A strong smell of urine in women

Composition of urine, its colour and scent experts to determine the changes in our health. Deviations from the generally accepted rules of evidence of the development of any pathological processes. One such indication is the sharp smell of urine.

On these characteristics can be affected by various factors, ranging from food to serious diseases. Find out what are the reasons for the sharp odor of urine in women, having familiarized with the presented below information.

Failures in the process of metabolism can be associated with the development of many diseases of the body and on the contrary, metabolic disorders are one of the factors of the origin of the pathology. On this background of deteriorating overall health.

Disturbed metabolism

Urine begins to give spoiled fish. This happens due to the accumulation in the systems and organs of the extra negative substances. In practice, physicians are also known cases of phenylketonuria. This is a hereditary disease characterized by abnormal metabolism of amino acids and smell of mice urine.

Among the genetic abnormalities are also found of the impact of burnt sugar (if inactive system of enzymes), sulfur, beer, or mold. Anyway, all of these deviations should be examined.

Violation of metabolism in the body triggers the odor of spoiled fish when urinating

Inflammation of the urinary

Inflammatory processes developing in the organs of the urinary system, often expressed odor of ammonia and cloudy color of urine. Often in urine there are pus, traces of blood or white flakes.

Among the most common diseases, which are caused by changes in characteristics of urine, experts distinguish pyelonephritis – inflammation of the kidneys. With him quite often faced by pregnant women, because of lay increased stress on the organs. The sharp smell of urine in women is a companion and cystitis – urinary bladder inflammation. It should be noted that this disease when poor or incomplete treatment has a tendency to transformation into chronic form.

In practice, there are cases when pyelonephritis and cystitis develop in the body parallel to each other. Rarely. But still women face and urethritis – inflammation of the urethra, which is the characteristic odor of urine.

Malfunctions of the thyroid gland

A strong smell of acetone in women during urination suggests that they should seek the assistance of an endocrinologist. As this symptom often indicates the presence of diabetes.

The clinical picture of the disease is reinforced by the following characteristics:

  • a constant feeling of thirst;
  • abrupt increase in weight;
  • spasms and numbness of the limbs.

All these symptoms have a high degree of severity during pregnancy or excessive levels of glucose in the blood.

However, it should be remembered that diabetes is not the only disease in which urine smells like acetone. Any provisional diagnosis should be confirmed by repeated tests. The presence of ketone bodies in the urine, at times, may occur on the background of protracted colds or low calorie diet.

Genital infections

Anatomical location of the excretory organs, and reproductive system leads to localization of infection in two areas. Therefore, sexually transmitted diseases frequently affect the condition of the urethra and bladder. Therefore, odor of the urine can be caused by pathogenic microflora in the vagina or goiter. In the latter case, the garlic flavor can be caused by excessive reproduction of Gardnerella – one of the least desirable bacteria.

Liver failure

This pathology difficult is the reason for the sharp smell of urine, but also leads to changes in its external characteristics. Urine becomes similar to a dark beer, especially in the morning. Why is this happening?

The thing is that a painful liver can not cope with its direct duty – to process the biliary enzymes, especially bilirubin. Therefore, its excess is eliminated in the urine.

If suddenly you notice the changes described during urination, do not waste time and immediately consult a specialist. Timely treatment is the key to successful outcome.

Change the color of urine is typical for the development of kidney disease in the body

External causes of a strong urine smell in women

Faced with the unpleasant discomfort while visiting the toilet can even perfectly healthy woman. Affect the smell of urine in the power of many foods and pharmaceuticals. They include salty foods, excessive amounts of alcohol, asparagus, virtually all categories of antibiotics.

The problem of odor, in this case, disappears by itself within 2-3 days if excluded from the diet of an external factor. Change urine may inadequate fluid intake. The daily rate for an adult is 1.5-2 liters of water a day. Lack of fluid affects not only the urinary organs, and other body systems.

Please note! Sometimes, to get rid of the unpleasant ammonia smell observed in the urine, you just need to balance your daily diet.

The treatment of disorders of the urinary system

Before you go to a specialist, she should collect as much information as possible about the change in character of urine. In a more detailed history of the doctor it will be easier to assign an appropriate examination and subsequent treatment. Should pay attention not only to the smell but also on the presence of any inclusions, color.

The results of the survey and identified the cause will be prescribed treatment. General therapy the sharp scent of urine do not exist. Serious diseases, sometimes may need antibiotics, a dosage which is determined according to the individual characteristics of each organism. A special selection of drugs should be implemented for pregnant women.

The purpose of effective treatment depends on diagnostic results. Patients undergo a series of studies starting with urinalysis and ending with ultrasonography of the pelvic organs.

With pyelonephritis and other kidney disease doctors are struggling by assigning a course of diuretics – diuretics, detection of the development of the inflammatory process, or sexually transmitted diseases, to the aid of antibiotics. The diagnosis of purulent foci or diabetes – a reason for inpatient treatment.

Problems daily imbalance in harmful and useful trace elements in the food are solved by a special diet or the revision menu. Women are advised to eat fruits and fresh vegetables. On the contrary, they have to refuse from salty, smoked and fatty meals. No benefit and excessive consumption of sweet and starchy foods, and foods containing artificial dyes. To accelerate the normalization of the balance of useful elements significantly contributes to the intake of vitamin b complex.

It is important that the woman had daily intimate hygiene. Remember about the anatomical location of the two vital systems. Pathogenic bacteria can be transported from the vagina into the urethra and Vice versa. Special attention should be paid to the anus, microorganisms which can provoke a very unpleasant smell of urine.

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