To get rid of constipation

Laxative remedies for constipation are used for symptomatic treatment. They only help to temporarily relieve symptoms of the disease, not its cause. Any laxatives when used regularly it can aggravate the problem.

So, what are the side effects can cause fast money from constipatio?
  • The lack of bowel movements without artificial stimulation of the intestines.
  • Spastic abdominal pain.
  • Hepatic or renal colic.
  • Dehydration of the body.
  • Imbalance of electrolytes in the body.

In spite of the possible consequences of taking laxatives, in some cases, this method helps to quickly deal with constipation at home. They are administered in the absence of bowel movements in bedridden patients and the elderly, and patients before diagnosis or surgery.

Fast acting laxatives are used when you need to quickly clean the intestines. However, laxative drugs help to cope only with the symptomatic manifestation of disease, not its cause. In chronic constipation, this method of therapy is not applied. Usage of laxatives is advisable only in case of occasional constipation.

Description of drugs of different types

1. Irritant laxatives.

This group includes options on the basis of herb extracts and some synthetic products (candles, tablets and drops). Irritating medications using chemicals act on the receptors of the colon. Thanks to this stimulation, increasing intestinal peristalsis, and emptying. The majority is composed of plant extracts.

  • The roots and rhizomes of rhubarb are used to treat constipation and other diseases of the digestive system. The plant has a slight laxative effect, has antiseptic and choleretic properties.
  • Buckthorn bark contains large quantities of antraglikozidy that lead to its irritant effect.
  • Fruits zhostera ions has a strong laxative effect. Part of the plant are derivatives of anthraquinone, pectina, flavonoids and tannins, which irritate the bowel muscles and colon, and thereby help to cope with constipation.
  • Castor oil contains in its composition acids (oleic, linoleic, ricinulei). These components promote restoration of intestinal peristalsis.

After taking fast-acting annoying means constipation bowel movements occur after 6-10 hours. But, despite the high effectiveness of this therapy, it can cause side effects. With regular use for constipation, you may experience a laxative diseases. This disease is associated with impaired water and electrolyte balance. The most common symptom is atony (loss of muscle tone) of the bowel.

2. Osmotic laxatives for constipation.

Fast-acting osmotic laxatives increase stool bulk. They are used for the treatment of idiopathic constipatio. This group includes salt medication to help constipation due to osmosis (pull liquid).

  • Sodium sulfate – used for the treatment of acute occasional constipation. The sodium sulfate adsorbs salts from the intestine, leading to increased fluid and dilution of stool.
  • Magnesium sulfate is indicated for constipation in adults for bowel cleansing prior to diagnosis, therapeutic procedures, or operations.
  • Karlovy vary spring salt comes from a famous Czech resort Karlovy vary. Mineral salt has a mild laxative effect due to the change in osmotic pressure in the intestine.
  • Polyethylene glycol – high molecular weight substance. Is used in the absence of bowel movements in adults and children. Polyethylene glycol can also be administered to women during pregnancy and lactation.

Regular use of osmotic laxatives causes electrolyte imbalance. Elderly people with cardiovascular disease long-term consumption of salt means is prohibited.

3. Prebiotics.

Prebiotics are the food ingredients that are not digestible and in a steady state fall in the colon. They stimulate the growth necessary for digestion of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, as well as stimulate carbohydrate metabolism. Prebiotics are appointed for treatment of constipation in children and adults. The use of these substances is the most secure method of treatment of constipatio at home.

The composition of prebiotics include lactulose is a disaccharide based on fructose and galactose. It is not absorbed in the intestine and unchanged falls into the large intestine. Funds on the basis of lactulose for constipation have a mild laxative effect.

Prebiotics help to deal with constipation through the following features:

  • elimination of pathogenic microflora;
  • the increase in volume of stool;
  • increased peristalsis of the intestine;
  • reducing gas;
  • the decrease in pH in the intestine.

4. Drugs that increase the volume of the intestinal contents.

Bulk drugs are natural or synthetic substances that are not digested and not absorbed into the blood. After 8-10 hours after ingestion defecation occurs.

This group of purgative drugs include substances of vegetable origin, and synthetic polysaccharides.

