Baby development at 33 weeks gestation

There is an opportunity to determine the taste. Special receptors in the tongue do this. The kid can determine where the acidic food, and where salty.

The child’s height already reaches 42-44 centimeters, weight can be up to 2 kilograms. The fruit sleeps a lot and continues to grow. The heart has almost formed. There is a small opening between the atria that closes after birth.

In addition, the children’s body reacts to bright light, sharp smells and sounds. With his jerks, he shows his attitude to various stimuli. Already now you can accustom your kid to beautiful classical music.

Internal organs function almost fully. The brain no longer grows, the number of convolutions increases slightly, the cerebellum completes its formation. The skin is still red and wrinkled.

The hairs on the baby’s body usually disappear, there is only a cover on the head, eyelashes and eyebrows. If the fluff remains, then it will not be within a week after birth. There is nothing to worry about.

The position of the baby inside the uterus

In order to occupy less space, the baby’s head leans toward the chest. Handles and legs are located near the body. The most successful position is considered when the head is below.

Today, difficulties arise only with the transverse position of the baby. This will require a cesarean section. The final decision is made by the doctor before the birth.

Despite the limited space on the examination, you can see what the baby is doing. It is believed that at this time the child begins to dream. This is noticeable in the movements of the pupils.

Mom often sees colorful dreams in the last months of pregnancy. This is associated with the brain activity of the baby.

Active movements and baby reaction

This week can be divided into two periods. At first, the baby often shows activity, beating with legs. And by the end of the week it usually subsides.

During active movements, there is a desire to go to the toilet, as the pressure on the bladder increases. In some women, toxicosis may reappear.

This dangerous phenomenon may be due to Rhesus conflict. It is dangerous for the baby and should immediately go to the hospital. Shocks that are too frequent may indicate a lack of oxygen. This often happens in recent months.

Most often it is a matter of nutrition, so we recommend that you consult a nutritionist for advice on creating a menu. If the baby calms down for several hours, he just fell asleep. But lulling over a long period can be dangerous.

Now the child with his movements reacts to surrounding sounds and light. So he conveys his mood and “speaks” with his mother.

Proper nutrition and diet of a pregnant woman

The diet should be rich in iron, calcium and vitamins, since now the liver stores iron to further increase the amount of blood, you need to increase the content of this element in the mother’s body.

Beef and poultry are good. Fatty foods are best avoided, as they contribute to weight gain. These are flour sweets, pork, pasta and other products.

The size of the fetus at 33 weeks of gestation is rather big, the mother’s body is increasingly dependent on the baby. The baby puts pressure on the internal organs of the mother, including the stomach with intestines.

Small constipation may appear and is often tormented by heartburn.

How to overcome heartburn

In order to improve your well-being, we recommend using the following expert advice:

  1. Make a meal more often, it will optimally eat 5-6 times a day.
  2. Do not eat 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  3. Exclude fried, spicy dishes, as well as coffee and chocolate.
  4. Slight physical activity after eating.
  5. Loose comfortable clothes that do not press on the stomach.
  6. Rest in bed with raised headrest.

If the above tips do not help, then you need to reduce the acidity of the stomach. This is best done with the help of special medications. It is strongly not recommended to take soda, as this will lead to increased gas formation and only temporarily reduce acidity.

Nutritionists recommend making compotes and jelly from dried fruits, which will reduce heartburn and give the body a lot of vitamins. You can also drink warm milk or ginger tea.

Examination, analysis and ultrasound

Undergoing ultrasound at 33 weeks of pregnancy is very interesting. You can watch the baby how it moves, in what position it is. At 33-34 weeks, a scheduled inspection is usually prescribed.

During this period, the doctor analyzes the proportions of the fetal body, its motor activity. Muscle mass should be quite large, in the last month it is well strengthened.

Blood and urine tests along with standard measurements are done at a routine examination. If the thirty-third week of pregnancy is not scheduled, then you do not need to go to the doctor.

In the event of a combat sensation or poor discharge, you should immediately consult a doctor.

He will already prescribe the necessary tests for diagnosis. There is still little to bear the baby and you need to be serious about the health of the child.

The nature of the discharge at 33 weeks

The amount of discharge may be different, but more often it increases compared to previous weeks. There is nothing bad about it, the main thing is that the color and smell are normal.

If the liquid is clear without curd formations, then everything is in order. If an infection has entered the body, then a darkening of the discharge is observed. The color becomes dark brown, similar to pus. In this case, you need to go for an examination.

The genital tract should be clean and not cause pain. Damage to the placenta or uterus leads to the appearance of blood in the discharge. This is very dangerous and often leads to abortion.

A large amount of fluid may indicate the flow of amniotic fluid. This problem needs to be solved in a short time, since the baby needs fluid for normal development.

The course can also lead to infection directly on the fetus.

Recommendations from doctors and specialists

In order to reduce discomfort and feel good in the last months of pregnancy, you need to correctly draw up a daily routine. One of the important points is nutrition. Fresh healthy foods should be included in the menu as much as possible.

The apartment should have fresh clean air. Humidity should also be maintained optimally. If possible, we recommend installing a humidifier in the room.

Walking in the fresh air will help relieve drowsiness and cheer up. Try to walk at least twenty minutes a day, but you should not overdo it either.

Long trips should be canceled or rescheduled for several months. Frequent trips to the toilet and a big belly will bring many problems in transport.

Heeled shoes should be put aside; choose comfortable sneakers or flat shoes. As body weight increases and posture changes, the main load is on the back and lower back. Comfortable loose clothing will make you feel a little better.

Sensations at 33 obstetric week

The approach of childbirth brings more and more experiences. This is especially true for those who first bear a child. Also, a rounded belly causes more discomfort, in which it is difficult to find the optimal pose.

A lot of unpleasant sensations can appear due to an improper diet or low physical activity. Fatty foods and overnight foods often cause heartburn. She will torment all day.

A cramp occurs when there is not enough calcium in the body. The child “draws” a lot of vitamins and minerals, so you need to take some supplements according to the doctor’s prescription. Although there may be enough fruit and other healthy foods.

The fetus at the 33rd week of pregnancy is quite large, which leads to an increase in the tummy. Stretch marks may appear on it that cause itching and redness. Doctors recommend the use of special creams that will make the skin more elastic and protect it from irritation.

Pressure ulcers appear due to a prolonged stay in one position and excess fluid in the body. Now you need to drink no more than 1.5 liters of water. Otherwise, the legs or fingers on the hands may swell slightly.

Unpleasant and painful symptoms

The large fetus exerts pressure on the internal organs and slightly displaces them. This often causes unpleasant symptoms and pain. Due to the raising of the lungs, shortness of breath may occur during prolonged physical exertion.

Do not make sudden movements, the mother’s blood does not have enough cells right now and dizziness may occur. If you feel nauseous, you can have a snack between the main meals. A few crackers or crackers will be enough.

Mixtures of dried apricots, nuts and raisins will help provide the body with useful substances. It is better to replace flour sweets, which are undesirable to use in recent months.

A small charge once a day and special exercises for the spine will relieve fatigue and discomfort. Although now you need to relax more. A day’s sleep for a couple of hours will be useful.

This material is for informational purposes only, before using the information provided it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

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