from your diet: fried, bitter, fatty, salty, smoked.

On the question of what to do when the whine of the kidney, there is only one correct answer – make an appointment to see a urologist or nephrologist to find out why the whine of the kidney. You must cure the disease in which kidney ache, it will lead to the disappearance of pain. Any disease is easier to treat in its initial stages. Treatment is chosen individually and is strictly under the supervision of a physician. Recipes of traditional medicine for prolonged treatment lead to tangible positive effect.

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