The capsule endoscopy

The capsule is a small tablet of cylindrical shape having a size 10×25 mm, which contains a colour camera, 4 led, of the device for charging and data transfer.

Features of the examination

To understand what is capsule endoscopy, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of analysis:

1. The process of examination of the stomach, esophagus and the entire region of the intestine takes place by means of an apparatus that includes a flexible tube with a fiber-optic system.

2. The capsule itself is moving on the path, simultaneously transferring the image on the monitor in front of which sits the doctor, fixing the reading.

3. Patient is wearing a special vest with a recorder and let him swallow the endoscope, which can work up to 10 hours processing and assembling shots with the help of sensors. During this time, the built-in camera does more than 80 000 images of bodies.

4. Specialist makes a diagnosis based on data entered on screen at a time and note places where there are the highest rates of the disease.

5. Learning takes about one and a half hours. The capsule alone is removed from the patient and is disposable.

With the development of methods of diagnosis the doctors want to see internal organs in full. In 2000, specialists have begun to use capsule endoscopy. Along with traditional methods, this technology will fill the gaps in the analysis of the state of the stomach and intestines. The basic principle of the review bodies is to dive into the digestive system of the device equipped with a video camera. Method used and perfected for 16 years. There are managed devices that allow for therapeutic manipulation.


Before the start of the study by endoscopy of the intestine and stomach the doctor recommends to take a preparatory stage that includes the rule:

1. Five days to abandon the baking soda, starchy foods and heavy meals. The patient go for liquid meals, to complete the consumption of foods that causes flatulence.

2. 24 hours before examination of the stomach and intestines prescribe drugs that reduce flatulence. Tablets should take two before each meal and half an hour before endoscopy.

3. Medicines containing iron, stop drinking for a week and a half before the study. At the same time banned Smoking and alcohol.

4. On the day of the capsule endoscopy, you cannot eat, only allowed to drink water, also prescribed a laxative and mechanical cleaning of the intestine.

When prescribed procedure?

The main reason for the study of the stomach are the readings:

  • Disorders of the digestive tract of the mechanical type or as a result of the medication.
  • Pain in the abdomen of unknown origin, frequent diarrhea, leading to weight loss.
  • Bloating and intestinal upset.
  • Iron-deficiency anemia.
  • Bleeding the digestive system.
  • Celiac disease and problems of absorption.
  • Peptic ulcer of the stomach.
  • The presence of non – malignant and malignant formations.

The introduction of capsule endoscopy do not carry out, if there is a violation of swallowing function, obstruction of the respiratory tract and stomach. A survey is not carried out with the available implants, which operate from a power supply (pacemaker). There are some restrictions for children and during pregnancy.

Positive and negative sides

Endoscopy of the intestine has its pros and cons that can be noted:

  1. 1. Reduced risk of viral infection, as the capsule is disposable.
  2. 2. Not painful and does not cause much discomfort.
  3. 3. People can manage their own time throughout the procedure. You do not need to be horizontal or to be tied down to one place.
  4. 4. Capsules show all the organs of the digestive system and record the moments of motor skills, encourage tract to work without medical intervention.
  5. 5. Endoscopy is completely natural, requires no anesthesia, explores inaccessible areas.

On the downside, not so much:

  • Inuence can be exerted on the aching hearth: it is impossible to stop the bleeding or to take biopsies.
  • There is a risk of jamming, about 0.1% of the capsules are removed using an endoscope with a clip.
  • The procedure is performed in the clinic, it is sometimes necessary to go to another city.
  • A fairly high price, as the capsule is used once.

Capsule endoscopy is informative, comfortable and safe method for the study of the digestive system. Experts will explain the whole process and write out the correct training to diagnosis. According to doctors, is one of the most reliable technologies that provide the most complete picture about the state of the gastrointestinal tract.

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