After Botox headache causes, treatment

Botox is mainly used to get rid of wrinkles. The procedure is considered safe, but requires proper implementation. If everything is done at the highest level, then you won’t have to deal with the side effects.

Some customers note that they have after Botox headache. This symptom, of course, should not be. It is therefore important to understand why it occurs and what can be done in such a situation.

Botox injections in most cases go smoothly and without complications. During the procedure, a series of injections, which aims to eliminate new wrinkles. Special preparation is not necessary, enough to come on reception to the doctor.

Specialist will conduct a series of injections, and then the patient can return to business as usual. The only thing recommended by doctors is for 4 hours do not take the supine position and not lean.

The main reasons

The effect of Botox lasts for 6 months. After that, if desired, can again be injected to rejuvenate. The drug is considered safe for health, but still has a certain number of readings. With side effects a person can face due to the fact that the procedure was performed well enough or poorly used tool.

Also, the negative effect can occur if there is mechanical damage. In some cases, there may be individual intolerance to the drug. Therefore it is important previously to ensure that the person is allergic to Botox, and then carry out the injection.

If you still have a idiosyncrasy, then a person will experience severe headache immediately after the procedure. There may also be additional symptoms, such as runny nose, cough and fever. They must pass within a week after visiting the doctor. In the case when the signs are too bright, you should immediately consult a specialist.

It is worth noting that some people do not follow the recommendations depends on the tolerability of Botox. For instance, this drug interacts negatively with alcohol. It is therefore essential to not drink alcohol for two days prior to injection and then for two weeks after the procedure. If you ignore this recommendation, then it is no wonder that the emergence of a headache.

People should not ignore your condition, because migraines lasting 3-4 days, is a danger to health. In such a situation, the delay is not worth it, if you do not want to face negative consequences. It is worth noting that for some people the pain in the head during the first two days after the procedure is quite common. If it persists, or is severe, then may be suspected of deviation from the norm.

Interactions with drugs

Considering the fact that Botox is a drug, it can negatively interact with other drugs. The duty of every person to consult with your doctor about the drugs he was taking. If this is not done, after the procedure you may experience headaches.

In particular we are talking about substances that affect the cardiovascular system directly on the intracranial pressure. Also among the unwanted medicines are painkillers and antispasmodics. It is important to note that if the unauthorized cancellation of the drug can also face negative result. For example, a person decides to abandon the funds to the vascular system and, as a result, because of that, there is a headache.

It is worth noting that the unpleasant symptom occurs when the drug was introduced in the circular muscle of the eye. We have photophobia appears she after the drug will take effect. Squint, which controls the amount of light entering the eye, the Botox will be blocked. The bright lights, there is a pain, and to alleviate health have to use sunglasses.

Possible consequences

The specialist should correctly perform the injection, in another case, you may have a very negative result. This happens if the doctor doesn’t calculate the dosage correctly, or maintains a facility in the wrong place. As a result, a person will have headaches and also swelling.

This negative impact does not end there, a person can appear chronic disease, If not timely to go to the hospital:

  1. Hypotension. In this case, you will constantly experience low blood pressure. A person will experience permanent weakness and help increase the risk of atherosclerosis and other pathologies of the brain. This is due to the fact that the patient has slow blood circulation.
  2. Problems with the kidneys. They should not occur if the procedure was done correctly. For this reason it is important to immediately contact the clinic if you suddenly get a headache after Botox. If this is not done, then the renal function will deteriorate significantly.
  3. Problems with the metabolism. A very common consequence for those occasions when the specialist miscalculated the dosage.
  4. Violation of blood circulation. Dangerous condition that leads to the development of pathologies of the vascular system, and internal organs. Every person is obliged to carefully monitor their well-being and in cases of emergency to go to the hospital.

It should be noted that these effects often occur when injection was carried out in the presence of contraindications. For this reason, we should not neglect the established rules, if unwilling to face negative consequences.


As already mentioned, Botox has a number of contraindications that should be observed. If they are not taken into account, then there can be negative consequences. That is why before the injections to be sure that there are no contraindications.

When the injections should not be done:

  1. Poor functioning of the immune system.
  2. Diseases of the skin, including inflammation in the place of the procedure.
  3. Increased tendency to allergies.
  4. Individual intolerance of the drug.
  5. The aggravated disease of chronic type.
  6. Medications that interact badly with Botox.
  7. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.

It is not necessary to ignore these points and still agree to the procedure. Only a doctor will be able definitely to say, the situations in which injection is allowed. If we neglect the contraindications, then the person may face headache. Moreover, it may be added nausea, skin rash, breathing problem, drooping eyelids, and other unpleasant symptoms.

To avoid negative feelings, it is necessary to check how the body is sensitive to Botox. For this purpose a special test by a specialist at the wrist will perform a light cut, which will impose the drug. If within the hour the redness is not, then admit the patient to the procedure. In that situation, when the Allergy is still there, will have to find other ways to smooth wrinkles.

After the injection, you should not visit a Solarium, to overheat in the sun, to perform physical activity and be treated by drugs that interact badly with Botox.

If you follow these guidelines, will be much less likely to encounter side effects. In any case, any deterioration of health should not be ignored, because it leads to complications. Only a doctor will be able to clearly say what symptoms can be considered normal, and which urgently need to take action.

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