Unpleasant smell of urine in men

Problems associated with changes in urine odor can appear at each person, some have this phenomenon happens only once, while others may be chronic in nature.

Unpleasant smell of urine in men can indicate a pathological process in the urinary system and other body systems.

When this symptom should seek the advice of a urologist to identify and determine the cause of the alert.

The mechanism of formation of unpleasant smell of urine

A strong smell of urine from the representatives of the stronger sex depends on the anatomical features of the genitourinary system.

Emptying in men is through the cervix that connects with the urethra located in the penis. Since the urethra is in contact with the external environment it is most often occur inflammation that can cause changes in urine odor. Functional changes in the organs of the excretory system lead to changes in the properties of primary and secondary urine, which is manifested in the act of urination.

The condition causing the bad smell of urine

The sharp smell of urine in men can cause reasons, which do not cause pathological changes in the condition of internal organs, and hence do not require medical treatment. The reasons are short-term and are in the normal range of biochemical parameters of urine.

Such reasons include the following changes:

  • Dehydration (dehydration). Condition caused by reduction of the quantity of liquid below the physiological level necessary for the normal functioning of the excretory system. Dehydration happens when heavy sweating in hot weather, after infectious diarrhea and polyuria. The first symptom of dehydration is the appearance of sharp, unpleasant smell of urine in the process of reflex savings of body fluids.
  • Long-term use of certain drugs. In antibacterial therapy and vitamin complexes may receive the change of smell of urine in men. The urine acquires a sour smell typical for specific medicines. This property is possessed drugs ampicilina series cefriaxone and vitamins of group B.
  • Strict diets and fasting. Foods with sharp, rich aroma pass it on to the blood plasma. The high metabolic activity of the cells contributes to the spread of unpleasant odor and urine. Daily consumption of asparagus can cause strong smell of ammonia.

To get rid of the characteristic smell of urine necessary to eliminate the factors that lead to its development.

If smell stays on for 12 hours, if you exclude provoking factors, you need to seek the help of experts, as this phenomenon indicates the development of inflammation of the urinary system.

Characteristic odors of urine in men

The smell of urine is due to its quantity, concentration, and quality properties. Normal immediately after urination your urine has a mild smell. Unpleasant odor is manifested in violation of filtration and concentration functions of kidneys, and also various diseases not related to the excretory system.


In the body the ammonia is a result of breakdown of amino acids. Under the action of liver enzymes a substance is converted into urea, and then excreted in the urine. Urine smells sharply of ammonia in the presence of functional disturbances in the liver, which are unable to bind free molecules of ammonia. The opposite process can occur in the kidneys, when excessive amounts of urea may enhance the decomposition of ammonia.

To determine the excess ammonia using test strips, which is lowered into a container of urine

To cause the ammonia smell of urine in men can the following States:

  • abuse of protein products;
  • inadequate fluid intake;
  • long retention of urine;
  • excessive use of calcium and iron.

Specific flavor causes changes in the chemical composition of the urine when the body is metabolic venelanna. Fineline accumulation in organs and tissues provokes the development of diseases of the Central nervous system and causes the disorder of protein metabolism. Engine smell in the urine immediately after the baby is born.


If the urine had a bad odor of fish, then most likely, the man had a rare genetic disorder trimethylaminuria. The disease is associated with impaired cleavage of trimethylamine liver enzymes.

Trimethylaminuria is a disease that has a characteristic smell of rotten fish

Aggravating factors are as follows:

  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • inflammatory processes of the urinary system;
  • sexually transmitted diseases.
Typical male

Male urine has a different smell from the female, the stronger sex it has a more specific. This difference is due to different concentrations of sex hormones in the urine, as men contain more estrogen and testosterone. A distinctive men’s fragrance can increase after excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially beer.

“Rotten eggs”

Urine smells like eggs, when the body contains a high amount of sulfur, and gives a fetid aroma. The increase in sulfur occurs when excessive consumption of products that contain, Surfin. The substance accumulates in the body and then excreted in the urine.

“Cat urine”

Observed during In-Methylcrotonylglycine, metabolic disease, which interferes with the decay of leucine, which leads to the cat’s scent.

Maple syrup

The odor is due to disorders of amino acid metabolism in the body, such as leucine, isoleucine and Valine. People can’t digest these substances, which leads to peculiar aroma, which is caused by the collapse of leucine.

Inflammatory diseases of the urinary system

Causes a strong odor when urinating can occur in inflammatory processes of organs of urination. Very often encounter this men who suffer from diseases related to the urogenital sphere.


Bad smelling odor in men occurs because of the inflammatory process in the urethra. Urethritis is a disease of the urethra, caused by a lesion of the mucous membrane of the urethra by pathogenic microflora, which affects the smell of urine. During urination appear purulent and bloody discharge, the patient is experiencing discomfort. Urethritis can be transmitted through sexual contact, in cases when the inflammatory process subscribe STDs (chlamydia, gonorrhea, mycoplasmosis).


Inflammatory disease of the bladder, which cause infectious and noninfectious agents. The condition is caused by inflammation of the lining of the bladder, which affects its functional capacity. In cystitis the urine turbid, the sediment revealed a large number of red blood cells and white blood cells. Urine, even fresh released, gets an unpleasant acetone aroma.

Long-term therapy of urethritis drugs contributes to the emergence of a specific “chemical” smell.


Is characterized by the development of the inflammatory process in healthy kidneys, or attach a secondary infection on the background of already present disease. Urinary syndrome pyelonephritis is characterized by clouding of urine, and increase in the content of a large number of bacterial microflora from which it begins to stink.

Urinalysis will help identify the chemical composition of urine and to identify pathogenic microorganisms that cause bad smelling urine

Will balanopostit

Inflammatory disease of the foreskin of the penis, caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. The first harbinger of the pathological process in the foreskin is a sharp unpleasant ammonia scent of urine.


In men, the unpleasant smell of urine while reducing erektivnoy function and difficulty urinating. During urination there is discharge, which acquire an unpleasant odor. The primary symptom of prostatitis is pain in the groin and fever.

Change of the odor is not associated with the excretory system

Many men wonder why sharply frustrating and can smell the urine in pathological conditions in some systems of the body, not related to the urinary system.

These diseases include:

  • Liver failure (organoleptic changes in the composition of urine cause odor).
  • Diabetes (there are frequent urination with the advent of the ammonia smell).
  • Gastritis (an increase in the acidity of the stomach gives urine acidic flavor).

At the first appearance unpleasant panouse urine you need to consult a specialist to determine the cause of the condition.

Symptoms requiring urgent care specialist

In the change of qualitative parameters of urine it is necessary to pay attention to the following symptoms to warn of a complication of diseases.

Signs of abnormal signals of the body:

  • loss of appetite;
  • unnatural lust;
  • sexual dysfunction;
  • pronounced swelling of the face and extremities;
  • burning after urination;
  • pain in the lumbar region;
  • turbidity of urine;
  • the appearance of ulcers on the penis.

To prevent the condition it is necessary to consider the causes, provoking the sharp smell of urine and also to monitor the act of urination after strong physical activity, night sleep, and if you change your usual diet. In the first place to establish the cause of the odor and prescribe effective treatment, the specialist will prescribe a urine test and blood man, to determine the chemical composition and the presence of bacterial microflora of urine.

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