Headache angina causes, treatment

Angina is an infectious disease characterized by inflammatory process in the tonsils. It fever, sore throat and General weakness present. The symptoms of colds do not exist, so to not have to deal with a runny nose and cough.

Headache during pregnancy is not uncommon, especially frequent symptom observed in the first days of the disease.

To improve the health of the person, it is important to take care of eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

The main reasons

People rightly start to worry if they have a headache in infectious disease. It is not in all cases is a safe symptom. Sometimes discomfort may appear, for example, due to inflammation of the brain, which is fraught with dangerous consequences.

When sore throat headache often enough. The symptom may be of different intensity, often shooting in character and concentrated in the temples. Another question, why there is such a sign in case of tonsillitis.

Predisposing factors:

  1. The increased body temperature. Usually, with the flu body temperature increased to 39 degrees and may be even higher. The person experiences weakness, can suffer from surges of blood pressure, and tachycardia. Due to high temperature there is a headache that is getting stronger from the bright lights and loud sounds. The discomfort can go to the area of the neck and shoulders, what happens when spasm of the arteries.
  2. Intoxication. With viral and bacterial infections always body is poisoned by waste products of microorganisms. In this regard, a person feels unpleasant symptoms, such as weakness, dizziness, apathy, drowsiness. From-for poisonings with toxins angina has a headache. To improve the condition, you need to drink more water and to fight infection.
  3. The wrong treatment. Though tonsillitis is a common disease, but it can not be called safe. Extremely important time to go to the doctor and to begin a reasonable treatment. If you have a headache with the flu, especially for a long period of time, it is possible to suspect the wrong approach to therapy. If you do not change the method of treatment, then unpleasant symptom will only increase. The main danger lies in the fact that tonsillitis is able to become chronic or lead to serious complications. Definitely need to go to the doctor and not to experiment, as even traditional treatments can significantly aggravate the situation.
  4. Complications. Angina headache may indicate the emergence of other diseases. For example, you may develop sinusitis, otitis media and meningitis. It is important to immediately consult a physician to complete therapy with new tools.

Given the fact that tonsillitis significantly reduces the human health, it is important to begin proper treatment.

Also, be sure to follow doctors ‘ recommendations about ventilation and regular cleaning. If the patient will be in a dry and dusty environment, then it can start to get a headache.

Definitely only a doctor can tell you why in a particular case, any additional symptom. Headaches need not only to muffle the symptom, but to understand the nature of the origin. Worse, in the case where the manifestation is caused by complications in the form of new diseases. To avoid this, you should competently approach to treatment.


Any doctor will tell you that it is important to treat not the symptom but the cause. If you have a headache with the flu, so need to get rid of tonsillitis. To do this, use antibiotics, processed almond, and rinse the throat. If you experience high temperature (over 38.5 degrees), it should be required to shoot down. Because when you increase the limits there is a negative effect on the entire body.

Directly from headaches will help the following medications:

  1. Ibuprofen. It quickly relieves pain, eliminates inflammation and also leads to normal body temperature. It is recommended to take in the situation when there is severe pain in the head and in the muscles.
  2. Paracetamol is an effective drug that quickly removes unpleasant symptoms. He removes the pain in the head and relieves fever. Paracetamol also fights inflammation in the throat, which occurs when the tonsillitis.
  3. Tempalgin. It has analgesic effects, acts as a sedative. Well reduces inflammation and removes negative symptoms.
  4. Panadol. It is often prescribed for sore throat due to antipyretic properties. Effectively relieves headache and in General a positive effect on the body.

Before you use the above preparations, will need to necessarily consult a doctor. So when a headache with the flu, do not own to take action. Some medications may be incompatible with other methods of treatment. Because of this you can face with side effects that can forbid the correct approach to therapy.


If the person doesn’t want to deal with tonsillitis and directly with a headache, then he definitely should care about the prevention of diseases. First and foremost, you should lead a healthy lifestyle, so as not to weaken the immune system. You will need to give up alcohol and Smoking to maintain their health.

It is not recommended to SuperCool, because some angina can be formed, even if just to wet my feet. In cold weather is to protect the throat scarf you should also wear a hat. In this case, it will be much less likely to encounter pathologies such as strep throat and meningitis.

It is recommended to strengthen the immune system, drinking vitamins and eating right. It is also helpful to exercise to maintain the health of the body. If negative symptoms occur, you should immediately start treatment, and not to run disease.

When headache angina is accompanied by such symptoms as disturbance of consciousness, loss of vision, limb numbness and speech problems, you should call an ambulance. These symptoms may indicate the development of pathologies of the head, for example, meningitis. Only by providing timely medical treatment to avoid negative consequences.

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