Why urine smells like fish

Often this unpleasant condition when your urine smells like fish. And even if a person repeatedly takes a shower, strictly adheres to the rules of personal hygiene, the problem is not solved.

Normal urine is a sharp fishy smell, it has a pahuchest, which indicates the absence of any disease.

Fishy odor can also occur in women, men, and children. Why urine smells like fish, will help to understand the article.

Causes of bad odor

The causes of changes in urine odor are very diverse. It could be metabolic diseases, inflammatory processes.

The most common of these are:

  • pyelonephritis, inflammation in the urinary bladder chronic course with high levels of white blood cells give the urine a smell of ammonia;
  • disruption of normal microflora in the vagina;
  • infection and inflammation in the uterus, ovaries, vagina;
  • phenylketonuria (a disease with impaired metabolism of phenylalanine) in which the urine has a “mouse” smell;
  • diabetes gives urine the fragrance of apples;
  • disease maple syrup (develops due to the inability to destroy the leucine and other amino acids), urine has the aroma of maple syrup;
  • the fish-odor syndrome or trimethylaminuria;
  • venereal disease;
  • gastritis and violation of normal microflora of intestines;
  • the syndrome of malabsorption raises the aroma of the beer.

Fishy smell occurs when excessive reproduction of the bacterial flora, namely: Escherichia coli, staphylococcal and streptococcal microorganisms Gardnerella.

The children are this odor is, as a rule, infectious diseases, which they acquired either from the mother or in the home. Also, the reason for this phenomenon may be receiving antibiotics. Men complain about the change of smell of urine when they have the Gardnerella. As well as for prostatitis. Enlarged prostate disrupts the flow of urine, it stays in the bladder, it by bacteria decompose some substances.

Sometimes the smell of fish may occur after sexual intercourse, it indicates the presence of one of the partners of the infection

It should be noted that in women with inflammatory processes in the genital organs, a characteristic feature is the appearance of the discharge changed color.


This disease is hereditary. It is found rarely. Recorded just over a hundred cases of this pathology. It is believed that this rare manifestation is due to the fact that people do not treat such complaints. To talk about trimethylaminuria there is reason only after the exclusion of other causes.

People who suffer this disease, have strong smelling urine and all other secretions. This condition is not life threatening. Smelling a person does not feel such an “aroma” around. However, the surrounding can not ignore such a stench, and this has a negative impact on the mental state of the person.

Trimethylaminuria changes the smell of urine, the color remains the same

This situation arises due to the fact that the compound (trimethylamine), which is produced in the gastrointestinal tract during the breakdown of some products (mainly after ingestion of proteins) are not neutralized and excreted in urine. In a healthy organism trimethylamine is converted with the help of the enzyme flavin in a substance that has no odor. This conversion is under the control of a particular gene. If it is not in the body, disease develops. It makes itself felt most intensely after eating fish, because fish is eaten by a large number of trimethylamine.

When a woman in the position, under the influence of hormones (estrogen and progesterone), the disease manifests itself more clearly and the urine smells of rotten fish.

In children this disease is diagnosed is usually at an early age, but there are cases when it begins to declare itself in adulthood. The child has a high likelihood of disease manifestations, if mom and dad have the gene responsible for trimethylaminuria. This is because the gene is recessive. The disease usually manifests in girls due to female hormones.


To determine why there is a stench, is not easy. The sick person should seek medical urological profile or the venereal diseases. Doctor necessarily collects information about the presence of hereditary diseases, the presence of acute and chronic processes in the patient, examines him.

Mostly diagnosis is based on laboratory methods of examination

The main ones are:

  • General blood and urine tests;
  • blood biochemistry;
  • bacterial seeding urine;
  • smears from the urethra and vagina;
  • detection in urine of trimethylamine and trimethylamine N – oxide;
  • PCR.

Among the instrumental techniques of detection causes fishy odor often use the following:

  • ultrasound examination of kidneys and urinary tract;
  • Pelvic ultrasound;
  • radiographic examination of the pelvic organs and kidneys;
  • cystography.
Therapeutic measures

The approach to treatment depends on the underlying cause. If we are talking about infectious disease and inflammation, treatment with antibiotics (doxycycline, metronidazole, trihopol), the course of treatment at least a week. Usually at the end of the supplementation fish smell disappears. Also they are appointed agents that stimulate the immune system (neovir, dekaris, immunovex). Be sure to use probiotics a course not less than one month (bioflor, Linex, bifidin). Good helpers in the recovery will be vitamins.

A great choice is a multivitamin

Sometimes justified the use of laxatives, thus, the gut is rapidly released from the food of the masses and this reduces their smell.

If we are talking about trimethylaminuria, the treatment can be only symptomatic. There is currently no tool that would eliminate this pathology. The person with this disease need to follow a diet. It involves exclusion from the diet of certain foods, namely egg, fish, beans, offal (liver and kidney), all varieties of cabbage, soybeans, crawfish, all seafood, peanuts, vegetables with green color.

To deal with the smell will help the strict observance of hygienic rules (regular shower, a special soap with PH 5, 5), frequent change of clothes, reducing the frequency of stressful situations.

During the course of treatment do not drink alcoholic beverages, and sexually active.

The smell of fish should not be considered a safe and temporary symptom. Independently it will not disappear. Effective treatment, quick recovery in a timely manner, please contact the staff. Do not self-medicate and take care of your health.

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