  • Agar-agar is a red algae that is mined on the coast of the Pacific and Indian oceans. The composition of this algae consists of protein, carbohydrates and crude fiber. Agar-agar has a mild laxative effect. Once in the intestine, the Alga swells, which leads to increased stool bulk.
  • Cellulose is appointed for the treatment of constipatio and IBS in adults and the elderly. This substance belongs to the group of synthetic polymers. When injected into the intestine cellulose stimulates the growth of the volume of feces.
  • Flax seeds help to deal with constipation without side effects.
When applying these or other tools?

1. A review of laxatives for adults.

For the treatment of episodic constipatio it is recommended to use the drug from the group of osmotic or prebiotics.

The most effective drugs for adults are:

  • “Hilak Forte” – a prebiotic, is assigned for the symptomatic treatment of constipation. Normalizes pH favors the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • “Duphalac” – a fast-acting laxative drug (prebiotic), which is used in the home to eliminate constipatio in children and adults. The active substance is lactulose – helps to normalize the microflora. In addition, the “Duphalac” exerts an osmotic effect, absorbs water and increasing stool bulk.
  • “Lactofiltrum”: sorbents of plant origin. Composed of lactulose and lignin. Is used for the treatment of IBS and constipatio.

On prescription can be used the pills and the candles on the basis of Bisacodyl. It increases the volume of mucus in the intestine and normalize its peristalsis. However, it is contraindicated in patients with diseases of the kidneys and liver, spastic constipation and hemorrhoids.

2. List of medicines for pregnant women.

According to statistics, every 4 woman during pregnancy have difficulty emptying. In most cases, constipation is associated with temporary anatomical changes in the body of the expectant mother (increase of the uterus and compression of the intestine). Constipation in women during pregnancy is a problem that requires immediate solution. Delay of defecation leads to intoxication of an organism of future mother and the fetus. How to get rid of unpleasant disease from the comfort of home?

During pregnancy the intake of irritating laxatives tablets is contraindicated. They can cause reflex contractions. In addition, you should abandon the use of drugs, such as “Bisacodyl”, “Caffeol”, drugs based on magnesium sulphate and castor oil. The most sparing method of treatment of constipatio at home – receiving prebiotics (“Duphalac”, “Lactofiltrum”, “Relax”, “Guttalaks”). When pregnancy is prohibited physiotherapy (electrostimulation, electrophoresis).

3. List of drugs for the elderly.

Constipation arise in connection with anatomical changes in the body. With age, the length of the intestine increases, and the muscles of the colon lose their tone. In addition, constipation can be a result of taking certain drugs.

To cope with such an unpleasant problem in the home, you can use fast-acting drugs.

  • “Guttalaks” – means that have a mild laxative effect. Its active substance – diphenol – acts directly in the colon.
  • “Relax” – a prebiotic that helps to deal with constipation from the comfort of home. The composition contains a prebiotic lactulose is a safe substance adsorbing water.

Elderly people, depending on the causes of constipation and its nature may be given laxatives, irritating or salt resources (in the form of tablets or drops).

4. List of drugs to bedridden.

In bedridden patients, constipation is a common problem. In most cases, the lack of defecation in patients is associated with physical inactivity. In addition, the problem is greatly exacerbated by medication and stress, which people experience after severe injuries and operations.

To troubleshoot problems with oporozhnenija patients assigned to osmotic softening and stimulating laxatives.

  • Remedies based on psyllium (in the form of tablets and drops). Psyllium is the seeds of Indian plantain. They are an indispensable source of dietary fiber. Medications based on psyllium are characterized by good tolerability in the elderly and patients in recovery period after surgery.
  • Mitigating candles and glycerin enema is used for therapy of constipatio in bedridden patients with cardiovascular disease.
  • Candles Bisacodyl tablets based on picosulfate sodium and anthraquinones – the purgative from a number of stimulating. They are appointed to restore emptying in bedridden patients and the elderly.
Prevention of constipation
  1. 1. A proper balanced diet – the key to bowel function. In order to prevent it is recommended to eat at least 4 times a day.
  2. 2. Included in the daily menu of fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and ballast substances.
  3. 3. An active lifestyle is the key to the health of the body, particularly the digestive system.
  4. 4. Drinking regime. In order to prevent constipation per day is recommended to drink 2 liters of fluid.

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